UX Design Tips for E-Commerce

Top 7 UX Design Tips for E-Commerce Product Pages

Why You Should Increase Your Graphic Design Budget

Improving Navigation Bar

What Is Your Navigation Bar Lacking and How Can You Improve It

Awesome Local SEO Practices that will Help You Become #1 on Google

All About Logos with Chelsey Kovar for Go Media

All About Logos

I am passionate about branding and have learned a lot while helping businesses develop their brands. There is a lot more to a logo than just your company name and there are some important factors to keep in mind when…

How Important is a Mobile App UX Design for Startups?

The dawn of the new mobile age is upon us. Mobile apps are not just darlings of corporate giants in the league of Facebook or Walmart. Any business can capitalize on developing a strong mobile product. As for startups, they…

Why User Experience Matters and How You Win at It

Grab the March 2018 Arsenal Product Bundle

Graphic Design Bundle It’s a great month to be a member of Go Media’s Arsenal subscription. Not only do you have access to our entire library for only $15/mth, but you are able to download this month’s special graphic design…

Product Line Branding for Marina Vape

Portfolio Update: Marina Vape

Marina Vape – Product Line Branding Over the course of a year, we had the privilege of working with e-liquid company, Marina Vape. The name of the game for these projects was building a visual brand around different flavor concepts.…

Poster Design Ideas: How to easily create a record release promo poster with the Arsenal's Crest of Arms vector pack

How to easily create a record release promo poster with the Arsenal’s Crest of Arms vector pack

What’s the Best Type of Testimonial and How Will My Brand Benefit?

A Brief Insight into Mapping Content into Your Customer Journey

Customer Journey Maps How effective is your business’s current customer experience? Your customers, whether they’re existing or potential, will interact with your business in so many ways thanks to the foundations of the digital age in which we live. This…

Reputation Marketing Techniques that will Do Wonders for your Brand

Reputation Marketing In today’s hyperconnected world, building a reputable brand is more difficult than ever. Maybe there was a time in the past when you could entirely control your brand’s development, but today, that’s not possible. With the rise of…

4 Rules for Better Website Typography

Achieving Better Website Typography For a long time, when developers and designers were building websites typography wasn’t high up on the priority list. This was due to a number of factors, sometimes it was simply lack of diverse web safe…

Websites Vs. Webapps, What’s the Difference?

“Programs and other operating information used by a computer” – that is the definition of the term software, and from that definition comes basically everything that we (as a society) do in regards to computers, hardware notwithstanding. Software is obviously…

Free Feminist Vector Pack on Go Media's Zine by Shelby Criswell

Celebrating International Women’s Day with our Free Feminist Vector Pack!

Book Cover Design

Mastering Book Cover Design

Part of the beauty of design is that is tells a certain story, fostering emotion and human connection to hundreds or thousands of people. Pair this action with literary storytelling, and you’ve got an impactful design that people will cherish…

Hacks to Speed Up The Development of Your Website

6 Hacks to Speed Up The Development of Your Website

Cleveland Branding Services

Check out the CLEbaby Branding Project!

The Project: CLEbaby branding The team here at Go Media had an absolute blast working on the CLEbaby branding project. Please check out the work we did below and learn more about CLEbaby, Cleveland’s premier resource for birth and postpartum…

Video Production Strategies: Time Saving Tips and Tricks

5 Time Saving Video Strategies

20 Web Design Stats Every Business Owner Should Know in 2018