Product Line Branding for Marina Vape

Portfolio Update: Marina Vape

Marina Vape – Product Line Branding

Over the course of a year, we had the privilege of working with e-liquid company, Marina Vape. The name of the game for these projects was building a visual brand around different flavor concepts. Ranging from abstract fruit flavors, to graham cracker, there was no shortage of visual inspiration to pair with the creative flavors. Below you can see 3 executed products under the Marina Vape brand umbrella.

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1. ALTERNATIV     2. Honey Bear     3. Gummy Squirms

For the line of ALTERNATIV flavors, we came up with a graphic abstraction of the plume of ‘smoke’ everyone thinks of when they hear the word vape. The goal was to create an eye-catching visual for the line, which would adapt via color to accommodate for the different flavor profiles. Above were the chosen iterations, where below you can see some initial visual experiments.

Honey Bear Flavor

Alternate Directions

Gummy Squirms

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