Distressed Poster Templates v2.0 - smart object edition

Yet another upgrade: the distressed poster mockup templates get a makeover

Another hit on the list! Hey folks, there’s been another hit on the list. I’m happy to announce the release of the upgraded version of our distressed poster mockup templates. The goods There are still 15 templates in the pack.…

QuickBooks or FreshBooks, Which Should You Use?

Hello Readers! My name is Kim Finley and I have worked at Go Media for many years, but don’t usually post on the zine. Some of you may know me as the person who replies to your emails when you submit a contact form on the Arsenal website. In addition to Arsenal customer service, I also spend my time at Go Media doing payroll, bookkeeping, proofreading zine posts and proposals, and various other tasks including packing and shipping all the merch orders. You probably guessed from my last name, that I am Jeff Finley’s wife (going on five years now)! You can also see that I am not a designer here. And that’s good because my artistic claim to fame is that my famous bag of popcorn drawing is one of the vectors we sell in the stars and hearts vector pack!

Read this Book: Kern and Burn

Opening the new book by Kern and Burn feels like Christmas. The collaborative effort between Jessica Karle Heltzel and Tim Hoover, a soft copy of Conversations with Design Entrepreneurs arrived on my desk in crisp brown paper wrapping, so perfectly packaged it pained me to open. Diving into several layers of protective packaging and postcards, I uncovered their masterpiece, its cover design by The Heads of State simple, clean and inviting.

The city mockup templates

Introducing the City Mockup Templates

Ever wanted to see your art on a bus? Or in a subway station? Well, let us help you get one step closer to that goal. Simon here, I’d like to introduce you to the latest addition to the ever…

Introducing Feedly Cloud + 5 Tips and Tricks

The countdown has begun. Google is set to drop its RSS aggregator, Google Reader, on July 1, 2013. Announcing to its devoted following two reasons for its disbanding, one being a decline in usage and two their need to pour energy into other products, Google offers Google Takeout for those needing to download a copy of their data stored from Reader.

For those married to RSS, there is life beyond Reader.

Drawn to Business: Customer Retention Insights

Go Media Podcast – Episode 10: An Interview With Jess and Tim from Kern and Burn

In this episode, we sit down with WMC Fest speakers Tim and Jess from Kern and Burn. We talk about their upcoming book, the entire writing process, and how they overcame some of the roadblocks of self-publishing.

Poster Mockup Templates v2.0: smart object edition

The poster mockup templates get an upgrade (yep, them too)!

We’ve got the goods! That’s right! We’re back once again with more awesomely updated mockup templates from the Arsenal! Say hello to the Poster Mockup Templates! Now with smart object functionality, these templates allow you to view that artwork you’ve…

Rustbelt Almanac

The Road to the Rustbelt Almanac

A fresh new copy of Rustbelt Almanac just arrived on my desk, the pages crisp, clean and full of goodness about all makers, doers and dreamers. This, the first issue by producers Noah Purdy and Michael Artman is being passed around and poured over by all of us here at Go Media. Just great stuff.

We’re proud, too. Rustbelt recently interviewed our very own Jeff Finley about this year’s Weapons of Mass Creation Fest.

We recently had a chance to talk to Rustbelt Almanac about their recent issue, their road to copy and the vast sprawling rusty region that they call home.

Tips For Picking An Impeccable Color Scheme

Anyone will agree that color has power. It affects how comfortable you feel in your environment, influences your opinion of the way clothes look, and is a key characteristic in describing objects. What some people don’t know, however, is that…

The CD Case Mockup Templates Get an Upgrade!

Abracadabra! I’d like to introduce to you the newest member of the Arsenal’s smart object family… drum roll please… let’s welcome the CD Case Mockup Templates! These templates have nifty “magical containers” in them. Call them “smart containers” if you don’t…

Sean McCabe: Doing What You Love

Sean McCabe’s passion for hand lettering and typography can be traced back to middle school, his homework littered with typographic illustrations. While others doodled, Sean shaped and sculpted his own unique letters, seeing them as shapes and curves full of beauty. His fascination with typography grew into a career, with Sean now doing what he loves most. His love for meticulous detail, attentive eye for precision, balance and composition are all in a days work.

Go Media had the opportunity to chat with Sean about doing what you love…

The Whimsical World of Angela Oster

Cleveland artist and illustrator Angela Oster cultivates and creates a world of whimsy, filled with criminally cute, odd and wonderful beings. A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of the Art, Oster gave Go Media a glimpse into her life, her art, and some of her lovely work.