GoMP016 Live Recording: Wednesday Morning at 11:30 ET

Join us on Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 as we sit down to talk about the general atmosphere after WMC Fest 4 and the launch of Bill’s Book: Drawn To Business. Live chat and audio feed will be available starting at 11:30am ET this Wednesday. If you post a question in the live chat, we’ll read and respond to it during the recording.

Examples of Simple & Elegant Logo Designs

There are so many different design decisions that you can make when creating a logo that – at first – it can be a little overwhelming. Do you want something attention grabbing, colourful and brash? Do you follow the long shadow trend, or will that appear tired and overused in 6 months time? Do you go for something understated and that looks good in black and white? There are countless directions that you can go in, but my personal favourite is a logo that’s simple, clean and has a tiny hint of the brand’s personality behind it.