“Bold is Beautiful” shirt finally printed!

I’m happy to finally be able to tell everyone that this shirt has been printed and is for sale! It couldn’t have come at a better time (on my 26th birthday!). I take my hat off to the people at Design by Humans who were able to print the “unprintable” so to speak. People gave me shit for designing something that could never be printed while others gave me praise for doing the same. I’m glad DBH was able to step up and get this done. 9 colors too!

I think DBH should post an article or tutorial on how they printed it. Because everyone wants to know. Btw, anyone at DBH reading this should consider how an article or video about it could be used as a great marketing tool. Let us know if you do, we’ll be sure to post it here.

Edit: DBH Flickr Photos of the Process

Anyway, thanks to everyone who voted and added their support. If you buy this, please send me photos of you wearing it!

Buy it here!

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