90’s Graphic Design Mood Board

The 90’s were a magical time – a time of the Docs, Game Boys, and the sweet, sweet sound of AOL dialing-up. As everything that was once old is new again, the 90’s are making a come back.

Design trends from this era can be found in posters, album covers and fonts. As artist Dave Perillo has shown, even some of our favorite old friends are back in action. Deservedly so.

Dave Perillo’s art can be found on http://montygog.blogspot.com/

What about 90’s design is worth reintroducing, you ask? We created a mood board of sorts to answer this question and hope it helps uncover the truth. Below you’ll find 90’s posters, graphics, album covers, products, and other elements that may inspire you to create your next design piece enhanced with 90’s elements. We have arranged the elements in four categories. We hope you find this helpful. Enjoy!

90’s Design

1 – Color like WHOA.

The 90’s was at once a wave of color and a dash of grunge. But for this moment, at least, we are rejoicing in glorious brilliance of it all. Think Pretty in Pink (literally), color pops, neon lasers and this 90’s cup design that kind of grows on you after awhile. Totally unapologetic!

90's cup design

2 – Chunky Fonts.

If you take a broad look at fonts in the 90’s, you will see a lot of thick lines and truly unique fonts driven by theme. Oh – and we loved a drop shadow!

3 – Photo Posters

The focus around many of the posters or album art in the 90’s was around one simple graphic or photograph.  Many of these are iconic posters and I think their simplicity speaks volumes.

4 – From Bold & Vibrant to Black & White (and Red)

Though this era gave us a lot of pink, we also saw a lot of stark contrast – black & white – sometimes with pops of red.

What did you love most about design in the 90’s?

For more 90’s Graphic Design, head to the Go Media Pinterest Board.

Inspirational Illustrators on Instagram

Stop and Follow These Super Fun, Empowering Illustrators on Instagram

Follow these Illustrators on Instagram

Hate social media bringing you down? Hate scrolling and slowly feeling down about yourself as the posts roll by? Follow these ten illustrators on Instagram we suggest below and you’ll perk right up. We promise!

We are all about inspiration these days. We have started a Facebook group for creatives and hope you’ll join. Head to the We Are Weapons – Go Media Creative Crew on Facebook and request to join in on the conversation.

A few more notes before the inspiration begins:


A space that honors the importance of choosing self-care over self-harm.

Inspirational Illustrators to Follow on Instagram


Empowering creative ladies! Started by @jessicavwalsh
powered by awesome ladies worldwide in over 200 cities.



THEY/THEM pls | queer trans artist & activist


A way of being | A space for embodied wisdom


Original artwork © Dani DiPirro
DC-area artist + author


illustrator trying her best



infamous anti-socialite and pug lady



London Based Artist & Social Issues Advocate

70s graphic design

70’s Graphic Design Inspiration

70s Graphic Design: Ideas from our Pinterest Board

As you may have noticed, companies and designers have been drawing inspiration from of our favorite decades lately. Graphic design inspiration from the 1970’s is all the rage. There is something about the thick lines, bold color choices and simple layouts that really speaks to us still. So today, we are throwing down some vintage inspiration from this decade in hopes that it inspires your next project. Enjoy!

For more 70’s graphic design and 70’s inspired design, head to our Pinterest board.

IDEA Magazine | Tribute to Saul Bass (and Associates) in 1979 | design et typo
1970 Jerzy Flisak – Those Who Wear Glasses
1970 Danuta Zukowska – Circus
Japanese Poster: Expo ‘70. Yusaku Kamekura. 1967
Vintage sony logo. Mid-century. Good colors.
Hollywood Bowl program, 1970 – Deborah Sussman
Herve Morvan Foire de Lyon Poster 1970
Rainboeing the Skies Ad 1971
Aeroflot International Route Map, 1970
1974-1975 Canadian Broadcasting Corp Annual Report
Buamai – Aisleone – Graphic Design, Typography And Grid Systems
Cepelia, 1973, by Jan Mlodozeniec
Wiktor Górka 1971
Weltspartag 1975, Advertising Poster
Olympiad Games Program, 1976
Gorka Wiktor – Cyrk Kobieta na wrotkach, 1970
Antoni Cetnarowski, 1970, Upside down cyclist, CYRK.
Jaroslav Fišer, 1971
Jan Mlodozeniec, 1 9 7 8, Cepeliada 78.
Hubert Hilscher – Plakat Secesyjny, 1971
Vintage movie poster 1973 by Jerzy Flisak: Dramat zazdrosci
Jerzy Treutler, Seal with 2 balls, 1971
Japan World Exposition ’70
David Bowie poster, 1972
television with the ramones, 1974
Novum Gebrauchsgraphik 4/1972 — Jan Buchholz

For more 70’s graphic design and 70’s inspired design, head to our Pinterest board.

Graphic Design Agencies to Follow on Instagram

Some of our most popular posts have included our posts about who we suggest you follow on Instagram, such as our recent post entitled, “21 Hand Lettering Artists to Follow on Instagram.” Today, we thought we would recommend our favorite graphic design agencies to follow on Instagram. We hope you enjoy!

OrangeYouGlad Design

“Brooklyn’s freshest little creative agency.”

Canales & Co.

A branding studio from Austin, Texas.


Only is an award-winning branding agency based in Manchester.


Huge Inc. is an experience design and digital marketing agency that provides strategy, marketing, design, and technology services to Fortune 100 companies. They have offices in Atlanta, DC, Detroit, Brooklyn, London, Singapore, Toronto, Los Angeles, and more. Follow them.

The Little Labs

Design, illustration and animation team based in Los Angeles, California.

New Garden Society

Design studio based in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Design Womb

A Chicago, Illinois based brand identity, package design and graphic design studio.

Niika Studio

A creative agency in Melbourne.


Hey Studio is graphic design studio based in Barcelona.

Doink Design

A graphic design firm in Miami, Florida

Skidmore Studio

A brand consultancy & design studio in Detroit.


Impero is an independent creative agency based in London and Buenos Aires.


Flourish is an Award-Winning brand and digital agency based in Surrey and London.

and don’t forget to follow us – your friends at Go Media, a creative agency in Cleveland, Ohio.

How to Create an Inspiring Work Space for Your Design Team

Creative types know that working day after day on various projects is taxing for even the most creative person. Figuring out ways to refill the creative well and stay motivated isn’t easy. But what if you could find inspiration from the very space you work in?

One study on employee engagement found that about one-third of workers aren’t fully engaged. Disengaged workers are less likely to feel satisfied in their roles and more likely to leave, causing higher churn rates for companies. While many factors play into how engaged employees feel, the overall work environment has a huge impact.

Help your employees feel engaged and inspired with the following nine ways to update an office space for creatives.

1. Get Rid of the Cubes!

Cube farms are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Dry, boring cubicles aren’t inspiring to anyone. Not only that, but they separate workers, creating a situation where brainstorming is next to impossible. If your office is filled with cubicles, swap them out for flexible walls that can be moved around at will to fulfill a wide variety of needs.

2. Add Collaborative Areas

At times, your design team will need to work quietly and alone. Other times, everyone will need to pull together and collaborate. On other days, some team members will need collaboration while others need quiet space. Design a work space that allows for all of these scenarios by using small work areas, such as an office pod turned into a lounge area.

You’ll want both small collaboration areas for small groups and large areas for the entire team or several teams to work together on big projects.

3. Display Beautiful Art

Take the aesthetics of your space up a notch or two by displaying art. More than likely, at least one of your designers is also a hobby artist. If you can personalize the space by using art that your employees have created, everyone will feel more connected and appreciated. Swap out the art from time to time to give everyone a chance to share what they’ve created.

4. Go Wireless

Ugly wires running here, there and everywhere mess up the overall design of a space. Look for ways to hide wires or go wireless. Sometimes, hiding wires is simply a matter of thinking through the placement of computers and other equipment. Get rid of wired mice and keyboards, and go for wireless options.

5. Bring in Plants

There are many reasons to add plants to your office space. Not only do they provide beauty, but they also help clean the air, creating a healthier work environment. In one university study, employees who were surrounded by plants were 15 percent more productive. Their concentration levels were higher than in offices without plants.

In addition to the productivity and health benefits, plants make a space look better and can provide inspiration by giving workers a break from drab walls and ceiling tiles.

6. Offer a Pet Day

Although certain standards are needed to keep the office pleasant for everyone, allowing employees to bring in a pet or personal item from home can provide inspiration. Few things are as fun as a puppy’s antics. While it might be distracting on a daily basis, adding a puppy to the office environment every once in a while can provide a welcome break from grueling work and add an element of excitement to the day. In addition, sharing a part of their lives allows workers to become more of a community.

You may want to allow only a few pets at a time or in certain areas to accommodate co-workers who have allergies and keep distractions to a minimum.

7. Incorporate Natural Light

Today’s modern office worker spends about 80 to 90 percent of their time inside. A lack of natural light and fresh air impacts employee health and motivation. When designing your office space, look for ways to bring more light inside. Doing so might simply be a matter of unblocking windows and removing blinds. The strategy could also be more involved, such as adding skylights and more windows.

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford major renovations — or you’re in a building where they aren’t practical — try to find some outdoor space where employees can escape for lunch or a break and breathe in the outdoor air. A rooftop garden or outdoor patio area are both simple solutions.

8. Throw Away Desk Assignments

Traditionally, workers had a specific desk that they went to each day to do their work. This setup isn’t conducive to a flexible work space, and it’s no longer necessary, as computers have become more portable.

It makes more sense for designers to have a variety of areas where they can work. Allow them to choose the space that feels best for them each particular day.

In practice, this strategy may look like a designer who starts off in a common area, brainstorming with other team members. They then move to the rooftop garden with their laptop to lay out the plans discussed during the brainstorming session and get a bit of fresh air. Finally, they might move to a desk in a quiet spot where they can begin the actual design.

9. Get Rid of Clutter

A space that’s well-organized and uncluttered is more pleasant for everyone. Taking away the assigned desks as mentioned above allows much of the clutter to be cut from the office. Those who would keep messy desks don’t have a permanent desk to create the mess, and those who would normally keep things neat aren’t overwhelmed with co-worker clutter.

Add plenty of storage, and get rid of anything you don’t actually use or need — sell it or donate it. Go digital whenever possible to get rid of paper clutter and the need for lots of storage.

Inspire Your Design Team

There are many ways to inspire your design team, and creating a beautiful work space is just one of them. Take the time to get feedback from your employees about what they’d like to see in their area and what would be most helpful to their design process. Even minor changes can make a big difference in the overall productivity and mood of the whole team.

This Week’s Top Five Links (7/6/2018)

Growing Your Brand with Influencer Marketing: 15 Top Design Examples for Inspiration

Influencer Marketing: Growing Your Brand

The era of micro-influencers is here. With the proven efficiency of the influencer campaigns in reaching the highest possible engagement numbers, no wonder that every day you see more and more people in your Instagram feed posting the pictures with more or less tangible involvement of various products.

It’s in the human nature to share the knowledge, as well as to seek advice. The marketers who satisfied both cravings by bringing influencer marketing to life were geniuses. The most exciting part, though, is when marketing geniuses collaborate with the gifted artists and top talents. That’s when a love child of advertising and art is born.

How brands co-create their content with influencers

When inquiring the influencers with a brief, the brand marketers usually opt for one of the three options.

  1. Brand generated content
  2. Co-created content
  3. Influencer generated content

First is the most restricted option, and last is the most flexible (yet, marketers still check it before publication to avoid the risks).

As for the co-created approach, this content usually follows loose brand guidelines, but other than that influencer is free to interpret the product in a way that he or she finds most suitable for their feed, valuable for their followers, and natural for their creative self-expression.

How to pick the right influencer for your product

When you’re looking for the influencers to start your content co-creation process, apply this checklist. It’ll help you to pick the ones who will not only represent your brand but also add the unexpected zing that your audience will love. Your perfect co-creating influencer:

  • Has an audience you’d love to gain exposure to
  • Has a tone of content that syncs with yours
  • Creates content you like
  • Creates content that your audience would like
  • Good at content format you struggle with (like video or stories)
  • Strong on a social platform you’d like to get a better grip of

By choosing the right people and giving them wide-open, inspiring, clear guidelines, you might very well end up with the spectacular materials that you could never imagine for your brand. Below are several examples when the co-creating collabs between the products and influencers went incredibly right.

Velwe (93K followers) x Maven Watches

Minimalist influencer from Ukraine Velwe is quite picky about the lifestyle brands to feature in his feed. Sleek Maven watches caught his attention.

“I saw their watches, I loved the stylistics. After assessing the brand positioning I fetched some references and reached out telling that I have an idea with two girls. The brand was really eager to collaborate right away”, – says the influencer.

The collab resulted in deeply intimate, subtle and touching monochrome portrait series. Just one Instagram post brought young Hong Kong brand recognition and engagement from thousands of European minimalism lovers.

Chef Jacques LaMerde (143K followers) x Sonic Drive-in

To drive attention to their new smoothies during the Coachella event, Sonic Drive-in collaborated with the chef influencer Jacques LaMerde known for his exquisite presentation skills. The bright visuals were the eye-catcher of the campaign, enhanced with a geo-targeted delivery option and freebies-for-hashtag incentive. The campaign generated over 26K likes and increased the number of Sonic account followers from 118K to 129K – quite a neat leap for one month.

8thdamon (156K followers) x Huawei

8thdamon specializes in stunning Photoshop creations. His space-themed intricate stylistics became a perfect background for the new Huawei smartphones promotion. Definitely a step forward from the unpacking videos and flat lay still-lifes.  

Zach King (21.7mln followers) x Target

For their Easter promotion in 2017, Target ordered several promo posts from two influencers. The famous Digital Magician Zach King joined popular NYC instamom Naomi Davis aka @taza (who is an always-on brand ambassador for Target). Not only the collab brought this lovely video to life but also resulted in mindblowing 953,000 likes & 5,000 comments on Zach’s video and 11,000 likes & 88 comments on Taza’s two posts.

Laetitia Modine (95K followers) x Issey Miyake

An influencer campaign launched by Issey Miyake aimed to recruit Millennials who share brand’s approach to design. As the key opinion leaders were mobilized, the brand asked them to get inspired by Issey Miyake’s key attributes of nature, minimalism, and architecture. Laetitia Modine, an Italian photographer, did the perfect job producing a visual that could work as a print ad for the brand right away.

Thismintymoment (164K followers) x Issey Miyake

Minh Ty, engaged in the same campaign, came up with even more stunning photo edit, taking the product to larger-than-life dimension. Together with the previous example, this case study illustrates how one brand can get a whole variety of treatments from different artists, while still keeping in-line with the essential brand attributes.   

Designbyaikonik (91,9K followers) x Nespresso

Flatlay guru Designbyaikonik created this shot for the Nespresso brand. Nailing a different angle from what is usually done for the beverages, Nespresso tapped into areas less discovered – in this case, the flatlay stylistics – to broaden their audience and attract new customers. Best comment: “You make coffee look sexy!”

Studio DIY (382K followers) x Chevrolet

Chevrolet focuses on mommy bloggers as the perfect representatives of their biggest target audience. Smart move, considering that this type of influencers has the greatest engagement rates and trust levels from their readers. Moreover, a creative mommy Kelly Mindell behind the Studio DIY account brought Chevy some extra value by staging a shot so vibrant it could be used for a billboard ad right away.

Studio DIY (382K followers) x FreixenetUSA

Chevrolet wasn’t the only one noticing Kelly’s talent. Her another collaboration with FreixenetUSA is crazy, funny, and fizzy – just like the drink itself. Be cautious, though. Influencers able to tweak their personality to fit different brands as good as Kelly does are a rare find. Here’s an advice: check out the chosen influencer’s feed carefully to see if their previous collabs make a good company for your product.

Matthew Crawford (335K followers) x Netflix

Netflix developed a mix-n-match campaign for their show “Santa Clara Diet”. Next to the billboards with celebrity Drew Barrymore, healthy lifestyle influencers were disrupting social media with controversial shots featuring blood and human body parts. This shot by Matthew Crawford was a particularly great contribution, fetching over 25K likes. No wonder the campaign brought the show follower growth of 34% in first four weeks.

Life_mirroring (7K followers) x Sudio

You know a good product placement when you don’t see it. The only thing that gave away the commercial background of this shot by was the fact that it was featured on the Sudio page. Lesson learned – don’t stop influencers from experimenting with your product application – it can bring an emotional jackpot!

Walids (46K followers) x Starbucks

Starbucks had been leveraging on user-generated content for forever now. No wonder they switched to influencer-generated content as soon as it was on the market. Brand’s usual feed is made of photos of the warm and friendly atmosphere inside their cafes. Collaborations like this one, in turn, let Starbucks represent their more sophisticated, design-centered side.

Macenzo (426K followers) x Hamburg ElbPhilarmonie

Who says influencers are for beauty products only? A brand new concert hall in Hamburg organized an international instameet for the architecture photographers before its opening. One of them, Macenzo (first-time comer to Hamburg) grabbed just the right fresh emotion of the new ElbPhilarmonie on this balanced geometrical cityscape shot.

Ricardo Cavolo (158K followers) x Alexander McQueen

When amazing mural artist Ricardo Cavolo published collaboration with the Alexander McQueen on his Instagram, the most popular comment was “Where can I find this?” What’s interesting is that his audience can hardly afford McQueen garments. But a custom scarf was exactly the product to get artist’s followers hooked, and not scared off.    

Marylou Faure (48K followers) x ASOS

So whenever your brand is using the services from a designer, director or a photographer, make sure to leverage this partnership through a social media collaboration. Here you can see how ASOS got a perfect shout-out. A designer worked on a t-shirt design for them, and it happened so that she had 48 thousand followers needing to wear a t-shirt every day. Straightforward? Yes. Efficient? You bet.


Like no prophet is acceptable in his own country, no company message can impact purchase decision as massively as the words from someone other than the brand. Instead of spending money on making one-sided communication materials, it’s much more impactful to co-create with influencers and offer the whole variety of views to your audience.

Pick the influencers with highest quality content and give them a freedom to create. Unleash your brand’s potential. You’ll be impressed.

21 Hand Lettering Artists to Follow on Instagram

Hand Lettering Artists to Follow on Instagram

Wandering around Instagram, we found some really beautiful examples of hand lettering that we thought we’d share. We thought they might inspire and ignite your next project. Enjoy the hand lettering artists to follow on Instagram and please click on each image to learn more about the artist who created the individual piece.

For more hand lettering inspiration, check out our post “Letters We’re Loving: 30+ Hand Lettering and Typography Inspirations” and
one of our most popular articles, “100 Top Resources for Typography and Hand-Lettering

Elizabeth Gray (thegraytergood)

Hand Lettering Artists to Follow on Instagram

Lisa Quine (lisa_quine)

Hand Lettering Artists to Follow on Instagram

Pierre Boisson (pedrodelabedida)

Katie Made That (katiemadethat)

Loren Klein (lorenkleindesign)

Talita Marques (marquestalita)

Maxime Bolis (maximebolis)

Saori (_lil.something_)

Jessica Renna (jessicarenna)

Michael Moodie (michael_moodie)

Loz Ives (idleletters)

Shauna Parmesan (weneedtotalkproject)

Tiffany Dewitt (livelongandletter)

Annick Martin (annick.martin)

Indysign (theindysign)

Jessica Nam (jessicanam)

Tearapart Intajak (tump_tearapart)

Emmy (redpolarbear_)

Devin Rista (devinrista)

Joanna Walters (jopeydopes)

Deirdre (the designer) (deirdrethedesigner)

5 Best Time Tracking Tools in 2018

Over the past couple of years, time tracking has become a big deal, as it very well should be. Though we’ve had these capabilities for quite a while, neither freelancers nor clients used the practicality of time tracking tools quite as much as they should have, often opening the way to invoice disputes and freelance time management issues.

These days, there are so many time tracking tools available that it’s become difficult to pick one. We took a look at what’s available on the market and picked our favorite apps, based on various freelancing needs.

Time Tracking Tools 2018


Though this list is in no particular order, we had to include Toggl somewhere on it. Toggl has become one of the most popular time trackers for freelancers in recent years and it’s obvious to see why. The tool is available for almost all platforms and is very easy to use, although it isn’t a good choice for managing large teams or freelance designers working on various devices at once. Toggle does offer these options, but there are more competitive choices in that range today.

The upside is that Toggl offers plenty of options in its free version for small freelancers or those just getting started. For those working with larger teams or who have more projects to toggle than they can count off the top of their head, the full package paid version of this time tracking app may be the best choice.


Speaking of teams and robust time tracking tools created for managing more complex projects and teams, Hubstaff has it all covered. This extensive tool is much more than just a time tracking app and includes screenshots, activity levels, setting of limits for each team member and project, GPS and location, invoicing, and even a payroll system that allows team leaders to pay freelancers with just one click when all is said and done.

Obviously, this is a tool for top tier freelancers or small agencies who manage entire teams of freelance designers. As further proof that Hubstaff was built with growing teams in mind, one of its best features is the scalable pricing they offer, including the option to make users active or inactive – and pay accordingly – making freelance time management incredibly easy for project managers.   

Upwork Desktop App

Instead of randomly listing just any time tracking tools available, we’re making another exception on this list, to include time management tips for freelancers and remote team project managers. The Upwork Desktop App is, needless to say, exclusively linked to Upwork, the most popular freelancing network today. The platform’s time tracking and work diary features are also exactly what has made it so popular, creating trust for employers and ensuring that freelancers get paid.

Getting paid once a job is done is a plague that freelancers have had to deal with forever. Using time tracking tools for bothe time management and to record work hours is essential, but adding a system in which getting paid is almost guaranteed turns it into a full package deal. Using Upwork is highly recommended for freelancers who are just getting started, along with all of its tools and its time tracking desktop app.


Qbserve, an automatic time tracker for Mac that includes team management and invoicing, is a more recent favorite and a dream come true for busy design pros and freelancers of all types. Typically, busy freelancers will forget to turn on their time trackers or switch between projects, while time management at work or in the home office becomes more important than ever. And that’s just if the freelancers are working independently. Add a team to all of those projects and busy schedule, and things really turn into a nightmare.

The team behind Qbserve seems to have thought of everything and provided a solution to it. Qbserve keeps track of activities on a Mac and provides constant feedback on productivity, helping freelancers and remote teams to develop better work and time management habits. It can also automatically generate invoices based on data, along with a slew of other settings that can be adjusted for design freelancers who want to focus more on work and less on managing stuff and typing up reports and invoices.


Less a time tracking tool and more of an all around time management tracker, Timely links directly to your calendar and planned events to help attain an overview of your work hours, downtime and everything else going on. Essentially, your schedule becomes your time tracker.

In this app that combines scheduling and time tracking in one place, freelancers can use their calendar and the app to out different times of your day to work on different projects, then use the app to pick a project or task, start the timer and get to work. Obviously, this isn’t a tool for managing remote teams, but for the individual freelancer, it literally allows designers to see which hours made money and which went to waste.

Hope you find these tools! You may also like our post on Must-Have Tools for Digital Marketers

Web Roundup: 77 Poster Designs to be Inspired by

50 Poster Layout Design Inspirations, Do’s and Don’ts

Must-Have Tools For Digital Marketers

With all the tasks a digital marketer has to face on a regular basis, anyone who dares take this career path should be, at the very least, a jack-of-all-trades. The ability to create great content is a must. Having a little more than just a basic understanding of SEO helps as well. Then there’s the world of social media and email campaigns, both of which a digital marketer must competently run.

Thankfully, we live in a world when there are tools for just about everything, including all the things required of those in the world of digital marketing. Here are some of those tools that digital marketers must have to help them do their job well.

Google Analytics
With the amount of information that Google Analytics provides, tracking just about everything that is related to the traffic to your website in real time becomes indescribably easier. Google has already given us so much, and Google Analytics is proof the search engine giant doesn’t seem to get tired of giving.

Over 15 million users make Hootsuite one of the most popular tools used by digital marketers for social media management and analytics. Hootsuite boasts of many features, but getting the ability to schedule social media posts in advance and therefore save a lot of time is the primary reason digital marketers must have it in their toolkit.

If you’re running email campaigns, using MailChimp would be your best bet. MailChimp is easily one of the world’s most popular and powerful email marketing platforms with eight million daily users. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie email marketer, using MailChimp should be easy enough thanks to its very straightforward platform structure.

Customer relationship management or CRM is an integral aspect of digital marketing, and Charlie is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get to know a person well, which is a crucial element of CRM. With the help of Charlie, digital marketers learn a lot about people as it tells them everything it can about other people, from their interests to what their social media profiles say about them.

HubSpot Marketing Free
Getting visitors to your website is one thing. Converting them to leads is another, and HubSpot Marketing Free has proven to be pretty handy for doing just that. This free pop up tool generates email leads from your website and gives you the skinny on them, from their employers to the pages they have visited, all in real time. You also get to learn with the help of the tool which pages are doing better conversion-wise.

Any digital marketer worth his salt knows that YouTube isn’t the only platform for the amazing videos that you create. It’s not even the best one, simply because of the control limitations. With Wistia, you can add CTA buttons and view heatmaps with ease, among other things. Wistia also allows you to learn the viewing patterns of people who play your videos.

Creating images for blog posts and social media becomes so much easier with Canva. It features built-in templates and optimized sizes, both of which make it easy for you to create custom-shaped or sized images for most social media platforms.

The above are just a fraction of the wealth of tools that are available to digital marketers today. What’s more, these tools are the free ones or at least the free versions of their paid and more feature-laden selves. Imagine what you can do with tools that charge for additional features that can only make your digital marketing life even easier.

Author Bio:

Andrea Ladera is an SEO professional for My Biz Niche. When not helping websites get to Page 1 of the SERPs, Andrea (she also answers to Andy) walks her Yorkie around the block, among other things. She also does yoga.

Gifts for Graphic Designers 2017

Nine Items You Should Buy with Your Tax Refund this Year

Now that tax money is rolling in (with any hope) we’ve got our eyes on some items that will make our lives as creatives a lot easier. (And more fun.) Here is a round-up of items we’re thinking of purchasing with our tax refunds this year.

What do you have your eye on? Let us know in the comments section.

An interactive sketchpad
There’s nothing better than a traditional sketchpad for getting ideas down and drawings out. But interactive sketchpads are pretty darn cool, in that they can transition your notes to files that you can open in PS or Illustrator in the blink of an eye. Try the: Bamboo Wacom Slate.

Tickets to Weapons of Mass Creation Fest
Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, the premier design, art and music conference in the Midwest, is back for its eighth year! Come to see the ultimate WMC Fest experience, as we’re going back to our roots and celebrating the ideals our grassroots festival was founded upon. There will be TED-X style talks, interactive workshops and panels on topics like battling burnout and how to practice understanding, music, meet-ups, food trucks and bowling, too! Learn all about WMC Fest 8 and buy tickets here. Starting at $85 for the entire weekend.

A new desk set-up
The most people spend the majority of their time is at their desks – well, other than in bed, of course. So, it’s worth it to spend a few bucks to make it comfortable. Try the: Jarvis Standing Desk.

A legit flash drive
I don’t know about you, but I have 17 flash drives floating around my desk, each one on its last leg. It’s about time I grew up and treated myself one that won’t let me down. I have my eye on the: SanDisk 128GB Extreme Pro USB 3.0 Flash Drive.

Laptop backpack
I attempted, with all my might, to make it down to Creative South this year, but was unable due to several flight cancellations here in Cleveland. While I waited, I was shopping for a new laptop backpack that would have gone really well with my outfit. I feel like I deserve to buy this Mancro bag for myself, even though I don’t have any future travel plans. I think it will cheer me up, though it won’t replace the incredible time I missed.

Subscription to Go Media’s Arsenal
We’d be remiss if we didn’t suggest that you join our Arsenal Army and instantly access our entire product library for only $15 per month,  including all of our mockup templates, vectors, textures, tutorials, business resources and more. Learn more here.

A fun new keyboard
Anyone else geek out about keyboards? This is a perfect opportunity to grab one that feels great underneath your fingertips, like this Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard, that comes in several different colors and connects with up to three devices simultaneously.

A planner
Okay, I know I am a little late to the game on this, but I have just realized how badly I need a planner. I really miss having a to-do list to create, then check off. I found this pretty serious one by Erin Condren. Looks like I’m going on deep.

A donation to…(fill in the blank)
Whatever organization you feel needs help right now. Because the world needs it. Here are some ideas.

Indie patch inspiration

Indie patch inspiration that will get your creative juices flowing

We’re sharing indie patch inspiration

Who else is obsessed with patches? Here are some we fancy. We hope they get your creative juices flowing. You never know…you might be the next Michael Jackson of patch design. But remember that these are only here to serve as inspiration. You are your own unique unicorn, so do your own thing. Have fun!

Click on each patch for more information.

Custom Heart Patches by Tuesday Bassen
Nope Heart Patch by These Are Things
Fox Patch by Viu
Cold Pizza Club Patch by Frog and Toad Press
Knock Off Iron On Patch by Stay Home Club
Unicone X-Large Back Patch by Little Arrow
Breakfast of Losers Patch by Sick Girls Official
Seminice Patch by Viet Huynh
No Handed Bike Club by Mokuyobi
Cat Lady Patch by Belinda Chen
King and Queen Of Nothing Patches by Alex Riegert-Waters
Girl Gang Patch by Jade Boylan
Shit Happens Patch by Gui Zamarioli
Adventure Club Patches by Alex Riegert-Waters
Bearded Patches by Matt Braun
Scourge of the Roads patch by Strawcastle
Lime Crush Iron On Patch By Jess Warby
I Roll Stress Free Patch by Ruan Van Vliet – Valley Cruise Press
Somone You Shouldn’t … Patch by World Famous Original
Was Born To Explore Patch by Kimberlin
Sleep Appreciation Society Woven Patches
Beet It Kid! Patch by Blake Jones – Valley Cruise Press
Eye Patches
Nasty Woman Patch by Kate Gabrielle
No Bones About It Chenille Patch by BanannaBones
XL Rainbow Patch by Big Bud
Please Stop Patch by AdamJK
Bad Apple Mini Sticky Patch by Eva Stalinksi -Valley Cruise Press
Good Hustle Patch by Mean Folk
Gifts for Graphic Designers

Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Creative in Your Life

Gifts for Graphic Designers

Valentine’s Day is coming up. This is a holiday that so many of us love and so many of us….don’t. If you happen to enjoy it, here are some gifts to give the creative you love. If you don’t have a Valentine, treat yourself. That’s an order.

You can also get a special gift basket for your loved one, you can customized it and add everything you want, or check the next gifts.

Valentine’s Day: the most romantic, lovey-dovey, glorious day of affection, gifts, and expressions of love of the year. Or it’s a day you wish you could sleep through so you don’t have to look at even one gushing, bouquet-carrying, heart-shaped-chocolate-eating, drunk-on-love person.

Click on each image for more info.

Gifts for Graphic Designers
Being an Artist Mug by Emily McDowell Studio
Gifts for Graphic Designers
Belle Calligraphy Starter Kit by Maybelle Imase-Stukuls
Drawn & Quarterly 25: Twenty-Five Years of Contemporary Cartooning, Comics, and Graphic Novels by Drawn & Quarterly
Drawn & Quarterly 25: Twenty-Five Years of Contemporary Cartooning, Comics, and Graphic Novels by Drawn & Quarterly
aHead Wireless Headphones by Kreafunk
aHead Wireless Headphones by Kreafunk
Moleskin Gift Box Drawing Set
Bottled Up Feelings Pin by AdamJK
Bottled Up Feelings Pin by AdamJK
Basquiat Candles
Basquiat Candles
Astier de Villatte Robusto Pencil
Astier de Villatte Robusto Pencil
Color Wheel Pendant by Christine Schmidt
Recycled Paper Craft Sketchbook by Muji
Recycled Paper Craft Sketchbook by Muji
Broken Heart Tee by Lance Jones
Broken Heart Tee by Lance Jones
Chinese New Year 2017 Art

Inspiration of the Day: Chinese New Year 2017

Chinese New Year 2017 Art

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! The Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is underway! These festivities will last through February 15, 2018.

Many designers, we found, were inspired by this joyful holiday. So today, we’re sharing some of their work. Enjoy! For more information on each artist, make sure to click on the image.

| Cover image art: year of the Rooster: Francesco Faggiano |

2017 - Year of the Rooster by Francesco Faggiano
2017 – Year of the Rooster by Francesco Faggiano
Happy Chinese New Year - Rooster by Antonius Setiadi K
Happy Chinese New Year – Rooster
by Antonius Setiadi K
Happy New Year 2017 by Mei Mo
Happy New Year 2017 by Mei Mo
Happy Chinese New Year! by Folio Illustration Agency
Happy Chinese New Year!
by Folio Illustration Agency
Year of the Rooster by Winson Chao
Year of the Rooster by Winson Chao
Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year by IDEO
Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year
Year of the Rooster by W. Illus
Year of the Rooster by W. Illus
Year of the Rooster by Jessica Ciccolone
Year of the Rooster
by Jessica Ciccolone
Happy Chinese New Year! by Thom Hill
Happy Chinese New Year!
by Thom Hill
Chinese New Year 2017: The Year of the Rooster by Andy Hau
Chinese New Year 2017: The Year of the Rooster
by Andy Hau
雞年 Rooster Year 2017 by John Mao
雞年 Rooster Year 2017 by John Mao
Happy Rooster Year! by Jenn Liv
Happy Rooster Year!
by Jenn Liv
Lunar New Year 2017 by spacescass
Lunar New Year 2017
by spacescass
Year of the Rooster by Claire O'Brien
Year of the Rooster by Claire O’Brien
Year of Rooster - by Cincin by Tommy.L
Year of Rooster – by Cincin
by Tommy.L
Year of the Rooster by Kay Wolfersperger
Year of the Rooster
by Kay Wolfersperger
Chinese New Year 2017 by Andrew Diec
Chinese New Year 2017 by Andrew Diec
Year Of The Rooster by Mauro Gatti
Year Of The Rooster by Mauro Gatti
Chinese New Year card 2017 Year Of The Rooster by Lemongraphic
Chinese New Year card 2017 Year Of The Rooster
by Lemongraphic
Fire Rooster by Wren Sauer
Fire Rooster
by Wren Sauer
Roost by Oddds
by Oddds
Lunar New Year by Lorraine Nam
Lunar New Year by Lorraine Nam