How to Create Photorealistic T-Shirt Mockups

When designing for apparel, presentation of your proofs is very important. A detailed image of a piece simply will not suffice as an adequate proof. You want to hit the design home, and mocking it up on a t-shirt is…

How to Draw Your Own Vector Wings

Everyone loves to give away free vectors, but what about teaching a man to fish? Here’s how to create your own wings Go Media style. In this tutorial you’ll need Adobe Illustrator and some skills with the pen tool.

How to design a t-shirt on a budget and a tight deadline

Create a stunning undersea painting using Vector Packs

So Set 10 is out. It’s sort of sentimental because I remember when Set 1 was released and wondering to myself, “Wow, if people dig this and find some real usability out of it… we could keep cranking out sets……

A Pseudo-Sugar Skull: From Start to Finish.

Hey people! It’s Dave again giving you all yet another excuse to get your knowledge on. This isn’t as direct as my previous Gigposter Tutorial (by the way – thanks to everyone who found that helpful!) because I’m actually covering…

Gigposter Design Tutorial: The New Sex