Why You Should Use WordPress

Why You Should Use WordPress

So, you want to build a killer website. Great. Here are three questions for you before we begin:

  1. Do you want your website to work?
  2. Should it be easy to use?
  3. Should it be easy for you to update?

Wow! What a surprise! You answered, “YES!” to all three questions.

Obviously, these are three fairly basic–but absolutely fundamental–requirements when building a website.

We’re a transparent, upfront team here at Cleveland Graphic Design and Web Design Firm Go Media. Our goal is to save you time, money, and make your web presence as awesome and lucrative as possible. And that’s where our love for WordPress comes in.

Yes, WordPress is a blog platform. Your Aunt Linda may use WordPress to share her drool-worthy, double chocolate chip cookie recipe with her knitting club, but that’s the beauty of WordPress. Everyone from your Aunt Linda to your nephew Joey can use it. That means once the site is established, you will easily be able to edit content from any computer with Internet access. No paying for a designer or a coder for an additional page of content–you’ll be able to efficiently add copy and an image, publish the updates immediately or schedule them whenever it’s most convenient for you. WordPress can save time, keep your website consistent, and give you the freedom to do the other million things you need to do to keep your business thriving.

WordPress can cater to a wide variety of businesses. Pictured above are Laurenco Waterproofing and Makeup Academy Pro.

Let’s be clear here: WordPress is not just for recipe swaps. WordPress powers over 100 million sites! From the site you are looking at now to these other fine websites Go Media designed: Makeup Academy Pro,  Laurenco Waterproofing and Summit Developmental Disabilities Board we can help your site represent your brand at it’s finest. We’re early adopters of WordPress with over fifteen years of WordPress experience — our expertise means that we can offer custom your business WordPress themes AND unique Go Media WordPress plugins. Looking to add custom posts, special theme options, or unique pages targeted for your business? Look no further. Why bother building cookie-cutter websites when our expertise with WordPress and its Open Source platform provide the flexibility to basically build whatever you are dreaming of?

This carte blanche extends to e-commerce. Cleveland Web Development firm Go Media has been integrating e-commerce with WordPress for over ten years. Our platforms have processed millions of dollars throughout the years. We’re comfortable working with small retailers to national conglomerates. Here’s a short list of what we can do for you:

  • Organize and present products by categories, attributes, tags, price and more.
  • Product feature images and slideshows with large image viewer.
  • Supports a retail price, sale price, special customer pricing, variable pricing and more.
  • Product details tabs with descriptions, customer comments, reviews and additional information.
  • Related and cross-promotional products can be associated with any item.
  • Currency, taxes, shipping fees, and many related extensions to integrate with 3rd party systems like Fedex & UPS.
  • Inventory counting with Out of Stock settings.
  • Dozens of payment extensions with multiple checkout options such as Credit Cards on most major merchant gateways, Paypal, Amazon and many more.
  • Advanced control panel dashboard with sales updates, reviews, stats and more.
  • Marketing & Promotion tools like coupon code management and sales alert banners.
  • Hundreds of extensions for 3rd party integration like QuickBooks, TradeGecko,
  • Veeqo and countless more.

Cleveland Public Theatre: Responsive WordPress site that caters to any gallery, social media or blog themed need.

Above all, each transaction is secure, reliable, and easy for the customer. That means your front-end of your WordPress looks flawless for your user, encouraging them to purchase from your site. A top-notch experience builds confidence for your customer, which builds a repeat, loyal user. The back-end of your e-commerce site will also be clean, a snap to manage, and will make the selling process…well, easy. And isn’t that the point?

If you haven’t figured it out already, WordPress should be your go-to platform for dependable, user-friendly, creative, world-is-your-oyster websites. If you still have questions, or just want to chat about why you love WordPress too, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.