jewelry brand and packaging inspiration

The Go Media Logo Design Process: Bunny Paige Made Better

Jewelry Brand and Packaging Inspiration: Bunny Paige by Go Media Every day here at Cleveland graphic, web and logo design firm Go Media, my understanding of what this company does grows. And everyday I am amazed by what we accomplish. I…

Great Bouncing Icebergs!

Happy Holidays from the Go Media Crew

ugly sweater mockup template

Just a free Ugly Sweater Mockup Template to get you through your day

We’re really getting into the Christmas mood here at Go Media. How do we express that? We create an ugly Christmas sweater mockup template, of course! We want to spread some joy, so please spin some soothing holiday jams and download this freebie with a hot cup of cocoa in your hands. Enjoy it and have a wonderful, safe and happy holiday season.

sports branding

Sports Branding Insight With Todd Radom

how to use an opacity mask in illustrator

Try this Opacity Mask Tip with your New Vector Brushes for a Tattered, Torn Effect

Hey Fans of Go Media’s Arsenal, the best resources for designers on the planet. We’re here for a quick guide to using your new Brink Design Co. Industrial Vector Brushes, just released a day ago! These 100 handmade vector brushes were created with an unparalleled level of detail, made using a variety of different mediums and techniques to give your work that dirty, grungy, industrial look so many of you, our loyal customers, have been requesting.

quotes on creativity

Need a Boost? Read these 12 Quotes on Creating the Authentic Work You Were Born to Do

Sometimes we all need that extra boost to inspire our work. Here are some of our favorite quotes on art, creativity and authenticity. May they inspire some vulnerability in your day today!

7 Ways to Know If You’ve Hired a Great Designer

Enplug’s Entrepreneurial Journey: Zach Spitulski Spills Secrets to his Success

Enplug’s Entrepreneurial Journey: Zach Spitulski Spills Secrets to his Success

By being named one of Inc. Magazine’s 30 Coolest Entrepreneurs under 30, Zach Spitulski (Enplug) has been grouped with the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos, Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp of Birchbox, and Drew Houston and Arash…

Building a brutalist conference poster with Jason Carne's texture lot one

Tutorial: Building a brutalist conference poster with Jason Carne’s Texture Lot One (Free Poster Mockup Included)

Hello there! It’s Simon on this end of the keyboard. I’m very happy to make my return to the Zine with a poster design tutorial, that will explore the possibilities offered by Jason Carne’s Texture Lot One. The tutorial will have us explore texture use tips and tricks, but also customized black and white conversion, large scale sharpening, type pairing, layout building, and more.

Print Poster Tutorial – Bringing Doodles and Sketches into Your Illustrator Workflow

how to focus at work

Forever Distracted? Here’s How to Bring Focus into Your Creative Work and Life

One thing I’ve come to learn about myself is just how easily distracted I can be. Up until recently, I could barely continue to write a blog post without checking the email that pops into my inbox, or create header…

30+ Quirky, Free Fonts We’re Shouting Out

improving relationships with clients

Conquering Customer Service: 5 Tips to Keeping Your Customers and Clients Happy

Improving Relationships with Clients & Customers Whether you’re the head of an advertising agency, the president of a design firm, or a freelance designer exchanging emails with a customer, you need to be educated in the world of customer service.…

Social Networking 101 – A Newbie’s Guide to Guaranteed Success

Personal Branding Podcast

Personal Branding Podcast For Graphic Designers With Kimika Hudson

WWW Dot HUH? – How to Select the Perfect URL For Your Business

Follow the KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) philosophy in selecting a URL for your business. Yes, you can be creative and meaningful, but ensure that your URL is, above all, easy to remember and as error-proof as possible. Perhaps the most enjoyable way to test out your prospective URL is with the ever-famous Cocktail Party Test…

Grab This Macabre Vector Freebie

Grab This Macabre Vector Freebie When asked what you wanted to see next on the Arsenal, our e-commerce site for the best design resources in the world, you told us, overwhelmingly: “HORROR!” “MACABRE!” “BLOOD, GUTS AND GORE!” And we want…

Tutorial: How to Create a Halloween Icon Pack Using Adobe Illustrator (Resources Included)

Since Halloween is just around the corner, we thought we should give you an early treat this year, in the form of a little icon tutorial. The idea was to show you guys how to create a cute set of three icons from scratch, using some of Illustrator’s basic tools such as the Shapes Tool, combined with the power of the Pen Tool and Pathfinder panel.

In terms of difficulty this course is aimed at those who have a basic knowledge of how Illustrator works, but that doesn’t mean beginners can’t give it a go, since every step is presented as explicit as possible.

So, assuming you have Illustrator up and running, let’s jump in and start creating!

how to effectively hire a freelancer

Managing Expectations: Hiring Freelancers and Subcontractors

Here’s a familiar scene for many of us: you’re sitting at your desk, staring at your overflowing inbox. The proofs, copyedits, and project briefs start swimming in front of your eyes. It’s official–you need help to get it done.

It may be time to hire a freelancer or a subcontractor. They can be the answer to your prayers: highly effective, competitively priced, and wonderfully flexible. But, that’s only if they’re good. They can also be very, very bad.

Why Single Mothers are the Real Creative Directors

When you hear the word ‘creative’ who is the FIRST person you think of? Maybe you think of a painter, a hip-hop artist or even a comedian? Maybe Kanye West is the first person that pops in your head or perhaps Louie C.K.

Having done stand-up for seven years and venturing into the new world of copywriting, I have had the chance to interact and meet with some extremely creative people. People whose minds churn out ideas for great punch lines, witty banner ads and campaigns that you sing in your head.

But maybe, just maybe… the most creative people on this planet don’t come with the sexy title of Creative Director or Chief Creativity Officer. Maybe the most creative people have the least glamorous job. Maybe they have no choice BUT to be creative. Who am I talking about? The creative architects known as single mothers.

You’ll Die Over These Zombie Vector Elements!

Zombie Vectors “Zombies,” you screamed! “Give us zombies!” Well, here they are! Cleveland Heights artist Justin Will is trick and treating us to a delightfully devilish vector pack, filled with 13 elements perfect for the Halloween holiday. But, let’s admit…

How Designers Use Social Media

How These Designers Used Social Media to Expand Their Reach, Take On the World

These days, you can’t go anywhere without noticing someone staring at their phone, laptop or tablet. Most of the time spent on these beloved devices is on social media like Instagram and Facebook. Social media runs a large part of the public’s everyday lives and many choices are made by the content they see. Why not use social media to your advantage as a designer to get your work out to more prospective clients? Here are some designers who took to the web in order to broaden their reach and made a name for themselves in cyberspace.

iconic t-shirt design

Seven Questions to Ask Yourself When You Want to Create an Iconic T-Shirt Design

It seems like everyone is creating a t-shirt line these days. But creating a great t-shirt design is an art few can master. Luckily, the team here at Cleveland graphic, logo, web design studio Go Media has a rich background in apparel design to draw from, as do friends of Go Media, designers Herman Lee, Ed Pincombe and Dan Byler of Jakprints.

Today, we are sharing 7 questions to ask yourself when you aim to create your next tee design. Like any other project, you want to concentrate on designing “an iconic graphic that leaves a great impression to the viewers through all different kinds of medium,” reminds Lee. But when dealing with apparel, your own set of questions will arise.

Kickin' it with Kenny

We Came, We Saw, We Kicked it With Kenny

Kickin’ it with Kenny Our design conference, Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 6 was filled with memories so warm and wonderful we’ll be riding high off of them all year long. One such memory that will live in our hearts forever…