Moleskine: The Artists’ Notebook

I’ve often felt product lust over those shiny Moleskine notebooks on the shelf in Borders, and this is why: guys like Jeff Finley use ’em – they must be good.

As I was flipping through the Moleskine that sits on Jeff’s desk here at Go Media, I thought you might like a peek at it too! Read on for scans of the first few pages of the notebook, and Jeff’s comments on his sketches.

Hey it’s Jeff here, first thing I want to say is that the sticker on the front is from one of my favorite artists Aaron Horkey of Burlesque. I absolutely love his work. You could probably tell my work is influenced by him ever so slightly.

The first photo below was some lettering and typography studies. I had ideas for the Fest 7 shirt design I had planned on doing and started sketching around. That’s what I ended up with:

I sent the sketch to Tony at No Idea Records (the guy who puts on the Fest) to see if he would approve it and allow me to keep going. But he shot it down with one sentence: “Not feeling it, sorry.” Hah, so yeah, I was bummed but I didn’t really think it matched their style anyway. It was just a typography study that I happened to develop in the name of The Fest.

Note: I have since designed another tee for The Fest and I’m still waiting on Tony’s approval. I’ll keep you posted on that.

This following sketches were for Paint the Stars – a clothing company from the UK. I eventually took these sketches and finished some “candy lettering” in crisp vector form.

The next two images are sketches for the band the Human Abstract. They had asked me to develop some cool type driven shirt designs.

Those are just a few pages in my sketchbook. Maybe I’ll post more in the future for you to see if you’re interested.