Go Media Podcast – Episode 16: Recovering from WMC and Launching Drawn To Business

In this episode, Jeff and Bill get together to talk about how everyone’s been doing now that WMC Fest 4 is over. We also look forward to next year and what things need to change as Jeff’s vision continues to evolve. And shortly after WMC Fest, Bill launched his book: Drawn to Business. Since the launch, we’ve received some overwhelming feedback and talk about how we’re responding to some of the more negative comments.

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Show Notes

Sponsor of this Episode

Cover art for this episode was also created by Simon Hartmann. He used Dustin Schmieding’s Dust Textures and Go Media Building Texture Collection. You can find textures like what he used at arsenal.gomedia.us. Credit Drew Rios for the photo.

Quick Tip: Form A Relationship With A Lawyer Before An Emergency

It’s inevitable that you’ll one day find yourself in a position where you need legal help to get out of a situation. It’s better to make the choice on which legal team to work with when you aren’t in need.

What Go Media Has Been Up To

  • WMC Fest 4 is over. Lots of great memories. Did it change your life?
  • Speaker videos will be released in bundles once we start getting them done. Videos are being put together by students at Virginia Marti.
  • WMC Fest 5 is already in planning. Less bands and less stages is currently being discussed.
  • Should WMC Fest be turned into it’s own non-profit business? Or does it require Go Media’s cashflow to continue to put it on?
  • Bill’s Drawn to Business book was finally launched for a limited audience.
  • One of the major issues we ran into is a “perception problem”. Many saw it as an e-book, so the price tag just didn’t make sense to most who left us feedback.



Hosts: Jeff Finley and Bill Beachy
Producer: Bryan Garvin
Recorded at: Go Media

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