Design the Perfect Rock and Roll T-Shirt with our Newest Arsenal Release

When creating a rock and roll tee, nothing comes to mind more than a perfectly illustrated, bad ass skull and crossbones with snakes and chains thrown in for good measure. Am I right or am I right?

Get ready to craft up your own original masterpiece with a little help from Marketplace Artist, Steve Knerem, rock and roll tee expert. Steve has created this, the Skull and Snake T-Shirt Design Pack to help in your process. The possibilities are endless with this pack!

Illustrator Tutorial: Using Plant Textures to Create a Gritty Text Tee

Introducing the Nature Textures Pack: Ultimate Ground Textures Pack & How to Use It!

Hey Gang!

As you well know, textures give a sense of life and depth to an otherwise flat design. On a recent trip to Italy, I had the opportunity to capture my own gritty, grainy and one-of-a-kind images. I’ve found these to be perfect for roughening up those pieces that need a little punch.

You know I couldn’t keep them to myself.

So today I’d like to introduce to you the second in my series of six Nature Texture Packs.

Vector Textures Tutorial: How to add character to your designs with our new Clouds Vector Textures Pack!

Create a Rockabilly Poster With Vector Set 22 – Part I

Getting Inked

Hey Friends, This is Steve Knerem from, promoting my second video tutorial of my t-shirt illustration titled “Keep Me Safe – The Ink Stage”. It’s been sometime since the first video so I definitely apologize for the long wait. If you…

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Starting Your Own Shirt Line. PART II: The Creation of Your Art and Working with a Printer.

Starting your own shirt line. PART I: Start – Up

Greetings friends, This is Steve Knerem and I’m a freelance illustrator from Cleveland, Ohio that specializes in hand drawn art used for apparel and editorial pieces.  You can view my work at When asked by Go Media to write some…