You’ll never buy big bolts the same way again

Introducing Big Bolts

We had the opportunity to collaborate with the Umbrella Collective, providing planning, web design and front-end web development for, the web’s first & only site for large-diameter bolts, screws, nuts, and washers and the first of a fastener family that, together, will form an online fastener purchasing destination!


Top five reasons to buy from

1. Same-Day Shipping – Who needs a quote? Not you. Pricing is listed on the site and orders ship the same day.

2. No Order Minimum – Go ahead. Buy one bolt or 1,000. The shelves are stocked so Big Bolts can pack and ship in any quantity.

3. Thousands of Quality SKUs To Fit Your Application – Need a Hex Nut or a 12 Point Flange Screw? Look no further. features over 2,000 specialty high-grade precision parts, each selected and certified for strength and grade.

4. Free returns 365 days a year – No questions asked.

5. In-House Gurus – What’s your question? Big Bolts has your answer. Contact our specialists anytime to talk product attributes, performance and operation.

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