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How to Create a Book Cover Design

Let’s create a striking history book cover about antique war stories with the Hard to Kill Vector Pack

Essential Questions to Ask an SEO Firm Before Hiring It

So your business has a website, and it’s not doing well in the SERPs. That is to be expected if you haven’t really done SEO on it because you have no idea how to do it, or you do have…

Should Your Business Consider Investing in Satellite Technology?

Satellite technology changed the world dramatically after the first experiment in the late 1950s. Today, people communicate in real-time around the globe, view a specific location via Google Earth or beam a signal from one corner of the globe to…

Email Marketing for Designers: Getting Started Tips

Digital marketing – and the internet in general – has made marketing much more accessible. The same digital marketing instruments used by big corporations are now available to small businesses and professionals, including you as a designer. It is easy…

The User Interface (UI) Designer’s Toolbox

Best UI Design Tools This article will primarily be on the software used specifically within the interface design discipline, focusing on the creation of page layouts, simple interactive prototyping, and design assets. A modern user interface designer has a number…

Why Your Business’s Site Needs Before and Afters


Digital Marketing in 2018: How to Boost Customer Satisfaction

Portfolio Spotlight: Très Chic Salon Branding

Website Color Choice for your Industry

What Color Scheme Works Best for Your Industry

Marketing Personas Vs. User Experience Personas

Defining Digital Product Personas Understanding who your users are when creating a digital product is of paramount importance for a user experience designer to design a successful product. But who are these users, and how does a digital product team…

5 Best Time Tracking Tools in 2018

Over the past couple of years, time tracking has become a big deal, as it very well should be. Though we’ve had these capabilities for quite a while, neither freelancers nor clients used the practicality of time tracking tools quite…

Conveying a User’s Context through Storyboarding

Where to Find and How to Choose Web Design Online Courses

Online education is the future of learning. It solves the problem of not having any usable skill and provides unmatched possibilities for everyone wanting to learn something new. Web design is among the most popular skills learned online, as thousands…

Check Out What’s Trending in Mobile App Design in 2018

A quarter of 2018 has already passed, and we have already witnessed the introduction of many new functionalities and upgrades in smartphones. All these changes certainly affect the trends in the design of the mobile apps. Both the UX and…

Guide to Freelancing for Beginners

A Beginner’s Guide to Freelancing

What to Consider Before Jumping Headfirst into the Gig Economy: A Guide to Freelancing So you’ve been living that full-time, nine-to-five life for awhile now. You’ve got some solidly marketable skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, and you’re craving a new challenge,…

how to write a call to action

Click & Convert: How to Write Effective Calls to Action