graphic design jobs

Graphic Design Jobs: Where to Find Your Dream Career Online

Seeking employment in the field of graphic design? When you’re looking for a new start, LinkedIn, Indeed, Simply Hired, Glassdoor, and Monster aren’t your only options. There are several sites that can connect you to your next freelance gig or…

Inspirational Illustrators on Instagram

Stop and Follow These Super Fun, Empowering Illustrators on Instagram

Follow these Illustrators on Instagram Hate social media bringing you down? Hate scrolling and slowly feeling down about yourself as the posts roll by? Follow these ten illustrators on Instagram we suggest below and you’ll perk right up. We promise!…

70s graphic design

70’s Graphic Design Inspiration

70s Graphic Design: Ideas from our Pinterest Board As you may have noticed, companies and designers have been drawing inspiration from of our favorite decades lately. Graphic design inspiration from the 1970’s is all the rage. There is something about…

Becoming a Professional, Freelance Artist

How to Become A Professional Artist with Lindsey Jo Scott Have you had to urge to leave your full-time position and pursue your love of art full-time? Today, with the help of local artist, Lindsey Jo Scott, we explored what…

Growing Your Small Business: 14 Questions for Entrepreneurs

Growing Your Small Business: 14 Questions for Entrepreneurs

Designers Talking About Their Work

Designer Face Off featuring Mike Klok and John Lee Clair

Welcome to Designer Face Off, where we ask two designers to go head to head, asking one another burning questions about their shared passions for design, entrepreneurship, and all things creative. Facing off today are designer Mike Kluk of Stuffed…

Graphic Design Agencies to Follow on Instagram

Some of our most popular posts have included our posts about who we suggest you follow on Instagram, such as our recent post entitled, “21 Hand Lettering Artists to Follow on Instagram.” Today, we thought we would recommend our favorite…

Top Social Media Hashtags for Creative Business Owners

8 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

8 Steps to a Faster Loading Website and More Money in Your Pocket

Ways to Speed Up Your Website In the dog-eat-dog, scrappy world of gaining and keeping online traffic, a slow-loading website can crush your chances of making a mark before you even get started. The statistics are frightening. You have about…

Our Top Reasons to Attend WMC: Off-The-Grid — October 5–7th, 2018

Design Conference 2018 – WMC: Off-The-Grid by Go Media We here at Go Media (your favorite design shop in CLE) are thrilled to introduce a new event to our community this year, an offshoot of our annual design conference Weapons of Mass…

This Week’s Top Five Links (7/6/2018)

Here are five links, images or videos from the web that stood out to us this week. We thought we’d pass them onto you and share the love. We hope you enjoy them. Please tweet us and let us know…

Twenty Eight Actionable Ways to Up Your Game, Increase Your Exposure and Expand Your Audience

Best Ways to Market Yourself as a Graphic Designer Whether you are a freelancer or head of an advertising agency, there is always an opportunity to gain more exposure for your personal brand, your products and services. Here are 28…

How to Design an Inspiring Poster - 5 Tips from Go Media

Finding Inspiration for Your Next Poster Design (& a Few Freebies to Help You On Your Way)

How to Design an Inspiring Poster – 5 Tips from Go Media Hey designers, one of the topics you come to us most about is finding inspiration for your next graphic design poster. So today, we are giving you five…

Simple Packaging Design Inspiration 2018

Simple but Sweet Packaging Designs that are Making us Smile

Simple Packaging Design Inspiration 2018 When you are designing packaging, you want your customer to feel like they are opening a present on Christmas day. But over design and you’ll take away from what’s inside. Here are some simple yet…

Why User Experience Matters and How You Win at It

Free Feminist Vector Pack on Go Media's Zine by Shelby Criswell

Celebrating International Women’s Day with our Free Feminist Vector Pack!

free slime textures

Download: Free Slime Textures

Presenting Free Slime Textures Introducing the Slime Texture Pack, created by young creative BearCubSlimes. The eight free slime textures included in this pack are high-resolution photography of homemade slime, some of which are available on her shop on Etsy. These…

How to Use Vector Textures

Tutorial: How to Use Vector Textures in Adobe Illustrator to Distress Your Logo/Design

Web Roundup: 77 Poster Designs to be Inspired by

Poster Designs What’s better than a post dedicated to great posters? Here’s another one chock-full of poster designs you can be inspired by. Click on each poster for more information and to link to our Poster Pinterest Board.

50 Poster Layout Design Inspirations, Do’s and Don’ts

Download Free Stock Vectors & How to Use Them PDF

Download: Free Stock Vectors Guide & Freebies Go Media’s vectors are known industry-wide as being the best of the best. We have thousands of these hand-crafted illustrations (all royalty-free) for you to use in your own design work. But not…

How to Collaborate with Your Fellow Designers for Maximum Results

How can you collaborate with other designers? Here at Go Media, we hold an annual design conference called Weapons of Mass Creation Festival. Weapons of Mass Creation Fest is a three-day art, design and music conference that features a diverse…

How to Take Your Inbox to Zero

How to Take Your Inbox to Zero

Is a flooded inbox a daily nightmare? Here are some tips and tricks to keeping your inbox neat, tidy and even (gasp!) completely empty!

Why You Should Attend a Design Conference

Why You Should Attend a Design Conference (like WMC Fest)