Best Designers to Follow on Dribbble 2016

We’re Following These Illustrators on Dribbble and You Should, Too.

We’re always looking for inspiration, so today we’re hitting up Dribbble for some new eye candy. Here are our recommendations for illustrators creating some pretty remarkable stuff. Which Dribbble artists inspire you? We’d like to follow them, too. Please leave their…

Best Pencils for Graphic Designers

The Best Pencils for Graphic Designers (‘Cause it’s National Pencil Day!)

What’s better than sitting down to illustrate with a freshly sharpened pencil in your hand? In honor of National Pencil Day, we’re celebrating this classic experience with some of our favorites. Staedtler Mars® technico 780 Leadholder for drawing, sketching and writing…

Jack Frost Donuts’ Cleveland Brand Refresh Gives Logo a Sweet New Glaze

A treat as dazzling as a Jack Frost donut deserves a logo that reflects its pure, sugary awesomeness. The Cleveland graphic designers at Go Media recently collaborated with the family-owned shop – an Old Brooklyn fan favorite since 1937 – on a brand refresh that…

Political Illustrations 2016

These Political Designs Will Make These Next 9 Months More Bearable

Tutorial: How to Create Watercolor Brushes in AI

15 Best Video & Motion Picture Techniques for Web Designers

15 Best Video & Motion Picture Techniques for Web Designers

Video & Motion Picture Techniques for Web Designers Video integration is becoming a popular web design trend in 2016. From simply embedding videos to creating alternate realities, here are a few of the techniques used to incorporate motion available to…

Building Communities with Tom Ross from Design Cuts

punk rock entrepreneurs

Becoming a Punk Rock Entrepreneur: It’s All In Your Attitude

An excerpt from Caroline Moore’s Punk Rock Entrepreneur, available Fall 2016 from Microcosm. Learn more now. I can’t remember the exact moment I decided to start a business. I have always done work on my own, outside my regular employment.…

Photoshop Abstract Texture Tutorial

Getting our 1980s and VHS tape on with Dustin Schmieding’s cosmic fractal storm texture pack!

Introducing the cosmic fractal storm texture pack Hello everyone! It’s Simon again on this end of the keyboard. I’m returning for another tutorial, and boy, do we have a treat this week. Dustin Schmieding gifted us with yet another fantastic…

Pantone Plus Series

This Just In: 112 New Colors, Courtesy of Pantone

Give Us More Colors! As graphic designers, we’re always gushing over Pantone’s luscious color system. They’re now treating us to 112 new colors, courtesy of their Pantone Plus Series. 

Uber’s Radical Rebranding: Signs Your Brand Needs a Lift

Poster Design Inspiration 2016

Poster Design Inspiration: 59 Parks Print Series

Poster Design Inspiration 2016 Today’s Poster Design Inspiration comes to us from our friends at The National Poster Retrospecticus, who produce The Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series. This series is a celebration of our National Parks. The strength of the series…

royalty free video sites

Hey Designers, Head to these 8 Sites and Gobble Up Royalty Free Videos

Royalty Free Video Sites Hey Designers, don’t have time to create your own video footage and need a place holder for your next dev project? You’re in luck. We’ve got a great list of sites offering up royalty free video…

how to become an art director graphic design

Insights with an Art Director: Go Media’s Chris Comella

Insights with an Art Director Chris Comella, Go Media’s Art Director, has come a long way with the company. A member of the staff for eight of its 13 years in existence, he has seen the company grow from a…

How to Make Photoshop Brushes

Video Tutorial: How to Create Your Own PS Brushes

How to Make Photoshop Brushes In this video tutorial, we teach you how to make your very own Photoshop Brushes. We create ours using coffee stains, but you can use paint, watercolors, or other fun materials you find around your studio.…

Freelance Workspace Design

Design Your Own Cool Freelance Workspace That Works For You

Freelance Workspace Design The main reason most people are drawn to the freelance lifestyle is because it gives the freedom to work in one’s own personal space. There are very few people in the world who actually look forward to walking…

Tutorial: Rockin’ Some Radical Glitch Effects in PS (plus 4 Free TV Glitch Textures just for YOU)

black designers

Diversity in Design and Breaking Out Of A Design Factory

In this edition of the Go Media Podcast, we sit down with Maurice Cherry, founder and creative principle at Lunch and host of Revision Path Podcast to discuss his view of the state of Diversity in the Design Industry and how he went…

why mobile design is important

Mobile Design Matters More Than You Know

free heart vectors

We Heart You: A Valentine’s Vector Freebie

Free Heart Vectors Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we just can’t help but to feel warm and fuzzy. We love our community, after all. Your support and enthusiasm makes our jobs way too much fun! We wanted…

Noteworthy Tips For A/B Testing With UX Research

Hand-Lettering and Typography Inspirations

Letters We’re Loving: 30+ Hand-Lettering and Typography Inspirations

Importance OF UI and UX While Designing A WP Site

Importance OF UI and UX While Designing A WP Site While browsing the web, you most likely would have come across two buzzwords: UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience). But, there’s a possibility that you might not know that…

How to Start Your Own Podcast: Must-Have Equipment and Software

How to Start Your Own Podcast Hey, it’s Bryan from Go Media and today, we’re going to dip our toes into podcasting. You’ve probably heard there’s a ton of cash, arms full of lovelies, and loads of listeners just WAITING…