Cleveland Browns New Logo 2015 Branding: William Beachy of Go Media Weighs In

“New” Browns Logo Leaves Cleveland Graphic Designers Deflated

Go Media Cleveland Creative Studio: Our 2014 in 3 Minutes

Go Media Cleveland Creative Studio: Our 2014 in 3 Minutes Go Media is so much more than a creative studio. Small in number, we are mighty in what we set out to achieve each and every year – from our…

Go Media’s 1st Annual Best of Cleveland Design Awards

Racial Diversity in Graphic Design: a Panel Discussion

Racial Diversity in Graphic Design: a Panel Discussion Weapons of Mass Creation, a design, art and music festival held annually in Cleveland, Ohio, takes great pride in being a festival characterized by it’s dedication to diversity. This past year in particular, 2014,…

F#@% your Function, Find your Fire

Before diving into my position to Go Media, I knew the basics of personal branding.

My understanding went something like this:

1. Figure out who you are

2. Package it up nice and neat

3. Show it off to the world

How to do all those things, I must admit, was a little vague—until now. Let’s just say, I’ve just been enlightened by Michael Cavotta, certified personal brand strategist and professional headshot photographer. As it turns out, there’s more to it than a shot in the dark and a nice photo.

Ice Bucket Challenge: Go Media Style

Ice Bucket Challenge We were challenged to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and, of course, accepted… with a twist… We challenge our very own Wilson Revehl and our friends at Jakprints to complete the challenge within 24 hours…or…

6 Questions to Consider When Rebranding Your Company

Apparel Design: 120+ Inspirations from Go Media’s Portfolio

Today we’re talking a walk down memory lane, focusing on the t-shirts we’ve passionately designed over the years.

Take a peek at our apparel archive with some images Bill, our President, has collected below.

For more of our work, the best in web, print, branding and illustration, head to!

Best of Graphic Design Conferences 2014: Connect, collaborate and be forever changed: Grab your the ticket to WMC Fest!

When your head is down and nose is to the grindstone, it’s easy to feel disconnected from the world, from your fellow creatives. As projects pile up, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and to even lose that fire you once had as a designer, artist, musician, entrepreneur, maker, doer, dreamer.

What if I told you you have the opportunity to breathe again?

Attend our 5th annual Weapons of Mass Creation Fest (running August 15 – 17) and you’ll experience three days of inspiration on overdrive: three days surrounded by folks just like you, who have all the passion in the world, yearning to become better than they once were. They’ll want to hear your successes, your struggles, to collaborate and connect. They’ll help you see life and work with new eyes. They’ll ask nothing in return.

You’ll never buy big bolts the same way again

We had the opportunity to collaborate with the Umbrella Collective, providing planning, web design and front-end web development for, the web’s first & only site for large-diameter bolts, screws, nuts, and washers and the first of a fastener family that, together, will form an online fastener purchasing destination!

Go Media’s 100+ Must Have Design Resources

One of the top questions we’ve been asked recently is: “What tools, resources and programs do you use in your everyday lives over there at Go Media?”

Our creative studio here in Ohio City is filled with awesome, handy tools that keep us cranking out creativity, programs that keep us organized, and treats that keep our energy pumpin.’

Here’s a list of our favs.

5 New WMC Fest 4 Speaker Videos Released

In the chill of the Cleveland winter, we’re riding on a wave of WMC Fest 4 Speaker videos to keep us warm. Hot chocolate cheers to the release of the next five! Speeches include the talents of Kern & Burn, Jacqui Oakley, Nick Disabato, Jon Contino and Grace Dobush.

Watch them here or for free on our vimeo channel!

On the Map 3 Videos Released!

Go Media proudly calls Cleveland home. Like so many lifelong residents and transplants alike, we revel in the cultural, architectural, and natural amenities our great city has to offer. We see potential in what some would call blight and we recognize opportunity for change and a prime climate for sustainable growth in our local economy.

We not only take great pride in our city, its richness and grit; we celebrate it.

Check out Cellar Door Cleveland’s WMC Fest Disarmed Sessions

Happy New Year from your friends over at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest!

Planning for this year’s event is underway, though we are still basking in the glow of WMC 2013.

Handmade Love: Update

I received many kind words in regards to my recent post, Homemade Love, about my mother’s annual Christmas cards.

These cards were completed each and every Christmas beginning in 1972, the year she and my father were married, up until last year. This year, my father, brother, sister-in-law, nieces and nephew finished the Sakai family Christmas card on her behalf, as she, the glue to our family, passed unexpectedly on October 22nd.

Help Us Share the Love for those in Need: Go Media Launches COSE’s Warm and Bright Campaign

The designers at Go Media are proud to approach each and every project with passion. But we must admit, our ongoing partnership with COSE and specifically, our assistance with the launch of their Warm and Bright campaign, has us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Not only did we have a ball coming up with the festive concepts for COSE, but more importantly, we wholeheartedly support the cause behind the designs. You see, when anyone visits COSE’s Warm and Bright landing page and clicks to share, COSE will donate $1 to families in need.

Go Media Presents: On The Map 3

On The Map 3 is rapidly approaching! Below you can find the official event details in the Press Release, along with a peek behind the scenes of one of the new episodes – A day in the life at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. I hope to see you, our local readers, at the screening Friday, December 6th. And for all our readers, keep your eyes peeled for a follow up blog post that delves into the video creation process. Enjoy!

WMC Fest 4 Speaker Videos Release

We just released the first wave of speaker videos from WMC Fest 2013. Check them out here on the ‘Zine. They are also viewable in HD for free on our vimeo channel!

Included in the first batch are Brandon Rike, Rena Tom with Lisa Congdon, Troy DeShano, Stephanie Landes Burris, and These are Things.

Disclaimer: talks from Troy DeShano and These are Things many bring you to tears! They are examples of the type of humility and honesty we admire in our speakers.

The Challenges and Rewards of Product Photography

Capturing a clean, crisp, accurate image of the work you’ve spent so many hours to achieve is one of the most vital elements of pulling together your portfolio. Miss the mark and you may lose the job.

Since there is so much skill and expertise associated with product photography, unless you are well equipped and well educated, you may be misrepresented. Professional Cleveland photographer and extended Go Media family member Dan Morgan, of Straight Shooter, recommends designers leave it to a professional.

With over 30 years of photography experience under his belt, Morgan has learned to shoot and light every kind of product conceivable. Beginning his career at his father’s photography business, Morgan Studio, Dan has worked for the likes of Bonne Bell, Sotheby’s in New York and Kate Spade. He has photographed everything from the jewelry Marilyn Monroe and Katharine Hepburn once doned to fishing lures and Ferraris. Dan has come to specialize in shiny objects, arguably one of the most difficult products to shoot.

Dan talks to us today about some of the challenges he has faced as a product photographer, as well as some of the tricks of the trade.

Learn How to Build the Design Firm of Your Dreams with Drawn to Business!

Inspired by Weapons of Mass Creation Festival

Weapons of Mass Creation Festival … left us all inspired. We asked you, our readers, to submit art created as a result of your experiences at the Fest. Check out the submissions from these talented folks and submit your own…

An Eye for Design: Building An Affordable Luxury Brand

Kumar Arora is entrepreneur meets designer.

His mother, a student of all things art, and his father a scientist specializing in nano coatings for eyeglass lenses, Arora was surrounded by inspiration. Watching, observing, studying, a student of Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University and an Economics major at the Ohio State University, it seemed as if he was destined to create something big, something of his own one day.

“Rogue Eyewear has been a project well thought out over the years but is finally coming to fruition.”

Dishing on Design with Valerie Mayen of Yellowcake

Skidding across fresh, bright black and white tile, a very exuberant 6 month husky jumped up excitedly to greet me at the door of Yellowcake, recently renovated and expanded Gordon Square boutique. Owner and Cleveland designer Valerie Mayen was quick to follow. “Mango! Get down!”

“Sorry! She gets very excited!”

Inside Yellowcake lives colorful, custom mod women’s coats, dresses and skirts, and the beginnings of a mens line including crisp ties and jackets. All of her designs crafted right here in Cleveland, Ohio, Mayen has had her roots in the city since November of 2011.