How to Design Your Own Apparel

3 Tips for Designing Printed Apparel with Dan Byler

Tips for How to Design Your Own Apparel

In today’s video, we introduce you to Dan Byler, Business Development Guru at Jakprints. Jakprints is a premier print shop here in Cleveland with over a decade of experience in online printing. They specialize in custom full-color offset printing, apparel printing/embroidery and sticker production. Dan really knows his stuff, as evidenced by the video you’ll see below, in which Dan discusses his tips for How to Design Your Own Apparel.

Dan Byler has been happily employed at Jakprints since 2004. He began his career in Apparel Production at Jakprints and over the years worked my way into a Business Development role. He is currently working at the Jakprints Oceanside, California office. He has helped hundreds of clients with thousands of projects during his time at Jakprints.

For more on how to design your own apparel, head to some of our most popular articles on this topic under this category:
How to Start Your Own Clothing Company

Tips for Designing Printed Apparel

To connect with Jakprints, head to: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Google+ | Instagram

Approaching Your Design work with Jon Phenom

3 Tips to Approaching Design Work with Jon Phenom

My Top Three with Jon Phenom

Jon Phenom, apparel designer and brand director for BLVD Supply, has been advising entrepreneurs on how to create and grow their fashion and clothing lines for over ten years. You can find him doling out advice on YouTube, where he has over 425 free videos for designers looking to grow their clothing lines and launch their businesses into the stratosphere.

Jon’s many passions include brand consultation, design and production work, public speaking, and providing online courses to help other designers launch their clothing lines. His Clothing Brand Academy will be launching soon, so stay tuned to learn how to create an original garment design and learn how to successfully launch your own apparel line.


You can find Jon on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as on his Official Site. Make sure to subscribe to his Official YouTube channel now for all of that free knowledge Jon has blessed us with. It’s truly extraordinary stuff.

After you’ve subscribed to Jon’s channel, check out this video he created exclusively for Go Media, where he gives us:

3 Tips to Approaching Your Design Work

How to Launch an Online T-Shirt Business

Keys to Launching an Online T-Shirt Business

How to Launch an Online T-Shirt Business

Here at Go Media, we receive many fantastic emails from fans and friends who are creating their own online clothing businesses. They write with many questions for us – everything from how to get started through how to launch with a bang. We thought we’d take this opportunity to address some of these great questions and give some advice to the best of our ability. Ready? Let’s get started!

Brand, brand, brand.

To have a successful business, you need to build a strong brand. You need to come to understand what you offer that is unlike any other apparel line, who your target customer is and what makes you stand above others. Keep in mind that there are millions of apparel lines out there. Until you have a compelling story line, you’ll be on a road going straight to nowheresville.

Once you have gotten real with yourself, identified your brand and developed your vision, you can begin to create the assets needed for your business, including your mark, logotype, truly unique apparel, ad material, etc.

Pick your pleasure.

Do some research and choose a site (or multiple sites) where you’ll post and sell your designs. Sites like Teespring, Fabrily (Teespring Europe)FreshMonk, Gooten, GearBubble, Teechip and Teezily are ready-to-use platforms that will help you launch your own web-to-print ecommerce business.


Prefer to run your own store? Try to create your own eCommerce website through sites like Shopify, Wix, Squaespace or Weebly. Fulfill orders through a trusted printer (like Jakprints) or fulfillment sites like Printful.

Another option is to work with marketplaces such as Big Cartel, EtsyRedBubble, Amazon, Cafe PressSociety6 and Zazzle. The benefit of this is that the marketplaces have not only tools set in place to get you going in a jiffy, but pre-existing customers who are ready and waiting to take a look at (and hopefully purchase) your work.

You can also try submitting a design to a site like Cotton Bureau, but understand that the acceptance of rejection of your design is solely at the discretion of the site.

Email Marketing Platform MailChimp

Set up all of the accounts.

Stake your claim on all of the social media accounts associated with your new brand. Yep, a Facebook page and Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat accounts, a blog – you name it. You will need these to advertise all of your awesome designs and connect with your ever-growing community, so set them up now and get to work on them when the time is right. Depending on which platform you use, you will also want to set up a Mailchimp account. This will be vital in collecting information from and keeping in contact with customers. Email marketing, after all, is free and one of the best, most targeted ways of marketing available.

In order to keep your finances in order, you may need to get set up with accounts such as Stripe, Square or Paypal.

Nail your photography and copywriting.

Should you need to take your own product photography, make sure it’s on point. Do your research on where it’s being sold, as many retailers will ask for your product to be shot on a plain background. Make sure that you shoot all sides of your product (front, back, various angles and close up shots as needed), so that your customer gets a real life, intimate view of it. Not a professional photographer? iPhones work miracles these days, especially when partnered with time and care.


Better yet, use pre-existing professional, high resolution mockup templates from the ArsenalMockup Everything or Shirt Mockup, to ensure that your customers are seeing your designs displayed on the best of the best.

When writing product descriptions, know your stuff. Order the apparel you’ll be selling and give it a test run. How does it feel in the real world? Is it true to size? Does it shrink after washing? What does your design look like on a classic tee versus a tri-blend tee? Do they fade differently? Is it truly something you’d want to wear?  If not, start from scratch until you find the perfect t-shirt. You know, the one just like your favorite tee you can’t help to wear over and over again.

You’ll need to test your product on family and friends of all sizes and shapes, so this is a great opportunity to get some modelshot photos in. We suggest taking these photos on both white backgrounds and out in the real world.

Do your research! This will take time, but will pay off in dividends.

Once you’ve nailed the best product and understand how it feels, you’ll really need to sell it in your product description. Read other product descriptions until you’re blue in the face. What do they include that appeals to your senses? Include not only a detailed description of your product, but what makes it unique, how it will benefit the user and how it will improve their life. American Giant is doing a fantastic job of this with their “World’s Best Hoodie” campaign. Consider using testimonials here as well.


Ship it out, keep in contact.

If you’re responsible for shipping out your own product, do so without hesitation. We suggest using a scale and label printer from, where you can also print labels. This makes things incredibly simple and allows for the shipment of product immediately. Should you have any difficulty with fulfilling a product or need to delay shipment for any reason, get in contact with your customer immediately and be honest. Customer service is key.

While we’re on the topic of shipping, consider adding your own personal touch when your product is on its way out of the door. Write a personal thank you note to your customer and stop and take the time to make your packaging something to remember.

Get your work out there.

While you’re getting up and running, get your gear out in the real world. Share samples with friends and hit the streets with your designs by participating in flea markets, art shows and other community events where you can sell your merch. Getting your name out will start the momentum you need and can give you some immediate feedback as well.

Be relentless.

Starting any new venture takes tenacity. Instant success isn’t guaranteed. You may fall more times than you’ll step forward. The more you count your failures as learning moments, the more you keep pushing towards your goal, the greater the chance you’ll become known. So keep narrowing in on who you are, what unique gifts you can bring your audience and put your best foot forward always. We believe in you!

iconic t-shirt design

Seven Questions to Ask Yourself When You Want to Create an Iconic T-Shirt Design

Apparel Design

It seems like everyone is creating a t-shirt line these days. But creating a great t-shirt design is an art few can master. Luckily, the team here at Cleveland graphic, logo, web design studio Go Media has a rich background in apparel design to draw from, as do friends of Go Media, designers Herman Lee, Ed Pincombe and Dan Byler of Jakprints.

Today, we are sharing 7 questions to ask yourself when you aim to create your next tee design. Like any other project, you want to concentrate on designing “an iconic graphic that leaves a great impression to the viewers through all different kinds of medium,” reminds Lee. But when dealing with apparel, your own set of questions will arise.

Various tee designs for 410BC by Herman Lee
Various tee designs for 410BC by Herman Lee

Seven Questions to Ask Yourself When You Want to Create an Iconic T-Shirt Design

Have you fully immersed yourself into the project?
Know your audience! Like any great project, put your research in before pencil hits paper. Creating a band tee? Familiarize yourself with the band, fans and the merch referenced in the brief. Listen to their music, read their lyrics and come to know what they’re all about. This should all play into your eventual design. Study the brief, ask lots of questions and make changes based on feedback.

Does it highlight your customer?
Companies like Red Bull and Go Pro have done a wonderful job of making their customers feel like rock stars. Who says your t-shirt design can’t accomplish the same thing?

As Jeff notes in Thread’s Not Dead: The Definitive Guide to Starting a Clothing Line, “People still look at t-shirts as a medium for art and for a message. When you wear a t-shirt with an image or text on it, you’re saying something about yourself. You’re sending a message to all who see it. The message may be simple like, ‘I like this band.’ Or ‘I love New York.’ You might also just think that the style or the imagery represents your interests and makes you feel part of something bigger than yourself.”

Your messaging is powerful and the owner of your tee becomes a part of your brand. What do you want your audience to feel, represent, say?

Bold is Beautiful Design by Go Media's Jeff Finley
Bold is Beautiful Design by Go Media’s Jeff Finley

Does it push the envelope?

As Jeff says in Thread’s Not Dead, “good design will blaze new trails in what people are wearing. A good design pushes boundaries and does things differently. It starts new trend, forges new printing solutions, and advances the industry.” A great example of this is Jeff’s Bold is Beautiful design that people said could never be printed.

Evil Robot Tee by Ed Pincombe
Evil Robot Tee by Ed Pincombe

Is it clear?
“I think a simple, clear concept is most important. Your execution can be detailed and complex but if a viewer doesn’t “get it” in seconds it most likely isn’t going to be that iconic design you are looking for,” says Pincombe.

Various tee designs for Design by Humans by Herman Lee
Various tee designs for Design by Humans by Herman Lee

Does it make great use of space?
“Use the whole t-shirt as your canvas. Your design doesn’t have to be fixated dead center of the t-shirt,” notes Lee.

Bicycle Chef by Johnny Cupcakes
Bicycle Chef by Johnny Cupcakes

Did you logo make a prominent appearance?
Sure, you’d like to get that logo front and center. But placing it playfully is part of the fun.

Have you considered the end product?
The t-shirt should speak for itself. Clean, crisp, simple, memorable, timeless. But think outside the box for a moment. How will you deliver the tee to your customer? Will you create custom tags? Special packaging? Will you include freebies to show you know your customer and their quirks? You’ve gone this far. Knock it out of the park and turn your customer into the brand evangelist you want them to be.

Now go for it!

Once you’ve designed and mocked up your tee, it’s time to put it out there for all the world to see.

Click to discover the World’s Best Mockup Templates

“All of the most iconic t-shirts have one thing in common, notes Cleveland printing company Jakprint’s Dan Byler. “They started with an idea that someone had and that person acted on their idea. Take the plunge and print your shirt.  Yes, it takes time and money to print apparel.  No, it’s not a guaranteed success.  How else are you going to find out if your idea is any good without putting it out there?”


For more on creating an iconic t-shirt and for all you need to know to create a killer clothing line, pick up Thread’s Not Dead: The Definitive Guide to Starting a Clothing Line by Go Media Partner Jeff Finley

t-shirt mockup tool

Our Free Tool Will Help You Create Portfolio Worthy Mockups

Meet T-Shirt Mockup Tool Mockup Everything

What’s better than a portfolio filled with your best work? Not much, we say. After all, you never know when opportunity is going to come a-knocking.

But this, we know, is much harder than it seems. And as you know, the very last thing you want to do is throw work into your portfolio without the utmost care and consideration.

But guess what! If you are having a difficulty finding the time populating your portfolio, we have the perfect solution.

Our free t-shirt mockup tool, Mockup Everything, will add apparel design work to your portfolio, easily and efficiently – with stunning results. Up the anty when you upgrade to our Pro Account, which offers bonuses such as larger image sizes, no watermarks, a transparency option and hundreds of template options (with a growing library).

Try Pro, Free for 7 Days

Make Magic Happen >

1. Head to our t-shirt mockup tool,

t-shirt mockup tool

2. Select from 7 Main Template Categories, then dive deeper to find the template you’d like to use.
Use the Purple “Select a Template” Button to choose your selection.


3. Click on the template (turning it blue) to select a design for your template.  
This design can be minimized, expanded, rotated to fit your design. Use the white button above to change the color of your template. Want your t-shirt color to match your uploaded design? Touch the eyedropper to your design and poof! Use the purple to change the color of your background. Pro Users, click the purple button, then choose the transparent box option to change your background to a transparent png.


4. Crop or just simply continue on to save to your computer. Please note, if you have chosen a transparent background, the screen will go to white briefly while saving.


5. Add it to your portfolio. Last but certainly not least! Post your work. And make sure to share it with us. We’d love to give you a great big like, appreciation, shout-out, tweet, high-five or hug.

Go Media on Behance

Good luck and enjoy Mocking Up Everything!

Tutorial: Pro Tips On Preparing Artwork For T-Shirt Printing

5 Keys to Branding Your Apparel Line Like a Boss (+ 1 Top Secret to a Successful Launch)

New Hoodie Mockup Templates are Here!

Mockup Everything’s Hoodie Mockup Templates

Cleveland graphics company, Go Media, the creators of Shirt Mockup, are proud to bring you Mockup Everything.

Mockup Everything provides an easy-to-use online platform for applying your graphic designs to a growing variety of print products. Since all of the work is done right on our homepage, you need not use any fancy software like Photoshop. Just select your template, choose your apparel or print product color, select your background and press save. The result is a jpeg snapshot to share with your marketplace.

If you’re a Pro Member, you will also be granted the option of saving out transparent png snapshots whenever you choose a transparent background for your mockups.

Mockup Everything is a great way to test your product’s market potential as well as explore how it might look before going through the expensive manufacturing process.

Taking these extra steps in your process will save you from what may have been design disaster. So, what are you waiting for?

Try Pro free for 7 days

We’re proud to introduce the newest in our long list of hundreds of templates!

Check out this month’s releases,

which include 5 new Womens Hoodie Mockup Templates:

Women’s Triblend, Ghosted Side View


Women’s Zipper Hoodie, Ghosted Back, Version 2


Women’s Triblend Zipper Hoodie, Ghosted Front


Women’s Triblend Zipper Hoodie, Ghosted Front, Version 1


Women’s Zipper Hoodie, Ghosted Back, Version 1


Check out the rest of our template library:


Let’s go Mockup Everything!

How to Start Your Own Clothing Company

How to Start Your Own Clothing Company:
a Quick Guide by Your Friends at Go Media

Welcome to the Go Media’s Zine!

Are you a passionate creative, student, designer, entrepreneur?

You’re in the right place.

Inside you’ll find the tools you’ll need to successfully do what you love. We’ll share real-world practical advice, solid business techniques, step-by-step tutorials, as well as educational podcasts and webinars to take you to the next level.

We give all of our secrets away and cultivate an open environment for the sharing of insights and inspiration.

Join us.

When you’re ready, we would also love for you to be a part of our community. Please comment on posts, become an active member of our social media community and/or email to find out ways you can contribute your own designs or tutorials to the GoMediaZine.

Quick Guides

With hundreds of posts in our archives sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. Our Start Here page is a great place to get started. This page holds 7 quick guides to becoming the creative you’ve always dreamed you’d be (brought to you by the best web graphics company in Cleveland, Go Media). You’ve landed on one of these lists so let’s get started, shall we? Read on to learn how you can:

Start Your Own Clothing Company
1. How to Launch a T-Shirt Line in One Day
2. The Fundamentals of Great T-Shirt Design
3. Starting your own shirt line. PART 1
4. Starting your own shirt line. PART 2
5. Apparel Printing: the Designer’s Guide
6. How to Get Your Apparel Line into Retail Stores
7. 15 Awful Mistakes Made by Designers in the Music & Apparel Industry – 1 of 3
8. 15 Awful Mistakes Made by Designers in the Music & Apparel Industry – 2 of 3 
9. 15 Awful Mistakes Made by Designers in the Music & Apparel Industry – 3 of 3
10. Pointers for Designers Working with Apparel Companies 
11. A Designer’s Guide to Pricing
12. How to Charge For Your Graphic Design Work (& Get What You Deserve)
13. 10 Tips to avoid designer’s block
14. How to Win at Design by Humans
15. Apparel Design: 120+ Inspirations from Go Media’s Portfolio
16. 5 Keys to Branding Your Apparel Line Like a Boss (+1 Top Secret to a Successful Launch)

1. Anatomy of a Band T-Shirt 
2. Design Process: “Sick” Metal Band T-Shirt 
3. Tutorial: “Lady Luck” T-Shirt Illustration
4. Go Media’s Rapid-Fire Illustration Technique
5. How to Design Your Own Custom Hoodie
6. Sexy Holiday Vector Pin-Up Girl Technique
7. How to design a t-shirt on a budget and a tight deadline
8. Ornate Lettering Process
9. Designing Ultra SceneXCore Apparel!
10. Beautiful Vector Illustration
11. How to Create Vintage T-Shirt Designs with no drawing ability
12. Pro Tips on Preparing Artwork for T-Shirt Printing
13. Keys to Launching an Online T-Shirt Business

How to Start Your Own Clothing Line: Introducing the Apparel Design Start Here Pack

Start Your Own Clothing Line with Our Apparel Design Start Here Pack

Want to start your own clothing line? Look no further. Your career starts right here with our Apparel Design Start Here pack. The pack is chock full of the industry’s best tips, tricks, strategies, secrets, tutorials, tools, mockups and other essential weaponry you’ll need to go from novice to top dog in days.

We included 6 of our must-have products together, including:

  1. How to Launch Your T-Shirt in Less Than a Day Tutorial
  2. eBook: 15 Awful Mistakes Designers Make in the Music and Apparel Industry
  3. Thread’s Not Dead: The Definitive Guide to Starting a Clothing Line
  4. Men’s Crew Neck Ghosted Templates Pack
  5. Ladies Crew Neck Ghosted Templates Pack
  6. Awakened T-Shirt Design Pack

Only $65 (originally $175)

Take a peek at what’s included:

how to start your own clothing line - tut

Launch Your T-Shirt Line in Less Than One Day Video Tutorial

If you’ve thought about starting an apparel line, or you have one already, I can guess what you’re thinking: It’s just not possible! And yes, there is a huge list of reasons why it’s not possible to do this – and it’s this list that keeps most people from taking the first steps. This video will break down barriers that we all deal with, and show you how to turn your passion into a concept, come up with a logo, create your first line of tees, get them printed, and finally how to market & get your first sale. It is possible to launch a t-shirt design in less than a day.

how to start your own clothing line ebook

eBook: 15 Awful Mistakes Designers Make in the Music and Apparel Industry 

One of the most popular and discussed articles on our blog was this three part series by Jeff Finley about mistakes designers make in the music and apparel industry. We feel it has some great information and we’ve consolidated the material and packaged it into a nice ebook for your convenience.
This 40 page ebook is meant to be a quick read. You can finish it quickly, get inspired, and move on with your day.

how to start your own clothing line ebook 2

eBook: Thread’s Not Dead: The Definitive Guide to Starting a Clothing Line by Jeff Finley 

Learn how to start a clothing line, design better t-shirts, and build a loyal fan base. You can become the next legendary t-shirt designer!

Thread’s Not Dead is the best guide to starting a clothing line. Period.

Written by Jeff Finley of Go Media, learn the secrets and strategies used by the most successful clothing brands.

This download includes:

  • .EPUB (iPad, iPhone, Ipod, Nook)
  • .MOBI (Kindle)
  • .PDF (desktops and tablets)
  • 60 MB of Bonus Files
  • Stock Vectors and Textures
  • T-Shirt Mockup Templates
  • Photoshop Actions and Brushes

Learn how to freelance design for your favorite brands or start your own clothing line. This book covers everything you need to know.

Our goal is to help you create a popular and successful clothing line. Key topics include design, freelancing, band merchandise, personal branding, marketing, sales, printing & production, retail, business strategy, and e-commerce.

The book features contributions from the people behind Threadless, Emptees, DesignByHümans, Big Cartel, I Am The Trend, Go Media, Jakprints, Glamour Kills, Paint the Stars, Cure Apparel, Fright-Rags, and more!

Topics Covered:

  • Freelancing
  • Designing for Tees
  • Design Techniques & Tutorials
  • Printing & Production
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Sales & Fulfillment
  • Going Big-Time
  • Conclusions & Next Actions
  • Case Studies & Interviews

Want to learn more before you buy? This book has its own website with more info on what’s inside.

how to start your own clothing line mens crew neck

Men’s Crew Neck Ghosted Templates Pack

This crew neck t shirt template pack contains 8 regular men’s crew neck t-shirts that are “ghosted”, or appear to have a body shape.  These shirts are squeaky clean (ie, no distressing, like our Distressed Shirt Mockup Templates Pack.) There are four different body shapes, with front and back for each, giving you all of the variety you’ll need. This pack allows total flexibility with the tag. Don’t need it? Click and it’s gone.

All in all you get:

  • Men’s Crew Neck T Shirt Templates (4 front views, 4 back views)
  • PSDs, all shadowed, highlighted, layered and masked for ease of use

how to start your own clothing line ladies crew neck

Ladies Crew Neck Ghosted Templates Pack

This pack contains 6 regular women’s crew neck t-shirts, all of which are are “ghosted”, or appear to have a body shape. These shirts are clean and crisp (without distressing).

Like the Men’s Crew Neck Ghosted Templates Pack, these templates allow total flexibility with the tag – you can turn the tags on or off. 

All in all you get:

  • 6 high-resolution mockup template PSDs
  • All ghosted, including front and back views
  • The masked and layered, fully customizable templates you’ve come to know from us here at Go Media

how to start your own clothing line awakened t pack

Awakened T-Shirt Design Pack

This “new-age” themed custom shirt design includes everything you need to design a great t-shirt. This pack comes with 6 royalty free vector illustrations. They focus on sacred geometry and enlightenment, a bitmapped wing graphic, a tri-blend t-shirt mockup PSD, and the original vector design completed as you see it here. As a bonus, we throw in a free chapter of our popular ebook Thread’s Not Dead: The Designer’s Guide to the Apparel Industry.

The cool thing about these custom shirt designs is you can mix and match all the images to create your own design.

You’ll need vector graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator to use these designs.

You can either use this design as-is without changing a thing or mix and match. We recommend using some of the awesome geometric patterns to create brand new designs.

That wing graphic is so versatile! We could see that being used on many different styles of t-shirt design.

Only $65 (originally $175)

Introducing the Kids’ Apparel Essentials Mockup Templates Pack

Wishes Granted: The Kids’ Apparel Essentials Mockup Templates Pack is Here!

Mock up your designs on all of the essential kids’ apparel and pump up your portfolio in an instant with our newest mockup templates pack.

Buy the Kids Pack Now!

The Kids’ Apparel Essentials Mockup Templates Pack: Kids’ T-Shirt Mockups & More includes 17 high-quality Photoshop templates you’ve come to know and love by your friends here at Go Media’s Arsenal. All for only $35.

Yes, of course.

These kids sweatshirt, hoodie, leotard, tank, thermal, modelshot and t-shirt mockup templates are fully customizable, allowing you to load multiple images onto the apparel pieces, modify the clothing color to whatever you choose and change the background as you wish. The sky is the limit!

Just take me there.

The Goods:

Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Kids Hoodie (Flat Back)
  2. Kids Hoodie (Flat Front)
  3. Kids Leotard (Flat Back)
  4. Kids Leotard (Flat Front)
  5. Kids Sweatshirt (Flat Back)
  6. Kids Sweatshirt (Flat Front)
  7. Kids Tank (Flat Back)
  8. Kids Tank (Flat Front)
  9. Kids Tee Modelshot (Boy)
  10. Kids Tee Modelshot (Girl)
  11. Kids Thermal (Flat Back)
  12. Kids Thermal (Flat Front)
  13. Kids T-Shirt (Ghosted Front)
  14. Leggings (Flat Front)
  15. Leggings (Flat Back)
  16. Kids T-Shirt (Flat Back)
  17. Kids T-Shirt (Flat Front)
Kids Thermal (Flat Back)
Kids Thermal (Flat Back)
Kids T-Shirt (Ghosted Front)
Kids T-Shirt (Ghosted Front)
Kids Hoodie (Flat Back)
Kids Hoodie (Flat Back)
Kids Hoodie (Flat Front)
Kids Hoodie (Flat Front)
Kids Sweatshirt (Flat Back)
Kids Sweatshirt (Flat Back)
Kids Tee Modelshot (Girl)
Kids Tee Modelshot (Girl)
Kids Tee Modelshot (Boy)
Kids Tee Modelshot (Boy)
Kids Leotard (Flat Front)
Kids Leotard (Flat Front)
Kids Leotard (Flat Back)
Kids Leotard (Flat Back)
Leggings (Flat Front)
Leggings (Flat Front)
Leggings (Flat Back)
Leggings (Flat Back)
Kids Sweatshirt (Flat Front)
Kids Sweatshirt (Flat Front)
Kids Tank (Flat Back)
Kids Tank (Flat Back)
Kids Tank (Flat Front)
Kids Tank (Flat Front)
Kids T-Shirt (Flat Back)
Kids T-Shirt (Flat Back)
Kids T-Shirt (Flat Front)
Kids T-Shirt (Flat Front)
Kids Thermal (Flat Front)
Kids Thermal (Flat Front)

Buy the Kids’ Mockup Templates Pack Now!

Design the Perfect Rock and Roll T-Shirt with our Newest Arsenal Release

How to Design the Perfect Rock and Roll T-Shirt

When creating a rock and roll tee, nothing comes to mind more than a perfectly illustrated, bad ass skull and crossbones with snakes and chains thrown in for good measure. Am I right or am I right?

Get ready to craft up your own original masterpiece with a little help from Marketplace Artist, Steve Knerem, rock and roll tee expert. Steve has created this, the Skull and Snake T-Shirt Design Pack to help in your process. The possibilities are endless with this pack!

Buy the t-shirt design pack now – $17

skullandsnake t-shirt design-tee-sm

You’ll grab:

  • All 10 Illustrations including snakes, a skull, angel wings, illuminati eye, flower, brass knuckles, chains, horse head, and more.
  • the Original .AI file of this design
  • Men’s Triblend Ghosted mockup template

As a bonus, we throw in a sample of Jeff Finley’s popular eBook, Thread’s Not Dead, the Designer’s Guide to the Apparel Industry.

Use the elements in the skull and snake t-shirt design pack in Adobe Illustrator to create your own unique work of art.

You can either use this design as-is without changing a thing or mix and match. We recommend using the detailed snakes, skull and wings to create brand new designs.

Here’s what you get:

rock and roll t-shirt  skullandsnake-everythingyouneed_large

rock and roll t-shirt skullandsnake t-shirt design-breakthedesign
10 Hand-Drawn Vector Elements
Men’s Triblend Ghosted Tee Template

Now go off and create something great!

Buy the t-shirt design pack now – $17

Apparel Design: 120+ Inspirations from Go Media’s Portfolio

Apparel Design: 120+ Inspirations from Go Media’s Portfolio

Today we’re talking a walk down apparel design memory lane! We’re  focusing on the t-shirts we’ve passionately designed over the years.

Take a peek at our apparel archive Bill, our President, has collected below.

Check out more of our work the best in web, print, branding and illustration, as well as apparel design, head to!

And for everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the apparel industry, make sure to pick up Thread’s Not Dead by Go Media Partner Jeff Finley!

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Design with Ease and Efficiency: Introducing the Shark Attack T-Shirt Vector Pack

Design with Ease and Efficiency: Introducing the Shark Attack T-Shirt Vector Pack

What if I told you it was possible to produce a high-quality design minus all of the sweat and seemingly endless hours? It can happen, my friends. (You know I’d never lie to you.) I’d like to introduce you to a magical tool called the T-Shirt Design Pack, now available on the Arsenal! These packs, including today’s release, include everything you need to design the perfect t-shirt (minus the hassle plus all the glory). includes_everything_you_need

It’s really quite simple:

1. Download this baby.

2. Hop into .AI (if you’d like to modify the original file and craft up your own unique design)

3. Dive into Photoshop to mock up your work, further customizing the end result to your heart’s content.

4. Blow people’s minds.

So, if you’d like to save time (without compromising quality), you know what to do.

Gimme the Shark Attack T-Shirt Pack – only $17

You can also check out our other t-shirt packs: HERE

Take a glance at the Shark Attack T-Shirt Design Pack:

shark attack t-shirt vector pack - everything you need shark attack t-shirt vector pack - vectors shark attack t-shirt vector pack break_the_design

Now see ‘ya! Click to buy the Shark Attack T-Shirt Pack – only $17

Tutorial: How to Use your Photoshop Mockup Template from Go Media (A Beginner’s Guide)

Tutorial: Photoshop Mockup Template How-To from Go Media (A Beginner’s Guide)

Hello Rock Star Designer (your name here), I believe a celebration is in order.

You have just purchased the World’s Best Templates on Go Media’s Arsenal! Now you can:

  • Present your design to clients in a realistic, 3D setting on an actual product that has been professionally photographed
  • Test your product’s market potential as well as explore how it might look before going through the expensive manufacturing process
  • Impress and entice family, friends and future clients who’ll drool over your designs
  • Fully customize the appearance of your design and end product
  • Completely revamp your portfolio

Ain’t messin’ around, are you?

Hold. Stop. Wait a minute.

Need help diving in? You’ve come to the right place! Here is a How-To-Video, helping you newbies feel your way around our mockup PSDs.

Want to grab the amazing design we used? Head to the Arsenal to pick up Steve Knerem’s Day of the Dead T-Shirt Design Pack. Use the design as-is or modify the design in .AI to make it your own!

For a step-by-step written guide, head to our post – Newbie’s Guide to Beautiful T-Shirt Mockups

Need mockup templates, but don’t have Photoshop? Try our realistic mockup site, Mockup Everything, where we offer hundreds of templates (and counting). Try it free for 7 days now!

New T-Shirt Vector Pack Release: Produce an exceptional and unique t-shirt design in moments. (Yes, you!)

New T-Shirt Vector Pack Release: Produce an exceptional and unique t-shirt design in moments. (Yes, you!)

Hello Designers,

If you’re like me, there are a million things you want to accomplish. Like, today.

But time (and frankly, a tiny bit of skill) have kept me from checking those things off of my ever-growing list.

Until now.

Thankfully, I have some amazing friends who have hooked me up with the tools I need to not only check off my to-dos, but look like somebody who’s somebody doing them too.

And they’re here to help you as well.

Introducing the T-Shirt Design Pack

Here we go ya’ll. A way to actually design an exceptional (and unique) t-shirt in moments (little design skill needed…but lots is great, too).

I don’t know about you, but I consider it a miracle.


With today’s release, the Day of the Dead T-Shirt Design Pack by Steve Knerem you’ll get everything you need to design the perfect t-shirt:

  • All 10 Haunting Illustrations
  • The Original .AI file of this design (allowing you to make it all your own)
  • A Men’s Triblend Ghosted Mockup Template to make your final design look professional and realistic
  • As well as a sample of Jeff Finley’s popular eBook, Thread’s Not Dead, the Designer’s Guide to the Apparel Industry, so that you can be on your way to apparel industry greatness


So, what do you say? Let’s not waste any more precious time…

Click here for design greatness, only $17.