WMC 6 Go Media Podcast Interviews: Michael Rivette, Christina Sharp, JP Boneyard, and Jordan Schiller of Real Thread

Go Media Podcast Time!

In this episode, Bryan and Heather sit down with speakers Michael Rivette, Christina Sharp, and JP Boneyard, as well as sponsor and panelist, Jordan Schiller from Real Thread to talk about what they’re most looking forward to at this year’s WMC Fest 6.

The Branding Process: 4 Steps to Success

Logo Design vs. Branding – what’s the difference?

Your Favorite Mockup App Back: Mockup Everything’s May Templates are Here!

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Mockup Everything your favorite way to mockup designs in an instant (without fancy software like Photoshop) & Go Media, Cleveland’s best Graphic Design firm is here with 6 brand-new templates.

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Your Favorite Mockup App Back: Mockup Everything's May Templates are Here!

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Have an eCommerce Site? Make Sure it has these 3 Key Elements:

You Asked, We Answered.

How Do I Improve My eCommerce Site? 

We all want to see more traffic and conversions on our ecommerce sites, right? Of course! This even includes all of us at Cleveland Design firm, Go Media.

With numerous tricks and tips swarming the web, knowing what, when, and how to make those improvements can be overwhelming.

Today, let’s start from square one and make sure we all have these three fool-proof elements, all of which can be accomplished this afternoon. Let’s get to it!

1. A Very Obvious & Enticing Email Sign-Up

Did you know that only 1 to 3% of people that land on your website will actually make a full and complete sale? Frightening, huh?

Panic not, dear friends. As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” In order to build trust and, in a sense, convince customers that your product is worth what you claim it is, add a simple email sign-up to your page.

Think of this simple email opt-in as a customer’s small commitment to you. A baby step if you will. The next step may be reading your email, the following step considering a purchase. Then, perhaps, after days, weeks, even months, a final sale. These are all very important baby steps in what will hopefully be a long and happy relationship between you and your customer.

Now, many of you have an email sign-up on your page – but today, let’s make it both:

  • Obvious and
  • Enticing

Offer up an incredibly irresistible reason for your visitor to want to enter their name into the “Enter your email address here” box. This could be a freebie of which dreams are made or an exclusive coupon.

We recommend using:

Entice your audience and they’ll likely sign up for your newsletter. Shout-out Dustin Lee.


2. A Clear Call to Action

Call to Action is another phrase for, “This is what the heck you are supposed to do here.” Or, as Wikipedia more eloquently states, a banner, button or some type of graphic or text on a website meant to prompt a user to click on it…an essential part of marketing…that actively strives to convert a user into a lead and later into a customer.”

Here are some really effective Call to Action Examples >

Pencil by FiftyThree
The bright “Buy Now” button makes things crystal clear.
Square's "Get Started" button is plain and simple.
Square’s “Get Started” button leaves no doubt in the mind of the visitor.
Basecamp wipes away all the clutter and gets to the heart of the matter.
Basecamp wipes away all the clutter and gets to the heart of the matter.

Today, ensure that:

    1. You have a Call to Action to begin with
    2. Your Call to Action is dummy proof (People will undoubtedly click on it.)
    3. It is above the fold (ie. the portion of the site immediately visible when the page first loads).

To test that your call to action is working, use a heat map, through:

to make sure your visitors are really clicking that “big red button,” so to speak.


3. Live Chat!

Interact with your customers live and in the flesh (well, almost) when you install live chat on your ecommerce website. Live chat serves as a great customer service tool, allowing you to know your customer and their needs on a more intimate level. Live chat also connects you with your customer so that they can view you as a real live human being, instead of a nameless, faceless entity. Once they know you and come to understand your product, they’re more likely to buy from you. It’s as simple as that.

We recommend:

Talk to the people!
Talk to the people!

What tips and tricks have you used to improve your eCommerce site? Please share your knowledge with me in the comments below!

The Wait is over! This is Dirty: From Sketch to Vector Illustration Video Tutorial is Here!

From Sketch to Vector Illustration Video Tutorial

The wait is finally over.

The long awaited, highly anticipated video tutorial by Cleveland brand design services guru & Go Media President William Beachy, is finally here. Based on his wildly popular blog post, From Sketch to Vector Illustration, “This is Dirty: From Sketch to Vector Illustration Video Tutorial,” is an intimate look into Bill’s design process.

{Whoops! Somehow missed the popular “From Sketch to Vector Illustration post? Check it out here.}

“This is Dirty,” is a compilation of all Bill has learned over twenty years as an illustrator, designer and entrepreneur.

I want it now.

You’ll spend an intimate 1 hour, 11 minutes with Bill, pouring over an illustration he has created specifically for this tutorial. Bill gives you a raw, rare look into his process from start to finish. Giving away all of his secrets, tips, tricks and talents, Bill shares the resources you’ll need to follow along and includes the following recommendations/information:

The Staedler Mars mechanical pencil and sharpener
Eraser of choice
The pros and cons of hard vs. soft lead
Preferred paper type

Drawing (Pencil Sketch)
Getting into the right head-space
Getting your arm loose
Why starting with rough sketches is so important
Getting started
Having proper expectations of yourself
Being flexible while drawing
Drawing using basic geometrical shapes
Drawing the human face
Developing a series of cheats to draw
Shading – how much black vs. white
Using reference materials

Equipment specifications
Scanning specifications

(Vector) Inking
Equipment and software specifications
Dell(PC) vs. Apple
Mouse vs. Wacom
Nodes and bezier lines
Setting up your layers
Setting up gradients and picking colors
Inking options
Creating shapes in Illustrator
Cross hatching

Photoshop vs. Illustrator
Setting up your layers
Process strategy
Highlights and secondary light source
Adding Shadows
Adding a texture

What you receive with the download:

  • Extended Tutorial (MP4 Video)
  • Blue Concrete Square texture (jpeg)
  • This is Dirty Illustration (pencil art)
  • This is Dirty Illustration Version 1 (jpeg)
  • This is Dirty Illustration Version 2 (jpeg)
  • This is Dirty Illustration – Final (AI File)

Yes. Let’s do this!

We can’t wait to see what you create! Share your work with us over at our Flickr Pool Showcase.

7 Reasons You Need to Attend Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 6

Best Design Conference 2015

This, above all summers, is the one to head to our annual creative conference, Weapons of Mass Creation Festival. Why? Well, now that we’re in our sixth year, we feel like – more than ever – there’s something to prove. We want to tell the world that WMC Fest is indeed a movement in the making – one dedicated to providing opportunities for attendees to grow and challenge themselves at every turn. Not only are we upgrading our venue this year – but every aspect of our programming.

Buy Tickets Now!

Umm…what? (Gasp!) You’re not convinced yet?

Here are 7 Reasons You Need to Attend WMC Fest 6:

1. Education You Can Apply Immediately

We’re not talking some lecture line-up snooze-fest here. Quite the contrary. Talks, panels and workshops are known industry wide for an authenticity and digestibility that is purely WMC. You’ll leave the Allen Theatre completely inspired by creative and entrepreneurs you follow on Behance, Dribble. Design legends – like Michael Bierut, Debbie Millman, Mark Brickey and Aaron Sechrist – aka OkPants, you follow on Twitter. You’ll hear their stories – challenges, triumphs. They’ll unselfishly share secrets of their success and teach practical knowledge you’ll be itching to put into practice immediately.



| I mean...|
| I mean…|

2. Geek Out

Let’s be honest, as designers, developers, entrepreneurs, creatives – we proudly obsess over everything that we do. WMC Fest 6 is the perfect opportunity for a three day geek out sesh about all that is graphic design, art, entrepreneurship, leadership, productivity, creativity and more. Not only will you be on the edge of your seat during talks, attend panels and workshops, but you’ll have loads of face to face time with all the folks you have always dreamed of meeting. New friends that will soon be sitting right across from you, ready to share a Parmageddon with fries.

3. Awe-Inspiring Events and Experiences

Since our talks, panels and workshops will be incredibly hard to leave (never mind the Allen Theatre’s plush seats), we’ve built in several breaks during the three day weekend. These breaks will ensure you get some sustenance as well as provide you with some awe-inspiring special event awesomeness.

Friday, we’ll kick off the fest with our Cleveland Design Studio tour, which will take you and 29 lucky attendees* around to local design studios in our great city (including our own, Go Media). Favorite past dynamic events, including live art battle Ink Wars and the Go Media Podcast, will also be returning to the fest. We’ve got some other surprises built into the action. We can’t give all of our surprises away now, can we?

Apply to Participate in Ink Wars>


4. Hands-On Experiences

Our Vendor Village has also been given more focus so this year so that the conversation can start right outside of the theatre. We’re also incorporating a new, fully immersive experience in our Maker Station, that will allow you to get your hands dirty and create while interacting with vendors like never before.


5. “We’re” Hiring

Our vendor village will be swarming with design studios and agencies who are begging for great talent to fall into their laps. Come prepared for our portfolio review, which will be held during the fest. This will be run by your friends at Go Media and other professionals in our industry. Check it out – you could leave the three day weekend not only completely inspired, but with the job of your dreams as well.


6. Cleveland Really Does Rock

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Cleveland really does rock. And this year, more than ever before, we’re celebrating this, the city that we love. After all, our venue, the Allen Theatre, is right in the heart of downtown Cleveland and in the largest performing arts center in the United States (apart from New York City). And we’re beneath the largest outdoor chandelier in the nation. (I mean, that’s just kinda fun). Plus, although Cleveland’s always been in our hearts, it’s finally being recognized by the rest of the world. And this year – we promise you’ll be able to see why.


7. The WMC Fest Community Needs You

The single important element of WMC is not the speakers, or the art battles, or even great design. WMC Fest is truly about our community. The community who comes together annually to celebrate art, design, success, failure, inspiration, entrepreneurship and a collective drive to create. Don’t forget that you are a very important part of that community.

We need your presence and voice to move this thing forward. To make it better.

Join us. This very inspiring message was brought to you by Go Media, the patron saints of inspiring web design

Buy Tickets Now!

* Attendance to our design tour is limited. Separate fee is required. More information coming to wmcfest.com soon.

Thank You to our Sponsors




From Sketch to Vector Illustration Video Tutorial

The Tutorial you’ve been waiting for is finally upon us.



Long awaited, highly anticipated.

Our newest tutorial on the Go Media Arsenal release is based on Go Media President William Beachy’s wildly popular blog post on our ‘Zine, From Sketch to Vector Illustration.

This is Dirty: From Sketch to Vector Illustration Video Tutorial is an intimate look into Bill’s design process.

Included in this 1 hour, 11 minute intimate instructional tutorial:

* All the resources you’ll need to follow along including: the extended tutorial (mp4 video), textures, pencil art, jpeg illustrations and AI illustration file

* Bill’s tips and tricks on >

– Supplies (the Staedler Mars mechanical pencil and sharpener, eraser of choice, the pros and cons of hard vs. soft lead, preferred paper type)

– Drawing (Pencil Sketch) (Getting into the right head-space, getting your arm loose, why starting with rough sketches is so important, getting started, having proper expectations of yourself, being flexible while drawing, drawing using basic geometrical shapes, drawing the human face, developing a series of cheats to draw, shading – how much black vs. white, using reference materials)

– Scanning (equipment specifications, scanning specifications)

– (Vector) Inking (Equipment and software specifications, Dell(PC) vs. Apple, Mouse vs. Wacom, nodes and bezier lines, setting up your layers, setting up gradients and picking colors, inking options, creating shapes in Illustrator, cross hatching)

– Coloring (Photoshop vs. Illustrator, setting up your layers, process strategy, highlights and secondary light source, adding shadows, adding a texture)

Stay tuned to this spot, as well as to our Arsenal to find out when and how you can buy this product.

WMC Fest 6 Poster Design Process: An Inside Look (Part II)


Hello, again! In Thoughts Behind the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 6 Poster, I went over my process of researching, note taking, and inspiration hunting for the creation of this year’s event poster. Welcome to part II, in which I will go through my steps of making the poster, from sketches to the final design.

Before I start drawing, I need to be aware of what I’m visually aiming for. This year’s Cleveland design fest is slightly more upscale than the previous ones, yet it will still carry that grassroots, inspiration-driven, draw-lots-of-cool-shit feel. I must ensure this is visually represented. Therefore, the illustration should be ornate, but not so decorative that the fest is mistaken as uninvitingly sophisticated and elitist. It is a premier event, but an warm, inviting one that emphasizes inspiration and community. Okay, I’ve figured out the personality of the poster, now onto picturing the subject matter. An astral-projected, cosmic, robot Buddha is not an something I admittedly imagine everyday (and maybe I should). So it is difficult to envision what something like this would look like all at once (especially since the subject is mechanized). In figuring this all out bit by bit, I chose to start with the head.

WMC Fest 6 Poster - 2

Buddhist imagery shows this deity with a divine crown, prayer beads, and multiple faces, so I decided to utilize those elements. At first, I was thinking of having its face look like something from Transformers or Gundam, but then settled on a monitor-esque head. This works better in my aim to reference technology and the computer. You’ll notice that I only drew half of the face. Drawing perfect symmetry can an absolute pain, so to speed up the process (and not lose my mind obsessing over perfection), I sketched the one half, flipped, and merged it with the other in Photoshop. Once you have drawn the one side, you also have the other completed, resulting in complete and symmetrical form. (Two birds, one stone.)

WMC Fest 6 Poster - Sketch 3

With the head and torso drawn, I then illustrated the arm(s) and lower portion of the figure. I also added this adorning, flowing fabric to help imply the Buddha’s divinity and presence as a cosmic entity.

WMC Fest 6 Poster - Sketch 4

Depicting the rest of the leg and hand was next. Take note that I am drawing, scanning, and then drawing more of the figure. Again, I do this to maintain symmetry while it also it allows me to hone in on specific parts, yet make steady progress. When tasks are broken down into smaller, unintimidating steps, a lot can be accomplished.

WMC Fest 6 Poster - Sketch 5

Bam! The sketch of the main body is now done.

WMC Fest 6 Poster - Sketch 6

Because I’m depicting a robot subject, I want the line work to be clean and uniform. Therefore, the figure is then re-illustrated in Adobe Illustrator. Hello, pen tool (my best friend).

WMC Fest 6 Poster - IMG 7

The line work made in Illustrator is printed out so I can draw on half of the first set of arms. I’m not sure yet what specific art tools I want to include in the hands, so I only draw the handles. Things can always be edited – added in or taken out.

WMC Fest 6 Poster - IMG 8

On the right (faintly shown), is the copied, flipped, and aligned half of the first set of arms, completing the left and right side of the first set of arms. Art tools are drawn in on both sides. The left side shows the beginning of the SECOND set of arms.

WMC Fest Poster - IMG 9

The last set of arms is finished off with the art tools drawn into the hands. Our tiny, yet powerful artist is also depicted.

WMC Fest 6 Poster - IMG 10

Back in Illustrator, the omnipotent force of creativity is completed. Floating outside of the artboard are some extra paths and shapes, un-outlined and editable (just incase). The cosmic robot Buddha is the star of the show, therefore most of the work is now done. The artboard is changed to the size of the poster, a green background is placed in, the color of our small heroic artist is changed to make him or her stand out, and the deity of artistic brilliance is set to a celestial gold (same gold of the “6” in this year’s WMC logo).

WMC Fest 6 Poster - IMG 11

Add a little ornamentation, the type, and it’s done!

There you have it, a step-by-step on how the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 6 poster was created. So buy your tickets and get ready to talk about art stuff and designy things, all while high-fiving and being inspired! Can’t wait to see you all at this year’s WMC Fest!

WMC Fest 6 Poster Design Process: An Inside Look


I had the honor of designing the poster for this year’s Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. For those who do not know, I am a recent addition to the Cleveland Graphic firm, Go Media and WMC Team, and when I started in February, I thought I would be working alongside the other designers in creating the promotional material for WMC. Nope. Instead: “It’s all you. We’re excited to see what you come up with.” Entrusting me with such important work had me both fired up and terrified. With the event poster being one of the first things needed done, I hit the ground running. One thought continuously played in my head: This poster needs to kick some serious ass.

Like with any design problem, starting with research is a good idea. I dug up the past WMC Fest promotional material, taking notes on aesthetic similarities and differences with each year. I also needed to understand the overall “feel” of the event, so I decided to chat with Chris, Aaron and Carly to receive some insight. The three of them wonderfully shared their past experiences at WMC, what it meant to them, as well as their opinions on this year’s event and the new changes it’s undergoing.



(Please excuse random doodles.)

With Jeff Finley stepping down, Heather Sakai stepping up, and a new venue ready to go, this year’s fest is bound to be a little different. With this in mind, I wanted to create a design that heralded the debut of Weapons of Mass Creation Fest Six. Yes, we are stepping up our game with a more sophisticated location. And yes, we are aiming to make WMC Fest more dynamic and inclusive by featuring creatives who are not necessarily just designers or illustrators. But above all, it is our every intention to preserve the tradition of being that grassroots-originated, premier art and design conference, focusing on community, encouraging others and defying the hand that is dealt.

I now had a more defined problem: What can I create that announces this year’s exciting changes, yet stays true to the WMC’s punk rock beginnings and foundational principles of inspiring and enabling the creative mind?

Because WMC Fest has a strong history of featuring illustration, I wanted the poster to pay tribute to that tradition by having it be detailed and illustrative, a piece that the viewer could spend time with. After perusing the internet, searching for inspiration from gig posters (which illustration has a heavy presence in) and anything related to design conferences, I arrived to the idea of using the image of Buddha.



More specifically the Thousand-Armed Buddha. According to Buddhist texts, this deity embodies the compassion of all Buddhas, having a crazy amount of arms to reach out to all sentient beings whom are in need of aid. From this I liked the imagery of multiple hands holding art tools, representing immense creative power. Also, the themes of compassion and helping others are parallel with WMC Fest’s philosophies of being a force of inspiration, support and encouragement.

Alright, cool, now I have a concept to work from. However, I did not want to lazily replicate (and bastardize) such a sacred figure by just depicting Buddha holding some paint brushes and pencils. I instead wanted to  take that idea and expand upon it, resulting in a poster that is original and true to the WMC spirit. So I began to think about the term “Weapon of Mass Creation” and what it meant to me. For many of you who don’t know me or have not seen my work, galvanizing encouragement and invincible optimism have been major themes of my art. I am in love with the archetype of the “small” conquering the overwhelmingly “big.” (This concept was translated into large paintings I created in 2013 – The Power of Smallness.) I believe that being a Weapon of Mass Creation, specifically the concept of defying the hand that is dealt, very much relates to the universal experience of feeling inadequate, yet growing, pushing through, and achieving all that is enormous. Great! Another piece was added to the puzzle: the depiction of the seemingly small artist releasing the magnificently colossal creative drive that is within. So what would that look like?

An astral-projected, cosmic, robot Buddha (boy, that’s a mouthful). Of course.


(Robot reference photos)

Yes, a cosmic robot Buddha. But why the portrayal as a robot? There are several reasons, however the most honest one is that I freakin’ love robots. They’re super rad. But a more justifiable reason is that I wanted it to reference the computer and technology, which have had revolutionizing roles in art and design. The robot subject also works quite well for an illustrative poster – lots of lines detailing its mechanized form. Lastly, the notion of robots has strong ties with childhood (especially in the ‘80s and ‘90s) and the youthful imagination. They are the tools in taking on huge challenges – “I’ll just get into my super powerful, giant robot to fight the bad guy.” Perhaps we lose some of that wide-eyed, wonder-filled, childlike drive when we get older. But that does not mean it is completely gone.

So get ready to revive that drive and celebrate imagination at this year’s Weapons of Mass Creation Fest!

Continue reading “Creating the WMC Fest 6 Poster tomorrow to see the steps of how this year’s event poster was created.

Freebie: Vector Hand Drawn Elements

Coming to you, live, from the Go Media Arsenal – Hand Drawn Elements!

Elements preview

Download the Hand Drawn Elements Vector Freebie

This hand drawn vector pack has so many small details to choose from (52 if you want to get technical), you’ll want to fill your next project to the brim with them. With line flourishes and plant details, this little freebie has plenty of things that you didn’t even know were missing from your repertoire.

Download the Hand Drawn Elements Vector Freebie now and get to making some more wonderful things!


Want more freebies? Check out this freebie on the arsenal!