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We meet again!

Thanks for stopping by to check out this month’s Mockup Everything templates, bringing us up to 201 templates in total! This great news, combined with our now-active transparent background feature and the success of our ongoing Design Battle, has us all giddy.

The folded paper texture pack demo - by The Shop / Simon Birky Hartmann

Paper Textures Tutorial: Adding fake folds to your design in a jiffy with the folded paper texture packs

Go Media Podcast – Episode 23: A Conversation with Mike Jones from

Podcast for Designers – Episode 23: A Conversation with Mike Jones from This month, we sit down with Mike Jones from to talk about the event he co-founded and how Creative South is changing the design community in…

10 Mistakes Freelancers Make and Should Avoid Making Today

New freelancers can run into a myriad of problems. Without the support of a firm, freelancers hold a world of responsibility in their hands. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed right out of the gate. Some of our favorite freelancers are here to remind us that it’s only natural to make mistakes. Take note and try to learn from theirs today.

Tutorial: How to Use your Photoshop Mockup Template from Go Media (A Beginner’s Guide)

Hello Rock Star Designer (your name here),

I believe a celebration is in order.

You have just purchased the World’s Best Templates! Now you can:

Present your design to clients in a realistic, 3D setting on an actual product that has been professionally photographed
Test your product’s market potential as well as explore how it might look before going through the expensive manufacturing process
Impress and entice family, friends and future clients who’ll drool over your designs
Fully customize the appearance of your design and end product
Completely revamp your portfolio
Ain’t messin’ around, are you?

New T-Shirt Vector Pack Release: Produce an exceptional and unique t-shirt design in moments. (Yes, you!)

Hello Designers,

If you’re like me, there are a million things you want to accomplish. Like, today.

But time (and frankly, a tiny bit of skill) have kept me from checking those things off of my ever-growing list.

Until now.

Thankfully, I have some amazing friends who have hooked me up with the tools I need to not only check off my to-dos, but look like somebody who’s somebody doing them too.

And they’re here to help you as well.

Best of Graphic Design Conferences 2014: Connect, collaborate and be forever changed: Grab your the ticket to WMC Fest!

When your head is down and nose is to the grindstone, it’s easy to feel disconnected from the world, from your fellow creatives. As projects pile up, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and to even lose that fire you once had as a designer, artist, musician, entrepreneur, maker, doer, dreamer.

What if I told you you have the opportunity to breathe again?

Attend our 5th annual Weapons of Mass Creation Fest (running August 15 – 17) and you’ll experience three days of inspiration on overdrive: three days surrounded by folks just like you, who have all the passion in the world, yearning to become better than they once were. They’ll want to hear your successes, your struggles, to collaborate and connect. They’ll help you see life and work with new eyes. They’ll ask nothing in return.

The metal dumpster texture pack demo - by The Shop / Simon Birky Hartmann

Texture Tutorial: using metal and rust textures to destroy a design

An Interview with Rock Star Designer Tad Carpenter

He’ll be the last to tell you, but for us here at Go Media, WMC Fest 3 alum Tad Carpenter is a rock star. Designer, illustrator, author and teacher, Tad balances good stuff like brand identity, packaging and book design, illustration and interactive along with his role as Professor at University of Kansas. Surrounded by design (his parents were artists and his wife Jessica a designer, too), Tad creates whimsical, smart and all-around fun for clients like Macy’s, Chronicle Books, MTV, Adobe and Hallmark Cards.

Photoshop Mockup Templates are only $2.99 each!

I know how many grueling hours you put into that design. You’re so super excited that you’re tempted to just send it off to the client as is, amIright?

NO! You’re smarter than that.

Tell me that you have a few moments (and a few dollars) to make that design shine.

I promise it will take your design from ordinary to extraordinary.

The photocopy noise texture pack by The Shop / Simon Birky Hartmann

Texture Tutorial: Aged poster design with the Photocopy Noise Texture Pack

eCommerce Nightmare: How CS-Cart handcuffed us for years and why we switched to WooCommerce

Oh dear, where do I start? I feel like there’s a huge story behind the scenes that we’ve never let our community in on. To be honest, we’re quite embarrassed about it and we’ve been trying to make things right ever since. But I think it’s time to come clean.

TL;DR: We’ve been trying to upgrade our graphic design resource marketplace, the Arsenal since 2010 and have failed miserably due to working with a heavily customized version of CS-Cart which seemingly handcuffed us to their development team. 4 years, headaches, panic attacks and tens of thousands of dollars later we are FINALLY breaking the chains and getting a taste of freedom! We’ve switched our platform over to WordPress and WooCommerce. Wordpress and WooCommerce both happen to also be Go Media’s preferred solutions for so many of our own clients…

So what was the problem?

Packaging Design Inspiration: 50+ Awesome Examples

Here at Go Media, we’re passionate about all aspects of design: web, print, branding and illustration.

Some may say we have too much fun, but we’d disagree. It’s just that we believe it’s really important to love what you do.

Recently, we were tasked with yet another awesome project – packaging design for Dirty Energy, a brand new energy bar packed with all sorts of goodness. We enjoyed building upon its core theme, “built from the ground up,” incorporating earthiness into our design.

How to design a great t-shirt (even with minimal design skills) quickly: The Unleashed T-Shirt Pack by Steve Knerem

In design, it seems, speed and quality rarely go hand in hand.

But there are some instances when you can have it all.

Introducing the T-Shirt Mockup Pack

With our new t-shirt mockup packs, you can design a great t-shirt quickly.


Here’s what happens: we hook you up hard core with all of the artwork and mockup files. You take those files into AI and modify the original illustration (if you so choose). Then, you mockup your design in Photoshop with some of the World’s Best Templates (ours of course). Bada bing, bada boom: you’ve got a t-shirt to call your very own.

You have ultimate creative freedom, giving both you seasoned designers, and those of you with beginner design skills, countless possibilities.

The Number One Myth of Hiring (& How You Can Overcome It)

Hey Go Media Faithful! Here’s another excerpt from my book, Drawn to Business, about the number one myth I’ve found in the hiring process. For more of my insights and actual tools to help you start your own million dollar company, pick up the book as well as its supplemental materials, now available on the Arsenal.

Hold onto Your Hats: the Hat Mockup Template Pack is finally here!

Ready to realistically mockup your designs and impress the hell out of your clients in one fell swoop?

It’s as easy as picking up the Hat Mockup Templates Pack and pop your design on one of our high-quality, lovingly layered, shadowed and highlighted PSDs, including our:

5 Panel Hat
Ball Cap
Cuffed Beanie (Flat View)
Cuffed Beanie (Ghosted, Side View)
Flat Billed Snapback Hat
Pom Pom Beanie
Trapper Hat
Trucker Hat

Witness 20 Creatives Sharing their Struggles and Successes: the WMC Fest 4 Videos

Jeff Finley, founder of WMC Fest, said it best: “Something about the WMC Fest stage, people stand up there and start spilling their guts. It transcends career. They took off their band-aids and showed us all their wounds, and it’s okay because they know they’ll be supported and taken care of. They will be loved.”

Must-Have PSD Mockups: The Paper Mockup Templates Pack is Here!