How to Gain More Subscribers One CTA at a Time

How to Gain More Subscribers One CTA at a Time

How to Create Your Business’s Mission Statement

Is Your Website Always Considering the Customer Experience?

How to Run a More Productive and Efficient Tech Company

how to create engaging content

How to Create More Engaging Content for the Web

What is real time technology

How Real-Time Technology Has Changed the Way We Do Business

What is real time technology & how has it changed the way we do business? Real-time technology is exactly what it sounds like — data that changes what we do at the moment we do it. With the rise of…

Knowing your Target Audience

How to Create the Website Your Target Audience Wants to Visit

Knowing your target audience impacts the way you approach the content on your site, but it should also shape every other element as well. Since a mere 22 percent of businesses say they are happy with their conversion rates, focusing…

Should Your Business Consider Investing in Satellite Technology?

Satellite technology changed the world dramatically after the first experiment in the late 1950s. Today, people communicate in real-time around the globe, view a specific location via Google Earth or beam a signal from one corner of the globe to…

Why Your Business’s Site Needs Before and Afters

Website Color Choice for your Industry

What Color Scheme Works Best for Your Industry

Why You Should Increase Your Graphic Design Budget

Improving Navigation Bar

What Is Your Navigation Bar Lacking and How Can You Improve It

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Improving the CX of your eCommerce Site

How to Create an Optimal CX on Your E-Commerce Site

Does Your B2C Website Benefit Your Target Audience?

Eight B2C Website Benefits As a business to consumer company (B2C), your audience range is much more extensive than if you were merely targeting business owners in a specific industry. There are between 2 and 3 million e-commerce companies around the…

6 Tips When Using Graphics and Boosting Engagement

small business valentines ideas

How to Show Love to Your Small Business This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show some love — to your small business. Owning a small business is a labor of love in many ways. There may be times when you love it more than others, of course.…

Elements of An Engaging Website Design

How to Make Your Website Mindful of Your Audience Needs

Crucial Elements of An Engaging Website Design Most elements of good web design are reliant upon one another. For example, higher engagement and more interactivity usually mean lower bounce rates. Compelling content and visuals translate to higher engagement ratings. Fluid…

How to Integrate New Years Resolutions into Marketing Efforts

How to Market to Your Audience’s New Year’s Resolutions

How to Integrate New Year’s Resolutions into Marketing Efforts People who work in marketing or internet-based jobs are familiar with various ways of keeping seasonal needs in mind while catering to customers. You may have even engaged in some of…

How to Improve Your Drop-Down Menu

The Definitive Guide: What Your Dropdown Menu Is Lacking

How to Improve Your Drop-Down Menu The navigation menu is central to the user experience on a website or mobile app. When we visit a website, we have a particular goal in mind. We want to get somewhere on the…

How to Become a Brand Owner Rather Than a Retailer

Why Your Company Should Be Branding on the Internet

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What Makes an Effective Landing Page?