Draw a Windy Sunset Illustration

Introduction I’ve always loved Asian art and particularly Japanese illustration. While Asian art is the main source of inspiration for my design, the point is not to create a traditional Japanese illustration, but rather to filter design inspiration such as…

Illustrate a Malevolent Skull in 8 Steps

Design An Elegant Featured Content Slider for WordPress

An Elegant Featured Content Slider for WordPress by John Sexton December 22nd, 2008. Introduction In this tutorial, we’ll create an elegant featured content slider for WordPress like the one featured on http://www.fuseboxtheatre.com. This featured content slider is based on “The…

How to Draw a Classic Hand using a Graphics Tablet

I use this kind of drawing to give to the design an artistic look. In my opinion the hand drawing effect looks great applied on anything from animals to gothic ornaments. Another advantage of this style is that you can make great artwork using only one color.

Rule Six: Motion

Rule Six: Motion – Have movement through your design. Part Six of Seven Easy Principles to Becoming a Master Designer. Movement? Are we talking about a video here? How can I have “movement” in a static printed design? It’s not…

Create a Furious Pink Panther Poster

Introduction Everyone knows the pink panther! I sure love the old cartoons and remember this old VCR tape packed with episodes I used to watch as a kid, over and over again. Well, there were lots of episodes, so it…

Impressive Watercolor Splatter Effect Tutorial & Freebie

This guest post was written by Nick Steimling from HeavyPrints . Many thanks, Nick, for sharing your knowledge with Go MediaZine readers! I have been working with natural media more recently, and as a result, I have been learning how…

How to Design Your Own Custom Hoodie

We know how much you guys and gals love a good tutorial! We just launched our new Hoodie Templates and they are amazing. I decided to sit down and design a hoodie and to write a tutorial in celebration. You…

How to Design a Font: {Part 4} Finishing Touches

Sexy Holiday Vector Pin-Up Girl Tutorial

Intro To 2.5D Compositing in After Effects [Video Tutorial]

Amazing Distressed T-Shirt Mockups in less than 3 Minutes

How to Design a Font: {Part 3} Make it Digital!

The Grid Now that you have your font pretty well figured out it’s time to get into the computer. First things first, setting up Illustrator. I like to first turn on the grid. This is the easiest way to transfer…

How To Design a Font: {Part2} Draw Up A Storm!

Terminology Before we get into the meat of this tutorial I want to give you a crash course in font terminology. I know it’s not exactly the most exciting thing but I seriously think it’s good for you to know…

How to Create Awesome T-Shirt Mockups Like Jimiyo

How to Design A Font: {Part 1} Get Inspired!

I haven’t written a blog post in a while so I thought it was time I jumped right in and did a tutorial series about fonts. There will be three more tutorials that will follow this one. Their forces combined…

Create a Dream Design with 3D Typography

How to make a vector pattern brush

Hey everybody! I hope the last few weeks have gone well for you – whatever that may mean. I hope that you found at least a little time to soak up all the great resources and knowledge being shared around…

How to Create a Photorealistic Ladies Tee Mockup

14 Free Scatter Brushes & How-to

How to Set up Your Wacom for Awesome Results

How to Set up Your Wacom for Awesome Results

A lot of you have asked about how to set up your Wacom for awesome results like this. In this post we’ll cover the basics of getting your Wacom working, some finer details of getting it to work well, and finally some tips for getting better at drawing with a Wacom. We use Intuos 2s & 3s here at Go Media. Specifically, this tutorial was written with the Intuos 3 6×11 in mind.

Drawing a Tattered Scroll from Scratch

How to Draw Your Own Vector Wings

Everyone loves to give away free vectors, but what about teaching a man to fish? Here’s how to create your own wings Go Media style. In this tutorial you’ll need Adobe Illustrator and some skills with the pen tool.

Vector Freebie & Micro Tutorial: Seamless Swirls