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Expand Your Network Through Facebook: 10 Quick Tips for Small Businesses

What would you like to do with Facebook? (Horrible pun intended).

The first step for expanding your network through Facebook is asking yourself: What are my goals? What do I really want to do with more likes?

If your answer is that you need to increase your likes by x%, your favorite Cleveland graphic, logo and web design studio Go Media can help with that. We love a good contest as much as the next person! However, a contest that increases your community by 1000, 3000, or even 100,000 likes may seem awesome in theory, but do you know what’s not awesome? Talking to yourself. And if you have a bazillion likes who don’t contribute to your page in any way, you’re essentially talking to a wall. That’s why we we strongly encourage our clients to create robust Facebook pages with “Active Likes.”

Stop Everything & Implement these Top 10 Web Conversion Strategies

Here at Cleveland web design firm Go Media, we’re always being asked what we can do to help a website succeed. Online, success hinges on a very simple trifecta: people must find your site, people must use your site, and people must return to your site. Conversion is about people successfully using your website, and returning again and again to go through an additional transaction or sign-up.

Have an eCommerce Site? Make Sure it has these 3 Key Elements:

We all want to see more traffic and conversions on our ecommerce sites, right?

With numerous tricks and tips swarming the web, knowing what, when, and how to make those improvements can be overwhelming.

Today, let’s start from square one and make sure we all have these three fool-proof elements, all of which can be accomplished this afternoon. Let’s get to it!