Grab This Macabre Vector Freebie

Grab This Macabre Vector Freebie

When asked what you wanted to see next on the Arsenal, our e-commerce site for the best design resources in the world, you told us, overwhelmingly:




And we want to give you what you want. So today, we’re hooking you up with a Macabre Vector Freebie, just in time for the Halloween holiday.

Get the Freebie

The Macabre Vector Freebie includes the following 8 vector elements:

  • Bloody Saw Blade
  • Detached Ear
  • Mangled Hand
  • Murder Cleaver
  • Murder Knife
  • Nail in Tongue
  • Possessed Baby Doll
  • Tooth and Pliers

We hope you use it find it useful every day of the year.



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