5 More Mockups to Make Your Designs Look a Million Bucks (minus PS)

Hello Go Media Faithful, We’re back, as promised, with more of the world’s best mock ups from your friends here at MockupEverything.com! As always, we are here to help you to mock up your most-awesome designs in minutes (without even having to…

Why We’re Totally Geeking Out About This Year’s Weapons of Mass Creation Fest

Stop Everything & Implement these Top 10 Web Conversion Strategies

Here at Cleveland web design firm Go Media, we’re always being asked what we can do to help a website succeed. Online, success hinges on a very simple trifecta: people must find your site, people must use your site, and people must return to your site. Conversion is about people successfully using your website, and returning again and again to go through an additional transaction or sign-up.

2 WMC Fest 2015 Speakers Unite: Mark Brickey’s AID Podcast 221 Featuring Mike Jones

World’s Collide when the next episode of the world famous Adventures in Design (AID Podcast) features 2 WMC Fest 2015 Speakers, AID host Mark Brickey and Mike Jones.

Episode 221 is entitled “The Supper Gospel Hour”

Using Keyboard Shortcuts | Design Tip of the Week

Using Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts are truly a wonderful thing. With quick pecks at the right keys (at the right time), designing and illustrating becomes faster, more efficient and enjoyable. Imagine if you had to keep laboriously clicking around to…

Get Psyched for the Battle of the Century: Ink Wars Presented by Rebel.com

Ink Wars Time: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Are you ready for the Battle of the Century? It’s almost time for the next round of Weapons of Mass Creation Fest’s Ink Wars – presented by our friends over at Rebel.com!

Top 10 Vector Packs of All Time: WMC Fest 2015 Limited Edition

202 of our most popular vector graphic elements of all time + 24 brand new bonus vectors It’s almost time for our annual 3 day design conference, Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2015! To celebrate, we’ve put together a bundle jam-packed with the top…

WMC 6: Meet Jay and Nathan from Cotton Bureau

Jay & Nathan from Cotton Bureau We are thrilled to introduce our friends Jay Fanelli and Nathan Peretic, co-founders of Cotton Bureau. They are sponsors of our WMC Fest Vendor Village, as well as speakers at the Fest. Sunday Tickets to See…

Listen Now: Adventures in Design Podcast with WMC Fest 2015’s Dustin Lee

Watch our WMC Fest 6 Hype Video >> “The Road to WMC – Our Host’s Journey”

Sharpen Images in Photoshop | Design Tip of the Week

Sharpen Images in Photoshop It was actually Carly, one of the wonderful designers here at Go Media, who showed me this tip: using the High Pass filter to sharpen images in Photoshop. It’s real easy and super quick. Check it out!…

Line Variation in Illustrator | Tutorial

WMC 6: Meet Moonshot Lab from Barkley

Mark: Hi, I’m Mark and we are Moonshot, the innovation lab at Barkley. And we help clients explore the future and design new experiences and products using sort of a combination of human centered design practices, emerging technologies, and just the right amount of weirdness.

Joe: I’m Joe, I’m the programmer kind of guy in the lab. My background is in software development and I do electronics and stuff like that.

Why You Should Use WordPress

Hanging Punctuation in InDesign and Illustrator | Design Tip of the Week

Hanging Punctuation in InDesign and Illustrator This week, we’re getting into a nitty gritty aspect of type: hanging punctuation. For those who do not know, hanging punctuation is a method of typesetting punctuation marks (and bullet points) to preserve the ‘flow’ of a body…

WMC 6: Meet Ian Zeigler from Photonic Studio

Ian Zeigler from Photonic Studio IZ: My name is Ian Zeigler with Photonic Studio. I went to CIA, and actually all the guys here went to CIA, but I run Photonic Studio with Matt and Tony. We have a little studio…

Making Perfect Curves in Illustrator | Design Tip of the Week

Spec Work: Just Say No!

Spec work is any kind of work whether it’s a final piece or initial concept that is done without the client committing to pay a fee. The designer may anticipate being paid eventually if the client likes the work. In this situation, a client usually doesn’t want to invest in a designer before seeing what they can do, and the designer must prove his or her worth before receiving compensation. For clients who are hesitant to commit to a designer, there is an appropriate way to explore the work of various designers. A more effective and ethical approach to requesting work is to ask designers to submit examples of their work from previous assignments as well as a statement of how they would approach your project.

WMC 6: Meet Jordan Schiller from Real Thread

Jordan is returning to sponsor your favorite graphic design conference in the world, Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. We sat down to talk to Jordan a few weeks back to catch up and talk about what we might see out of the Real Thread gang at this year’s fest. You can read on to find out, or listen in over at our Go Media Graphic Design Podcast archives on Soundcloud.