Inspirational Illustrators on Instagram

Stop and Follow These Super Fun, Empowering Illustrators on Instagram

Follow these Illustrators on Instagram Hate social media bringing you down? Hate scrolling and slowly feeling down about yourself as the posts roll by? Follow these ten illustrators on Instagram we suggest below and you’ll perk right up. We promise!…

Adobe Illustrator Illustration Tutorial

Tutorial: How to Create a Space Illustration Using Adobe Illustrator

WMC Fest Storytime: Meet Scotty Russell

Meet Scotty Russell of Perspective Collective It’s time for another video! This video is another in a line of shorts introducing you to the speakers who will be presenting at our design, art and music conference, Weapons of Mass Creation Festival. Today’s…

graphic design podcast

WMC Fest Podcast: BF Tag with Hey! Monkey Design’s Lenny Terenzi

Graphic Design Podcast with our Emcee, Lenny Terenzi We are beyond thrilled to announce that Lenny Terenzi, designer, illustrator, screen printer and founder, owner of Hey! Monkey Design Studio, is this year’s Weapons of Mass Creation Fest emcee.

Download of the Day: Abstract Grunge Vector Box Freebie

Inspiration of the Day: 9/28/2016 – All the Kawaii

Creating Learning Material

-Creating Learning Material: A Beginners Guide to Making Educational Content In 2014, back when I lived in Pittsburgh, I received the opportunity to be an art instructor at a community-focused arts organization known as Wash Arts (located in Washington county).…

Color Linework in Photoshop | Design Tip of the Week

Positive and Negative Space in Illustrator| Design Tip of the Week

Watch our WMC Fest 6 Hype Video >> “The Road to WMC – Our Host’s Journey”

Line Variation in Illustrator | Tutorial

Making Perfect Curves in Illustrator | Design Tip of the Week

Tips on Drawing Symmetry | Design Tip of the Week

Tips on Drawing Symmetry I have a hard time drawing things perfectly symmetrical. I mean, really, who doesn’t? Drawing symmetry is tough! We’re not robots with mathematical precision. No worries, here are some quick tips that will surely help. One trick…

The Wait is over! This is Dirty: From Sketch to Vector Illustration Video Tutorial is Here!

WMC Fest 6 Poster Design Process: An Inside Look (Part II)

Design by Go Media: Boss Dog Brewing Co.

Photoshop Drawing Tutorial: Digital Illustration & Drawing Techniques Video Tutorial

Photoshop Drawing Tutorial New year’s resolutions are always thrilling for me. They breathe a sense of new life into both my personal and professional life. In 2015, I have one main goal – to throw every ounce of my soul into design. To dive into…

20+ Holiday Illustration Inspirations

Holiday Illustration Inspiration We’re all about getting into the holiday spirit here at our Cleveland design studio. From stockings to Secret Santa, we’re surrounded by Christmas cheer. But our love of the holidays isn’t limited to the office. It, of course,…

Top Graphic Design Tutorials: Improve Your Skills Now

28 Dynamic Flyer, Poster, Print Illustration Inspirations: Vintage Design by Go Media

Paper & ink are woven into the fabric of Go Media. Dreamers and doodlers, our Cleveland Graphic Design staff believe illustration is one of the quickest, deepest, most meaningful ways to convey your message to the world. Custom Illustration is a…

Illustration Tutorial: “The Man Who Knew It All” Technical Process & Design Philosophy

Today I’m going to be sharing the process I usually go through in creating my illustrations. Not the conceptual process but mostly the technical process. For this tutorial I will be working on a recent illustration for a book on the subject of “The Man Who Knew It All”. I was given this brief and told I have carte blanche to do whatever I wanted. I thought this would be a neat chance to play around with the process itself and use that as the subject matter. In short, peeling back the creative process as the concept of knowledge.

LeBron’s Comeback: How Illustrator Robert Carter Designed the King’s Return to Cleveland

Massive Drawn to Business Price Drop: Build A Million Dollar Business for Less with this Must-Have Resource

Introducing Hand Drawn Lettering Elements: All American Grit

Looking to deliver your client design filled with character and an organic quality only achieved with hand lettering? Lacking the tools or time to do so? You’re in luck. Calligrapher Laura Di Piazza’s first Arsenal product, Hand Drawn Lettering Elements:…