Free Lightroom Presets Pack

Free Lightroom Presets Go Media is so excited to release its first pack of Free Lightroom Presets! This pack is filled with 10 Lightroom Preset Essentials, including the fundamental resources you will need to get started processing your images with…

Using Crumpled Paper Textures to Pimp out your Hang in There Cat Poster (Freebie Included!)

PS Basics Tut + Crumpled Paper Texture Freebie  > What’s better than the old “Hang in there” cat poster? Not much in my book. But today, we’re going to add a little more character to one, just for kicks, using…

Tutorial: How to Create a Halloween Icon Pack Using Adobe Illustrator (Resources Included)

Since Halloween is just around the corner, we thought we should give you an early treat this year, in the form of a little icon tutorial. The idea was to show you guys how to create a cute set of three icons from scratch, using some of Illustrator’s basic tools such as the Shapes Tool, combined with the power of the Pen Tool and Pathfinder panel.

In terms of difficulty this course is aimed at those who have a basic knowledge of how Illustrator works, but that doesn’t mean beginners can’t give it a go, since every step is presented as explicit as possible.

So, assuming you have Illustrator up and running, let’s jump in and start creating!

The Wait is over! This is Dirty: From Sketch to Vector Illustration Video Tutorial is Here!

From Sketch to Vector Illustration Video Tutorial

Long awaited, highly anticipated.

Our newest Arsenal tutorial release is based on Go Media President William Beachy’s wildly popular blog post on our ‘Zine, From Sketch to Vector Illustration.

This is Dirty: From Sketch to Vector Illustration Video Tutorial is an intimate look into Bill’s design process.

Graphic Design Video Inspiration: Leaving a Mark by Eric Natzke

Eric Natzke, Principal Designer for Adobe Experience Design group, joined us on this past summer at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. As he took the stage, we were moved by his talk, Leaving a Mark, as he shared the obstacles he’s faced, risks he’s taken and joys he’s found and is finding in his career as an artist, designer and programmer.

Illustrator Tutorial: Using Plant Textures to Create a Gritty Text Tee

Thick Line Art: Creating Iconic Vector Art

6 Essentials to Setting Up Your Illustrator Documents

Learn to Create Collage Typography

Adobe Illustrator CS5 HTML5 Pack

Adobe recently announced the release of their HTML5 Pack for Adobe Illustrator CS5. It’s totally free for Illustrator CS5 users. Here’s a quick rundown from their site: Efficiently design for web and devices by exporting Illustrator Artboards for unique screen…

Review: Phantasm CS plugin for Adobe Illustrator

Not many Adobe Illustrators are aware of the plug-in functionality of Adobe Illustrator. I don’t believe it’s promoted very well. There’s not a good one-stop shop to find plug-ins in one place, with reviews and user feedback. And it’s a shame,…

Photoshop CS5: Performance Tips

So I recently jumped the gun and upgraded to Photoshop CS5 on the Mac. And I wasn’t too happy about it. Let’s just say that the performance levels were not to my liking. In fact, Photoshop CS5 performed worse than…

Adobe: Create Digital Magazines for the iPad

There’s been quite a brouhaha between Adobe and Apple as far as the lack of Flash on Apple’s iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch). I’ve mentioned on GoMediaZine in the past that I believe Adobe’s best plan of action…

Tutorial: Iconic Poster Design

Adobe Digital Publishing Platform

Today Adobe announced their Digital Publishing Platform, which in their own words is “a platform which consists of applications, technologies, and services that allow publishers to cost effectively author, produce, and distribute groundbreaking content to the broadest possible audience on a…

Blank Canvas: Flash vs. HTML5

Recently we published a post regarding Apple’s stance on Flash and their iDevices. The gist of the situation is that Apple has decided they don’t want to be reliant on a third-party plugin for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch…

Flash, Floppy Disks & FreeHand

Apple’s Steve Jobs just posted a long open letter on the reasoning behind the decision to exclude Flash support on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Jobs lists six major points surround the decision, but wraps…

Color Management: Calibration and Profiling

Blank Canvas: Photoshop, Crashes & RAM

“Photoshop crashed!” I see this cry all over Twitter, on blogs, in web comics — you can’t go anywhere online that has a tangential relationship to Photoshop without seeing this complaint. So why is it that Photoshop never crashes for…

Create Glossy 3D Text using Xara 3D & Photoshop

I am going to show you how to create 3D text in Xara 3D and render it in Adobe Photoshop. I’ll share basic Photoshop key shortcuts that really help speed up production. As a final touch I’ll use the pen…

Adobe Creative Suite 5

Blank Canvas: Adobe Creative Suite CS5 — Are You Upgrading?

Color Management in Adobe Photoshop

This is the first part of a comprehensive detailed series of posts guiding you through the image editing process step by step from profiling your display and managing your color space and settings, to profiling your printer and preparing your work for print out, to saving and distributing your work on the web.