Rough surface grunge

Roughing things up for a bit

What, yet another texture pack? Well, yes and no. Remember Maarten Kleyne? He’s that awesome designer from the Netherlands. He’s created textures for us. We’ve already released three packs so far: the excluded rough grunge pack, the etched into dark pack, and the noisy…

Happy Dog Illustration and Design Tutorial

Today’s tutorial comes from Weapons of Mass Creation 2013 designer and fellow Clevelander Lucy Williams. Lucy is a freelance illustrator and a recent graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art. Follow her process as she designs a poster for local Cleveland favorite hangout, Happy Dog.

Go Media Podcast – Episode 16: Recovering from WMC and Launching Drawn To Business

Design Cuts

Go Media + Design Cuts = training, freebies, and more!

Hey girls and lads, meet Design Cuts Born and raised in London, England Hello all, Simon here? I’d like to introduce you to a very skilled group of individuals we started working with. They’re called Design Cuts, and they come…

What’s Go Media Been Up To?

The Forsaken, a Video Game Concept

So as my experience at Go Media draws to a conclusion, I was given this final task to write my own GoMediaZine article, something as a sort of memento.  There was one thing I knew I could discuss with confidence,…

20 Designers You Should Follow on Instagram

Hello from @Go_Media Here at our buzzing Ohio City design headquarters, we love giving you a look inside Go Media, all thanks to Instagram!  Thanks to this app, we also love taking a peek into the lives and work of…

The graphic designer's guide to motion graphics

Introducing the Graphic Designer’s Guide to Motion Graphics

GoMP016 Live Recording: Wednesday Morning at 11:30 ET

Join us on Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 as we sit down to talk about the general atmosphere after WMC Fest 4 and the launch of Bill’s Book: Drawn To Business. Live chat and audio feed will be available starting at 11:30am ET this Wednesday. If you post a question in the live chat, we’ll read and respond to it during the recording.

Examples of Simple & Elegant Logo Designs

There are so many different design decisions that you can make when creating a logo that – at first – it can be a little overwhelming. Do you want something attention grabbing, colourful and brash? Do you follow the long shadow trend, or will that appear tired and overused in 6 months time? Do you go for something understated and that looks good in black and white? There are countless directions that you can go in, but my personal favourite is a logo that’s simple, clean and has a tiny hint of the brand’s personality behind it.

Melany Lane Script Font (full family) – only $17!

They say artists pour their hearts into their work. Same with writers. Well in the case of the Melany Lane font, Yellow Design Studio’s done both.

A beautifully fun and quirky font, Melany Lane is a pure delight to use and read. It elicits a feel-good, homey type of emotion that’s just full of flourish. And because we’re in such a good mood, you can not only get a good deal on Melany Lane, we’re offering a huge discount on the entire font family.

You can get the entire Melany Lane Font Family (that’s 5 robust sets) for 65% off! Seriously, by now there is no reason for you not to be smiling.

Inspired by Weapons of Mass Creation Festival

Weapons of Mass Creation Festival … left us all inspired. We asked you, our readers, to submit art created as a result of your experiences at the Fest. Check out the submissions from these talented folks and submit your own…

Logo Design tutorial

How to Design an Iconic and Memorable Band Logo

Dustin's Film Textures Pack

Dust, speckles, and noise

Finally! Hello all, Simon here. The product we’re launching today is something I’ve been wanting to launch for a LONG while. Behold, Dustin’s film textures pack! A bit of background Why am I excited? Well, since we’ve (finally?) passed the…

Why Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 4 Changed My Life

We here at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest and Go Media are still reeling from what we feel was the most moving, inspirational, simply the best WMC Fest yet.  As we strike the set, pack up the gallery and sweep…

Modern-Yet-Retro Thirsty Script Font Family – only $9!

You always hear about starving artists. But what about thirsty ones? Not so much.

That’s probably because Web designers (hey, they’re modern day artists) are in on a little secret. They already know about YellowDesignStudio’s Thirsty Script font family.


Modern Sans Serif.

All with a shot of caffeine.

That’s Thirsty Script for ya, and it’s also 80% off for a limited time thanks to the cool cats at Mighty Deals!

The collections strike back!

They’re back! Now, I wish I could write in yellow on top of a starry space scene, but… I was very tempted to make more Star Wars jokes, but I have to admit that there are people way more qualified…

Athlete Originals: Connecting Designers with Pro Sports Stars

I was contacted by Chris Dey, the founder of Athlete Originals with an earnest request on how to build a crowd-sourced design website that professional designers actually liked. He had a great idea and it was cool that he was…

Grab your Mustache Wax: Go Media Launches Ditka Dash!

Ditka Dash, now live! Go Media was honored to work on the site design for the upcoming Ditka Dash, a 5K with character. For Go Media Project Manager Sarah Traxler and design team Aaron Roberts and Chris Comella, mustaches, hot dogs…