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Technology has more of an impact on our daily lives than at any other time in history. Smart houses and smartphones are the first interactions most people have when they wake up and the last interaction they have before they…

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Seven Must-Have Apps Before Your Next Business Trip

Must Have Apps for 2019 to Download Before Your Next Trip Seasoned travelers know you can do a lot of little things to make being away from home more comfortable. You can follow tips to pack lighter, such as rolling…

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4 Designers We Can All Learn From

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In modern design fields, it’s no longer acceptable to be average. That’s not to say it was ever acceptable in the first place but doing so now can have much more significant consequences on your business and clients. You see,…

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How to Improve Your Landing Page Before the End of the Year

Your landing page is the first impression site visitors have of your business. A landing page has the potential to pull site visitors in and turn them into customers or to drive them away. Out of the many challenges marketers…

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6 Ways to Use Videos on Your Website

Ways to Use Videos on Your Website You’ve likely noticed that more and more videos appear online each year. Google now offers an option for videos at the top of search results, and many websites feature videos. Brands use them…

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Why Your Next Marketing Campaign Should Include Storytelling

From primitive man, who drew stories in pictures on cave walls, to today’s novelists, telling stories is a tradition as old as time. There is something about stories that draws the listener or reader into the tale and engages them.…

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9 Marketing Myths When it comes to marketing, you’ll hear a lot of different advice. One expert will say to always do A, while another expert says to never do A. At the end of the day, you have to…

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Good design makes the difference in a company that serves other businesses well and stands out above the crowd. Computer-aided design, or CAD, is one way B2B companies can improve their services, becoming more productive and better meeting the needs…

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14 Web-Based Jobs You Might Be Interested In

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to roll out of bed and instantly be at work without a lengthy commute or hours spent on getting ready? More and more people are working from home these days either remotely for companies or as…