5 Tips for Creating Successful Packaging Design.

Good Brief… Any good packaging project starts with a creative brief that is well written and clearly lays out the objectives of the project. This document should give the designer precise information about the brand’s values and the brand’s promises…

Using Transform Again in Illustrator

InDesign Quick Tip: Indent To Here

Use the Adobe InDesign “Indent To Here” feature to indent bulleted lists and indent lines in a paragraph independently of a paragraph’s left indent value.

Death To Creatives!!!

I am not a creative. You are not a creative. No one could ever or will ever be a creative. The word creative is not a noun. It is an adjective used to describe a noun. i.e. That is a…

Photoshop Quick Tip: Finding Layers Quickly

From the Portfolio: Swap Beats Logo

Client: Swap Beats Swapbeats.com is a hybrid social network and music marketplace that allows a user to connect with other musicians around the world and to collaborate on musical endeavors. Users are able to upload music tracks and swap, sell,…

How to Design Your Own Custom Hoodie

We know how much you guys and gals love a good tutorial! We just launched our new Hoodie Templates and they are amazing. I decided to sit down and design a hoodie and to write a tutorial in celebration. You…

How to make an animated GIF with 8-Bit Characters: Part 2: Animation

How to make an animated GIF with 8-Bit Characters: Part 1: Design