Brand Marketing 101 for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Brand Marketing Strategy A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of forgoing brand marketing and branding strategy during the early stages of their startup’s development and set-up. Most business owners tend to focus more on the product, and even though…

Website Design Trends 2019

7 Latest Website Design Trends to Follow in 2019 to Keep Up with the Modern Market

Writing and Graphic Design Hero

Highlighting the Importance of Writing for a Designer

graphic design jobs

Graphic Design Jobs: Where to Find Your Dream Career Online

Seeking employment in the field of graphic design? When you’re looking for a new start, LinkedIn, Indeed, Simply Hired, Glassdoor, and Monster aren’t your only options. There are several sites that can connect you to your next freelance gig or…

Must Have Apps 2019

Seven Must-Have Apps Before Your Next Business Trip

Must Have Apps for 2019 to Download Before Your Next Trip Seasoned travelers know you can do a lot of little things to make being away from home more comfortable. You can follow tips to pack lighter, such as rolling…

graphic design portfolio examples

Graphic Design Portfolio Examples to Inspire You + Important Tips

Newly graduated? Actively seeking employment in the field? Super comfortable in your current position? No matter what your status, the Go Media team suggests you regularly work to keep your design portfolio up-to-date. Seasoned designers, we know that this task…

Remote Graphic Design Team Management

Remote Effectiveness: 4 Ways to Work Effectively with a Fully Remote Graphic Design Team

Remote Graphic Design Team Management & Collaboration Sometimes it seems that everyone is working remotely these days. If you are a millennial, this is probably not news to you, but if you happen to be older and unaccustomed to working…

Designers collaborate with AI for better UI/UX

AI in Design When you hear artificial intelligence (AI) discussed in the news, it’s usually related to new technical achievements in how large sets of data can be organized and understood. But the value of AI goes beyond just data…

Salary guide for a Graphic Designer in 2019

Eight Business Mistakes to Be Aware of After Your First Year

Hiring a Professional Logo Designer

7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Logo Designer

Before and After Comparisons of Famous Logo Redesigns

Why Your Business Should Consider Investing in Influencer Marketing

Creative Social Media Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today

Creative Social Media Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today

Marketing Strategies for Freelance Designers

7 Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Freelance Graphic Design Business

Seo Automation Activities

The Key SEO Activities You Should Automate

Resources to Help You Learn Design

10 Great Resources to Help You Learn Graphic Design in 2019

Graphic design is a challenging, competitive, and exciting discipline that lets you express your creative side. For example, making your own book covers, company newsletters, or social media profile headers can be a lot of fun, even if you don’t…

How to Monitor and Measure Your Content Marketing Performance

Measuring the efficacy of your content marketing efforts isn’t something you can just do on the fly. A lot goes into making content marketing measurable. In this plain-speak, non jargon post, we will take a look at how one can…

Inspiring Graphic Designers 2019

4 Designers We Can All Learn From

Inspiring Graphic Designers 2019 Designers get into the field because they love creating something from nothing and making beautiful, aesthetically pleasing designs. Over time, however, skills build, and designers expand and improve their work. One of the best methods for…

Six Design Trends Your Business Cannot Afford to Ignore

In modern design fields, it’s no longer acceptable to be average. That’s not to say it was ever acceptable in the first place but doing so now can have much more significant consequences on your business and clients. You see,…

Becoming a Professional, Freelance Artist

How to Become A Professional Artist with Lindsey Jo Scott Have you had to urge to leave your full-time position and pursue your love of art full-time? Today, with the help of local artist, Lindsey Jo Scott, we explored what…

Growing Your Small Business: 14 Questions for Entrepreneurs

Growing Your Small Business: 14 Questions for Entrepreneurs

Why You Need to Start Using Apples Keynote

You probably had to create a presentation of some kind at least a couple of times in your life. Remember how everyone tried to be witty, innovative and smart in school with cool templates, fonts and animations in their presentations?…

Create an Online Marketing Plan that Will Grow Any Business

Every 21st-century business hell-bent on making a name for itself in the competitive marketplace needs a strong marketing plan. There is no way around it, if you’re not online and utilizing the power of digital marketing to reach audiences across…