8 Significant Elements Your E-Commerce Site Needs To Increase Conversions

How to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate Setting up and maintaining an e-commerce site is no joke. It can be very difficult to draw in clients and ensure they proceed with a checkout. Many people simply add items to cart and…

How to Design Websites with Awesome Chatbots: Avi Ben Ezra of SnatchBot Explains

Free Lightroom Presets Pack

Free Lightroom Presets Go Media is so excited to release its first pack of Free Lightroom Presets! This pack is filled with 10 Lightroom Preset Essentials, including the fundamental resources you will need to get started processing your images with…

Mobile SEO Rules You Need to Remember When Designing an App

How to Run a More Productive and Efficient Tech Company

how to get hired as a graphic designer

How to Get Hired to Do the Design Work You Want to Do

How to Get Hired as a Graphic Designer (to Do the Work You Want to Do) When going through the hiring process here at Go Media, we see a lot of portfolios. Some are good, some are bad, very few…

Join us for a Designer Hangout with Wesley Hoffman, founder of Treehouse Networkshop

Hey Arsenal Subscribers and friends of the Arsenal, Every month, we meet on Google Hangouts, along with a special guest, to talk shop and give advice on all things design/entrepreneurship. This month, our special guest is Wesley Hoffman, founder of…

The Ultimate Website Marketing Strategy to Increase Conversions

Your Website Marketing Strategy: Modern businesses simply need a working and well-designed website to operate. Consumers nowadays rely on the Internet to do their research and their shopping. In order to be available to their customers, online businesses need a…

Website Design for Welding Company by Go Media in Cleveland

Portfolio Spotlight: Akron Welding Website and Branding Project

Akron Welding The Akron Testing Laboratory & Welding School is a family owned and operated business that has been in existence since 1965. ATW serves its local community with a goal of sharing the knowledge and expertise of master welders…

how to create engaging content

How to Create More Engaging Content for the Web

How to Design Your Own Apparel

3 Tips for Designing Printed Apparel with Dan Byler

Tips for How to Design Your Own Apparel In today’s video, we introduce you to Dan Byler, Business Development Guru at Jakprints. Jakprints is a premier print shop here in Cleveland with over a decade of experience in online printing. They specialize…

What is real time technology

How Real-Time Technology Has Changed the Way We Do Business

What is real time technology & how has it changed the way we do business? Real-time technology is exactly what it sounds like — data that changes what we do at the moment we do it. With the rise of…

How to Design an Inspiring Poster - 5 Tips from Go Media

Finding Inspiration for Your Next Poster Design (& a Few Freebies to Help You On Your Way)

How to Design an Inspiring Poster – 5 Tips from Go Media Hey designers, one of the topics you come to us most about is finding inspiration for your next graphic design poster. So today, we are giving you five…

Simple Packaging Design Inspiration 2018

Simple but Sweet Packaging Designs that are Making us Smile

Simple Packaging Design Inspiration 2018 When you are designing packaging, you want your customer to feel like they are opening a present on Christmas day. But over design and you’ll take away from what’s inside. Here are some simple yet…

Louis Vuitton Logo

The Iconic History Behind the Louis Vuitton Logo

Approaching Your Design work with Jon Phenom

3 Tips to Approaching Design Work with Jon Phenom

Tips for Designing Your Own Patches with Patch Superstore (+ How to Get a Free One)

This month, we are all about patches, as we are giving away incredible Arsenal patches to our current Arsenal subscribers and anyone who subscribes to the Arsenal membership in May ’18. If you don’t know about the Arsenal Membership, it’s…

Knowing your Target Audience

How to Create the Website Your Target Audience Wants to Visit

Knowing your target audience impacts the way you approach the content on your site, but it should also shape every other element as well. Since a mere 22 percent of businesses say they are happy with their conversion rates, focusing…