Vector Freebie: Illustrator Icons

Go Media Office Construction Update

Hey true believers, I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the status of Go Media’s new headquarters. Well, they say construction takes twice as long and costs twice as much as you estimate. This is absolutely wrong. In fact, it takes THREE TIMES as long and costs THREE TIMES as much. go hqBut I’m not here to complain – I’m actually very excited. Real construction has begun on our new offices! Move-in will (hopefully) be some time this coming fall. I won’t jinx us by saying anything else.. but, here are some pictures of the space under construction.

A Day In the Life of a Go Media Employee

By the time my phone tells me it’s 9:50am, I’m muttering obscenities into my glass as I take one last swig of OJ, say goodbye to my wrestling kittens, then fly out the door to my Subaru. Luckily I’m able to make it to the Go Media front in about 8 minutes flat — as long as that creepy white van doesn’t go 10 the entire shot down Madison.

Nowadays I’m rolling onto Franklin Boulevard around the same time Jeff and his bride-to-be are wandering up the sidewalk, bagged lunches in hand. Not far behind is Comella, windows down and tunes cranked — if I look close, I can usually catch

Computer Arts Projects: Typography Feature for Jeff Finley

Go Media featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine

We were lucky enough to be featured in the new issue (Issues 45) of Advanced Photoshop Magazine. They were pretty generous, giving us a two page spread as well as covering the Arsenal in later pages. I can’t thank them enough for being so kind.

Go Media in Advanced Photoshop Magazine

Here are some photos. If you wanna read the article, I suggest you swing by your local bookstore and pick up a copy:

Go Media feature in Advanced Photoshop Magazine

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Free Vector Pack 11 Sampler

Hello again – more free vector art! This time it’s a sampler from Vector Pack 11 that was released a few weeks ago. Inside you’ll find seven complete vector pieces, one from each set. So you’ve got a taste of Trees 2, Doodles, Birds 2, Hand drawn Skulls, International skylines, type explosions, and Suits. Hope you make something sweet with these pieces – be sure to share your work with our User Showcase!

Grab it after the jump and stay tuned to the Go Mediazine for more tips, tutorials, and freebies!

Moleskine: The Artists’ Notebook

I’ve often felt product lust over those shiny Moleskine notebooks on the shelf in Borders, and this is why: guys like Jeff Finley use ’em – they must be good.

As I was flipping through the Moleskine that sits on Jeff’s desk here at Go Media, I thought you might like a peek at it too! Read on for scans of the first few pages of the notebook, and Jeff’s comments on his sketches.

I Am Liz Hunt — Designers, Unite!

When Jeff Finley first approached me to work as an information designer for Go Media, my inner monologue went something like this:

“Go Media? Who are THESE guys? What’s this ‘Arsenal: Professional Design Weaponry’ stuff? Vector Packs? Skulls and Heraldry and — Hooladanders? What the hell is a Hooladander?! This is pure madness. These guys are nuttier than a can of Planters!”

Grabbing my jacket in southern Germany, where I studied for 4 months while enrolled at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

The skepticism and self-doubt over whether I was the person for the job stemmed partly from jealousy, and partly from the bad jokes I made in my inner monologue. As the over-thinking, self-deprecating sort, I thought I lacked the fervent creativity these guys have been rockin’ since they were fetuses.

One would think that going to art school cultivates a small sliver of creative confidence, but I always felt like I managed to dodge any artistic endeavors my entire 5 years there. I was that kid who

“Concentric Downpour” Printed on DBH

Another Design by Humans winner for Go Media. I tweaked one of the pieces from the Concentric Series to work as a shirt design and it won shirt of the day. Concentric Downpour
They did a great job with printing, and making sure the artwork flowed onto the back of the shirt. Big thanks to everyone that voted and helped get the design printed!

Be sure to send us photos of you wearing the shirt if you buy it!
Buy it Here!

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Vector Freebies: Mouse Cursors

Getting Things Done: My First Weekly Review

After a long day at your desk, do you ever ask yourself “What the heck did I accomplish today?” I know I could be working like a madman and pushing projects out before deadlines and I still won’t even remember what I did. It’s all a blur. At the end of the week, I could barely tell someone what I have been doing at work lately when asked. I’ve found a nice trick to help me fix that and regain that feeling of accomplishment.

Maybe you’ve heard of the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. I’m reading this book at the moment and one of the most important things he talks about is writing things down. Write everything down. When you think of an idea, get it out of your head and onto paper. The reason behind this is to get your brain clear of distractions so you can focus on the task at hand.

This past few weeks, I’ve been using my Action Notebook that I bought from Behance. I don’t think I’m using it perfectly, but it’s a good reminder for me to write things down and outline my todo lists AS it happens. I’m always adding items to my list with little checkboxes as I go along. For the most part, I’ve seen a serious productivity increase.

Another thing David Allen stresses in his book is doing a constant review or revisiting to those items. What good are they if you don’t review them to see what you’ve accomplished or missed?

So every Friday I’m going to review my lists and time I’ve logged at Go Media and come up with a short review of what I have accomplished this week. It should give you a way to kind of look inside my life at Go Media as well as give myself a way to remind myself that all the hard work I did over the week actually meant something. View my weekly review after the jump:

Watercolors in Use: Alex Cherry

So to go along with the release of Watercolor Texture Set 2 at the Go Media Arsenal we’re highlighting Alex Cherry and his subtle use of the textures in some solid pieces. “Black Cloud” shows just how versatile these textures are – when desaturated and darkened they make great noire ink stained arms.

Check out this piece and the rest of Alex’s portfolio here

Adobe Bridge is iTunes for Designers


Think about it: What if every time you wanted to jam to your Summer 2001 Playlist you had to re-construct it from your mess of mp3s in a folder called “downloads”? Well, you don’t, because iTunes doesn’t organize your tunes by folder, it organizes them by metadata: artist, album, genre, playlist.

Adobe bridge does the same thing – digital asset management. Basically it’s a supercharged file explorer. Adobe bridge is made to handle every digital file that any Adobe software could create. Besides the basic PSD, AI, EPS and INDD, this also includes RAW Camera files for photographers, Premier files for the video guys, and Audition files for recording engineers. But since this is a graphic design blog, we’re going to focus on managing vector and raster design files.

“Bold is Beautiful” shirt finally printed!

I’m happy to finally be able to tell everyone that this shirt has been printed and is for sale! It couldn’t have come at a better time (on my 26th birthday!). I take my hat off to the people at Design by Humans who were able to print the “unprintable” so to speak. People gave me shit for designing something that could never be printed while others gave me praise for doing the same. I’m glad DBH was able to step up and get this done. 9 colors too!

I think DBH should post an article or tutorial on how they printed it. Because everyone wants to know. Btw, anyone at DBH reading this should consider how an article or video about it could be used as a great marketing tool. Let us know if you do, we’ll be sure to post it here.

Edit: DBH Flickr Photos of the Process

Anyway, thanks to everyone who voted and added their support. If you buy this, please send me photos of you wearing it!

Buy it here!

See more photos after the jump.

Free Skull Tiling Background

To celebrate the release of Vector Pack 11 I made this seamless tiling Skull wallpaper using nothing but the Hand Drawn Skull pack.

Just right click to save it to your computer. Use it for desktop wallpaper, upload it to your Myspace or something and tile it. Just don’t hotlink this image. :-)


Vector Pack 11 Out Now!

We’ve been hard at work at Vector Pack 11 and have finally released it to the public today! The set includes Hand-Drawn Skulls, Doodles, Birds 2, Suits, International Skylines, Trees 2, and Type Explosions.

Check it out!