Introducing Hand Drawn Lettering Elements: All American Grit

Looking to deliver your client design filled with character and an organic quality only achieved with hand lettering?

Lacking the tools or time to do so?

You’re in luck.

Calligrapher Laura Di Piazza’s first Arsenal product, Hand Drawn Lettering Elements: All American Words, delivers you all the goods you’ll need to bring the human aesthetic you (and your client) desire.

Open up this new product and in moments you can add beautifully crafted words into your work, taking your design from awesome to awe-inspiring and emotive.

Say hello to Hand Drawn Lettering Elements: All American Grit

The pack includes 130 following words in various styles and scripts: work hard, craft, rugged, u.s.a., industries, brotherhood, america, american, craft, pride, honest, genuine, superior, quality, tough, vintage, goods, handcrafted, handmade, original, est., magic, fine, custom, trademark, union, blue collar, artisan and supply.

The lovely lettered words are available in an organized, layered Photoshop document.

As a bonus we’re throwing in three paper textures from our Paper Texture Pack.


Here’s a little bit about the pack from Laura herself!

“This lettering pack is all-American! It includes words that we associate with America’s strong work ethics and American-made pride. During my recent travels to Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria I encountered some people’s opinions about American-made products and the general impression was that American-made is usually equated with ‘well-made’.

As a calligrapher I mainly engage in non-modified lettering, where the first go is the only go for a word, sentence, paragraph or page. And if it doesn’t come out the way I intended I either accept the results or do it over. The lack of editing has helped me to relax and embrace a certain flow when I letter.

The tools I used for this pack include the Japanese-made pointed pen Nikko G nib (originally designed for Anime artists), German-made Haff ruling pen (originally an architectural tool) , homemade cola pen (yes, the writing tip is made out of a small piece of a Coca Cola can), various square edge brushes and the beloved American-made Sharpie.”

I want it now!

Let’s take a peek, shall we?



hand-drawn-lettering-elements-preview-2 hand-drawn-lettering-elements-preview-4 hand-drawn-lettering-elements-preview-6 hand-drawn-lettering-elements-preview-7

3 Bonus Paper Textures included!
3 Bonus Paper Textures included!

I want it now!