Kicking A** in Kickoff Meetings

Participating in a Successful Kickoff Meeting Any great project starts with a great kick-off meeting. For this reason, designers must know what it takes to participate in a successful one, including how to dress, look, act and express themselves. Today,…

Donut Challenge

WMC Fest Donut Challenge with Stephanie Irigoyen

How to Build a Successful Email List

Constructing An Email List: 3 Tips to Cultivating a Community

WMC Fest Drawing Challenge with Lisa Lorek

WMC Fest Drawing Challenge Today, Weapons of Mass Creation Fest Event Director Heather Sakai is challenging Cleveland-born lettering artist, muralist, and designer Lisa Lorek to a good old fashioned drawing challenged all in celebration of this year’s Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. 

On Building Brand Consistency

Why You Should Attend a Design Conference

Why You Should Attend a Design Conference (like WMC Fest)

what to do when you're overwhelmed

How to Power Through When You’re Overwhelmed

What to do When You’re Overwhelmed Ever find yourself in a situation when you’re so overwhelmed with work that you actually feel paralyzed? Us too. Here are some ways which help us to power through during those times when we’re…