5 New WMC Fest 4 Speaker Videos Released

Round 2 Released!

In the chill of the Cleveland winter, we’re riding on a wave of Go Media’s WMC Fest 4 Speaker videos to keep us warm.  Hot chocolate cheers to the release of the next five!  Speeches include the talents of Kern & Burn, Jacqui Oakley, Nick Disabato, Jon Contino and Grace Dobush.

Watch them here or for free on our vimeo channel!

Included in the first batch are Brandon RikeRena Tom with Lisa CongdonTroy DeShanoStephanie Landes Burris, and These are Things.

Kern & Burn: Quit Jobs. Start Projects

Jacqui Oakley: The Substance of Style

Nick Disabato: Too Uncomfortably Personal to Share at a Professional Conference

Jon Contino: The Rise of the Underdog

Grace Dobush: The Sound of One Man Networking


What did you think? Which video was your favorite? Who moved you? Why? Tell us in the comments below!


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