70s graphic design

70’s Graphic Design Inspiration

70s Graphic Design: Ideas from our Pinterest Board

As you may have noticed, companies and designers have been drawing inspiration from of our favorite decades lately. Graphic design inspiration from the 1970’s is all the rage. There is something about the thick lines, bold color choices and simple layouts that really speaks to us still. So today, we are throwing down some vintage inspiration from this decade in hopes that it inspires your next project. Enjoy!

For more 70’s graphic design and 70’s inspired design, head to our Pinterest board.

IDEA Magazine | Tribute to Saul Bass (and Associates) in 1979 | design et typo
1970 Jerzy Flisak – Those Who Wear Glasses
1970 Danuta Zukowska – Circus
Japanese Poster: Expo ‘70. Yusaku Kamekura. 1967
Vintage sony logo. Mid-century. Good colors.
Hollywood Bowl program, 1970 – Deborah Sussman
Herve Morvan Foire de Lyon Poster 1970
Rainboeing the Skies Ad 1971
Aeroflot International Route Map, 1970
1974-1975 Canadian Broadcasting Corp Annual Report
Buamai – Aisleone – Graphic Design, Typography And Grid Systems
Cepelia, 1973, by Jan Mlodozeniec
Wiktor Górka 1971
Weltspartag 1975, Advertising Poster
Olympiad Games Program, 1976
Gorka Wiktor – Cyrk Kobieta na wrotkach, 1970
Antoni Cetnarowski, 1970, Upside down cyclist, CYRK.
Jaroslav Fišer, 1971
Jan Mlodozeniec, 1 9 7 8, Cepeliada 78.
Hubert Hilscher – Plakat Secesyjny, 1971
Vintage movie poster 1973 by Jerzy Flisak: Dramat zazdrosci
Jerzy Treutler, Seal with 2 balls, 1971
Japan World Exposition ’70
David Bowie poster, 1972
television with the ramones, 1974
Novum Gebrauchsgraphik 4/1972 — Jan Buchholz

For more 70’s graphic design and 70’s inspired design, head to our Pinterest board.