Go Media Podcast – Episode 27: Looking Forward to 2015

We’re back for another edition of the podcast. It’s a solo show as Bryan talks about what Northeast Ohio’s professional web desigeners, Go Media have been up to, why there hasn’t been a podcast episode since WMC Fest, and what…

Best Spotify Playlists for Getting Sh*t Done – Go Media Staff, Volume 1: William Beachy

If you’ve ever entered Go Media headquarters,  you’ll most likely be blown away by one thing – quite immediately. The sound of complete and utter silence. It’s something I first noticed when I first stepped my foot onto the third…

Cultural and Historical Influences in Design and Creativity: A WMC Fest Talk by Veronica Corzo-Duchardt

Veronica Corzo-Duchardt, Cuban-American designer and artist behind Chicago-based creative studio, Winterbureau, is the next-in-line to treat us to engaging, enlighting real talk, Weapons of Mass Creation Fest style.

Here, Veronica discusses cultural and historical influences in design and creativity. And the intersection of design, art and archeology in her work.

Free Vector Download and the Collection of 500+ Hand-Drawn Vectors You’ve Been Waiting For

Download the ultimate, hand-drawn, esoteric and occult vector illustration collection. Every one was drawn by hand by Go Media partner Jeff Finley. It includes over 500 vector symbols, icons, drawings, and illustrations created in the same hand-drawn style so they all work together to create an unlimited variety of designs. Great for bands shirts, gigposters, album artwork, and other works of art. In the mood to create something that looks ancient and old-world? Check. What about something conspiratorial? What about something pseudo-religious or occult? What about something mystical, magical, or alchemical? This pack can do all of that!

40+ Japanese Web Design Inspirations

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know I’m obsessed with any and all things Japanese – design included.

I can appreciate the full spectrum – from tranquil gardens to Harajuku chic to sampuru and everything in between.

I love the contrast between total zen and neon chaos. The juxtaposition between the steady, serene steam rising above warm cups of tea and the crazed onslaught of information rammed into a subway map, city street, webpage screen.

Watch This Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 5 Highlight Video

It never fails. Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, one of the top graphic design conferences in the US, is life-changing. It draws us together, challenges us, recharges us, motivates us to go off and create more authentically, purposefully. Weapons of Mass Creation Fest reminds us that we aren’t alone; that the adversity we face are universal. The Fest simultaneously highlights the beauty of diversity. It celebrates our differences.

Video Inspiration: Do The Things That Scare You by Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge

Real Talk Grace Bonney, founder of the Design*Sponge, was one of the speakers to treat us to an inspiring talk at this past year’s Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. This incredibly talented author and entrepreneur encouraged the audience to acknowledge,…

How to Ace Your Next Creative Job Interview – What We’re Dying to Know About You

Now that we’ve covered the major do’s and don’ts of the creative interview process, let’s dive into the most nerve wrecking aspect of the interview: the tough questions headed your way.

Remember, you don’t have to be nervous, you just have to be prepared!

And even more than that, you have to be yourself.

Here at Go Media, one of the most important aspects of the interview is getting down to the core of who you are. Since we’re a super small, and really tight-knit group, the biggest nightmare is finding a candidate who doesn’t vibe with our crew.

So take a deep breath, relax, and tell us who you are.

How to Create Custom Stickers: Keys to Success

When creating art for custom stickers, it is best to create artwork at a minimum 300dpi. You may use photoshop or illustrator, or a free alternative like Gimp. What’s most important is that your artwork is submitted as a high resolution file and converted to CMYK. A good understanding of the limitations of cmyk printing is helpful but the most important step is to create high resolution artwork. Resolution is not usually a concern when using Adobe Illustrator to create vector artwork.

torn paper effect like eternal sunshine

Tutorial: Create a Torn Paper Effect like Eternal Sunshine – Smart Object Template Available

One of my favorite movies of all time is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I also really love the movie posters that featured a torn paper effect across the person’s eyes with some text underneath. Nice job by BLT on the original posters. I thought it would be cool to make my own version and show you how I did it.

If you want to skip this whole thing and make it easy, I’ve made a Smart Object Photoshop Template so you can easily add your own photo and text. Just double click the smart object layers, paste in your photo, save, and voila! You can even swap out the torn paper images if you’d like.

Create a Brand Bible for your Business with our Brand Bible Adobe InDesign Template

Brand Bible Adobe InDesign Template Do you have an internal document that communicates your brand’s vision and mission to your team? We call it a Brand Bible at Go Media. It’s combines elements of the Brand Guidelines Template with more messaging about why your company…

Girl Power: Follow These 34 Female Creatives Now

Having just taken on the position of Weapons of Mass Creation Fest Event Organizer, I feel a pride in my heart and an overwhelming sense of girl power more than ever. So today, I’d like to highlight some lady creatives I’m obsessing over as of late. You know, the ones inspiring me to be brave, create and go forth and do great things like cool, confident chicks do. I know I’ve missed some greats, so please, please share your favorites with me in the comments below or email me their names so I can shout-em-out in the future.

How to Ace Your Next Creative Job Interview – Part One: 20 Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Creative Job Interview Tips Whether you’re out there, seeking a job in a creative field, or just want to keep your ninja interview skills sharp as knives, read on as we receive advice from interview expert Ann Walter. Having interviewed…

The Shop - Rolled ink texture pack, volume 01 - http://arsenal.gomedia.us/shop/textures/rolled-ink-texture-pack-volume-1/

Texture tutorial: How to apply our rolled ink textures to your design for that old-time print shop vibe

Free T-Shirt Design Mockup Templates from Your Friends at Go Media

The Power of the Mockup Hello there Designers! As you know, we absolutely love and believe in the power of the mockup here at Go Media. After all, we’ve dedicated our two realistic mockup subscription sites, ShirtMockup.com and MockupEverything.com, as…

40+ More Free Fonts To Download Immediately

Free Fonts for Designers. Sorry guys. I know it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure – this free font thing, but here at Go Media, we love providing designers with products they need. I learned really early on that I…

Daily Inspiration: The Typography of Cedar Point

Cedar Point, to me, represents everything great about America, about summer, about life. Inside those golden gates are thrilling rides, elephant ears, cheesy singing & dancing shows and questionable fashion choices. I mean, be still my beating heart.

Why Getting Away from Your Computer Screen Matters More Than You Think

On December 2nd of last year, I embarked on a project that would take me from coast to coast and open my eyes to just how incredible this little country of ours truly is. Dubbed, The Great Agency Adventure, this…

An Open Letter To My Fellow Weapons of Mass Creation: A Hello from New Fest Organizer Heather Sakai

By now, you’ve all heard the news. My colleague, mentor and friend, Jeff Finley is taking his talents to South Beach, break-dancing bravely into the great unknown.

After a tear or two, I pulled myself together and realized that this wasn’t a time for sadness but of celebration. Not only was Jeff being granted the ability to pursue his next dream, but I mine. Thanks to Jeff, I have been been offered what I consider to be the biggest and best opportunity of my life.

With this fiery torch a blazin’, I’m already off and running. I hope you’ll come along.

New Print & Advertising Mockup Templates Hit MockupEverything.com

Well, hello fellow designers! Who’s ready to upgrade their portfolio and get some jaws dropping? It’s as simple as heading over to MockupEverything.com, where we’ve just released five new templates for our lucky Pro Users.

(Free Users, there are some for you, too!)

This month, we’ve focused on print and advertising mockup templates, and we’re hoping you like ’em.

F#@% your Function, Find your Fire

Before diving into my position to Go Media, I knew the basics of personal branding.

My understanding went something like this:

1. Figure out who you are

2. Package it up nice and neat

3. Show it off to the world

How to do all those things, I must admit, was a little vague—until now. Let’s just say, I’ve just been enlightened by Michael Cavotta, certified personal brand strategist and professional headshot photographer. As it turns out, there’s more to it than a shot in the dark and a nice photo.

Photoshop Brush Freebie

How to Build a Stand-Out Brand: Whys and Ways to Stand Out

Instant Inspiration: Exceptional Gig Poster Designs

As you may well know, we love a good gig poster design here at Go Media.

After all, designing posters is in our blood. We started on the streets of Cleveland, promoting and creating poster art for the bands we loved.

Our designers know the keys to eye-catching, clear, crisp poster designs. We love to create, but we also appreciate great design when we see it.