Design Cuts

Go Media + Design Cuts = training, freebies, and more!

Hey girls and lads, meet Design Cuts

Born and raised in London, England

Hello all, Simon here? I’d like to introduce you to a very skilled group of individuals we started working with. They’re called Design Cuts, and they come from across the pond.

Design Cuts

As you can see above, the main page of the site prominently features a (sweet) video and a signup form. Let me share some more about what you’ll find after adding your address in the form.

An event!

Indeed! We’re part of a great, ten day long event, full of free stuff and of tutorials. And it starts today! Wait, did I just say, free stuff?


Heck yeah, that’s right! As soon as you confirm the signup on the main page, you’ll get access to the page below. It lists the tutorials that are available, and also allows you  to download the corresponding freebies.

Design Cuts


The first tutorial has been written by Chris Spooner (of Spoon Graphics fame). It’s a neat little piece, that will walk you through the various steps needed to obtain a retro type effect. It covers everything you could need to do so, from shading, layering, to aging. The associated freebies, that are integral to the tutorial, could also easily get a second life in your own projects. And you’ll already know exactly how to use them!

But let’s talk about that second tutorial a bit more, shall we?

Design Cuts

The most observant from you have recognized the vibe here: the 1980s. Well, using a generous amount of freebies from our 80s pack, you’ll learn how to recreate one of these sweet looking ads for Atari (or any other electronic devices from the era, really), down to the neon colors and starry skies.

The tutorial is full of little tips and tricks, so you’ll learn something even if you’re a seasoned professional.

And, and don’t forget: freebies! 3d grids, cassette tape, Rubik’s cube…

Design Cuts

General greatness!

As the title of the post can let you guess, that’s not it.Maybe Design Cuts’ twitter handle will give you a clue? You should give them a follow at @DesignCutsDeals.

We can’t wait to share more about what’s next. Stay tuned in the next weeks for additional awesomeness coming your way, courtesy of the Arsenal and Design Cuts!

— Simon, the Arsenal Manager, and Tom Ross for Design Cuts