Email Marketing for Designers: Getting Started Tips

Digital marketing – and the internet in general – has made marketing much more accessible. The same digital marketing instruments used by big corporations are now available to small businesses and professionals, including you as a designer. It is easy to reach thousands of potential customers, even when you’re on a relatively limited budget.

Aside from social media and content marketing, you can also turn to email marketing to expand the reach of your digital marketing campaign. Before you get started with building your own email marketing list, however, here are the best tips and tricks to get you started.


People don’t just sign up for a newsletter without a good reason. In fact, today’s audience are more selective when choosing newsletters and mailing lists to sign up for. To get them interested, you need to offer something valuable in return.

Freebies are great incentives that will get people excited about signing up for your newsletter. Here on Go Media we offer free PSDs and other bonuses to new subscribers while releasing additional freebies to keep old subscribers interested.

The goal of offering freebies is adding value to the newsletter. The freebies you offer don’t have to be something expensive or difficult to make. Instead, focus on offering something that the subscribers can actually benefit from.

Don’t Forget Maintenance

Maintaining the health of your email list is just as important as attracting new subscribers and expanding your reach. Email marketing, just like SEO and social media marketing, is not something you can do once and forget. Sufficient maintenance is required for the mailing list to remain effective.

Fortunately, you have more maintenance tools at your disposal these days. Most email marketing systems can automatically detect bounce emails and invalid email addresses. You no longer have to remove bad addresses manually from the list.

You also have tools like helping you verify email addresses and validating your recipients. Email validation is something that needs to be a part of your email marketing campaign, especially if you’re targeting business customers and key decision makers.

Be Consistent

The biggest challenge of them all, however, is maintaining consistency. This is a crucial part of running a successful email marketing campaign. Instead of sending a lot of content at once, it is much better to send one email every two weeks.

Consistency leads to better user engagement, which will then lead to higher conversion. You need to create an environment where recipients know when to expect a new email from you, and the way to do that is by maintaining a consistent delivery schedule.

If one email every two weeks is too difficult of a standard to meet, stick with one email every month. Don’t worry too much about the frequency of your newsletter and invest more energy into boosting the value of every email you send out to subscribers.

Remember these three tips when you’re starting a new mailing list, and you can build a successful list from the beginning. It won’t be long before you experience the true value of having an effective mailing list and engaged recipients.