How to Design Your Own Apparel

3 Tips for Designing Printed Apparel with Dan Byler

Tips for How to Design Your Own Apparel In today’s video, we introduce you to Dan Byler, Business Development Guru at Jakprints. Jakprints is a premier print shop here in Cleveland with over a decade of experience in online printing. They specialize…

Approaching Your Design work with Jon Phenom

3 Tips to Approaching Design Work with Jon Phenom

How to Launch an Online T-Shirt Business

Keys to Launching an Online T-Shirt Business

iconic t-shirt design

Seven Questions to Ask Yourself When You Want to Create an Iconic T-Shirt Design

It seems like everyone is creating a t-shirt line these days. But creating a great t-shirt design is an art few can master. Luckily, the team here at Cleveland graphic, logo, web design studio Go Media has a rich background in apparel design to draw from, as do friends of Go Media, designers Herman Lee, Ed Pincombe and Dan Byler of Jakprints.

Today, we are sharing 7 questions to ask yourself when you aim to create your next tee design. Like any other project, you want to concentrate on designing “an iconic graphic that leaves a great impression to the viewers through all different kinds of medium,” reminds Lee. But when dealing with apparel, your own set of questions will arise.

t-shirt mockup tool

Our Free Tool Will Help You Create Portfolio Worthy Mockups

Meet T-Shirt Mockup Tool Mockup Everything What’s better than a portfolio filled with your best work? Not much, we say. After all, you never know when opportunity is going to come a-knocking. But this, we know, is much harder than…

Tutorial: Pro Tips On Preparing Artwork For T-Shirt Printing

5 Keys to Branding Your Apparel Line Like a Boss (+ 1 Top Secret to a Successful Launch)

New Hoodie Mockup Templates are Here!

Mockup Everything’s Hoodie Mockup Templates Cleveland graphics company, Go Media, the creators of Shirt Mockup, are proud to bring you Mockup Everything. Mockup Everything provides an easy-to-use online platform for applying your graphic designs to a growing variety of print products. Since all of the work…

How to Start Your Own Clothing Company

How to Start Your Own Clothing Line: Introducing the Apparel Design Start Here Pack

Introducing the Kids’ Apparel Essentials Mockup Templates Pack

Wishes Granted: The Kids’ Apparel Essentials Mockup Templates Pack is Here! Mock up your designs on all of the essential kids’ apparel and pump up your portfolio in an instant with our newest mockup templates pack. Buy the Kids Pack Now!…

Design the Perfect Rock and Roll T-Shirt with our Newest Arsenal Release

When creating a rock and roll tee, nothing comes to mind more than a perfectly illustrated, bad ass skull and crossbones with snakes and chains thrown in for good measure. Am I right or am I right?

Get ready to craft up your own original masterpiece with a little help from Marketplace Artist, Steve Knerem, rock and roll tee expert. Steve has created this, the Skull and Snake T-Shirt Design Pack to help in your process. The possibilities are endless with this pack!

Apparel Design: 120+ Inspirations from Go Media’s Portfolio

Today we’re talking a walk down memory lane, focusing on the t-shirts we’ve passionately designed over the years.

Take a peek at our apparel archive with some images Bill, our President, has collected below.

For more of our work, the best in web, print, branding and illustration, head to!

Design with Ease and Efficiency: Introducing the Shark Attack T-Shirt Vector Pack

Design with Ease and Efficiency: Introducing the Shark Attack T-Shirt Vector Pack What if I told you it was possible to produce a high-quality design minus all of the sweat and seemingly endless hours? It can happen, my friends. (You…

Tutorial: How to Use your Photoshop Mockup Template from Go Media (A Beginner’s Guide)

Hello Rock Star Designer (your name here),

I believe a celebration is in order.

You have just purchased the World’s Best Templates! Now you can:

Present your design to clients in a realistic, 3D setting on an actual product that has been professionally photographed
Test your product’s market potential as well as explore how it might look before going through the expensive manufacturing process
Impress and entice family, friends and future clients who’ll drool over your designs
Fully customize the appearance of your design and end product
Completely revamp your portfolio
Ain’t messin’ around, are you?

New T-Shirt Vector Pack Release: Produce an exceptional and unique t-shirt design in moments. (Yes, you!)

Hello Designers,

If you’re like me, there are a million things you want to accomplish. Like, today.

But time (and frankly, a tiny bit of skill) have kept me from checking those things off of my ever-growing list.

Until now.

Thankfully, I have some amazing friends who have hooked me up with the tools I need to not only check off my to-dos, but look like somebody who’s somebody doing them too.

And they’re here to help you as well.

Photoshop Mockup Templates are only $2.99 each!

I know how many grueling hours you put into that design. You’re so super excited that you’re tempted to just send it off to the client as is, amIright?

NO! You’re smarter than that.

Tell me that you have a few moments (and a few dollars) to make that design shine.

I promise it will take your design from ordinary to extraordinary.

How to design a great t-shirt (even with minimal design skills) quickly: The Unleashed T-Shirt Pack by Steve Knerem

In design, it seems, speed and quality rarely go hand in hand.

But there are some instances when you can have it all.

Introducing the T-Shirt Mockup Pack

With our new t-shirt mockup packs, you can design a great t-shirt quickly.


Here’s what happens: we hook you up hard core with all of the artwork and mockup files. You take those files into AI and modify the original illustration (if you so choose). Then, you mockup your design in Photoshop with some of the World’s Best Templates (ours of course). Bada bing, bada boom: you’ve got a t-shirt to call your very own.

You have ultimate creative freedom, giving both you seasoned designers, and those of you with beginner design skills, countless possibilities.

Hold onto Your Hats: the Hat Mockup Template Pack is finally here!

Ready to realistically mockup your designs and impress the hell out of your clients in one fell swoop?

It’s as easy as picking up the Hat Mockup Templates Pack and pop your design on one of our high-quality, lovingly layered, shadowed and highlighted PSDs, including our:

5 Panel Hat
Ball Cap
Cuffed Beanie (Flat View)
Cuffed Beanie (Ghosted, Side View)
Flat Billed Snapback Hat
Pom Pom Beanie
Trapper Hat
Trucker Hat

Want to create a customized rock and roll tee (minus the lengthy design hours)? We can help.

Life as a designer can be completely overwhelming. With projects constantly coming through, work piles up and never-ending revisions make for long days and late nights. It isn’t like we’re not completely thankful, but let’s be honest:

Sometimes we just need a break.

Thankfully, there is a little shortcut sent from heaven that lets us do our job while cutting our hours, saving us money and making us look like a rock star.

Introducing the t-shirt design pack.

Present Professional Photorealistic, 3D Designs in Minutes using the World’s Best Mockup Templates

Want to knock the socks off of your clients, whilst instantly boosting your street cred? Take a few extra moments in your design process to mock up your art using the World’s Best Mockup Templates. (Promise: It works every time my friends).

The mockup is a trick of the trade for Go Media and the top design professionals in our community. Why? It gives your clients professional, high quality, palpable, photorealistic 3D imagery of your designs. The result fools them into believing you went the extra mile to produce a physical mockup! (But it’s okay, we won’t tell!) Not only will your client be über impressed, but you’ll just generally be able to communicate your vision to your printer and have a clearer vision of the end product yourself.

How to Get Your Apparel Line into Retail Stores

Designed your own original and unique t-shirt, printed and branded your work, ready to launch? Now you’re ready for the big time.

For a lot of brands, the holy grail of going big-time is getting into well-known retail shops. There’s certainly an appeal to being able to go into your local mall and see your brand on the racks. “How do I get my clothing line into stores,” you ask? Here are some general tips for breaking into retail, straight from Go Media Partner Jeff Finley’s book, Thread’s Not Dead: The Designer’s Guide to the Apparel Industry.

Adding to our over 175 Mockup Templates!

Here at Mockup Everything, we are proud to provide you, our users, an easy-to-use online platform for applying your graphic designs to a growing variety of print products.

We offer mockup templates in categories including technology, apparel, print, outdoor and food & beverage, with over 175 templates in our library to date.

Each month, lucky Pro Users* are treated to at least 5 new templates and this month is no different.

Introducing the Awakened T-Shirt Design Pack by Jeff Finley

We’re proud to introduce a brand new product to the Arsenal today: the t-shirt design pack.

This product includes everything you need to design a great t-shirt. The pack includes vector illustrations, a tri-blend t-shirt mockup PSD and the completed original vector design. As a bonus, we’re including a free copy of our popular ebook Thread’s Not Dead: The Designer’s Guide to the Apparel Industry.