The city mockup templates

Introducing the City Mockup Templates

Ever wanted to see your art on a bus? Or in a subway station?

Well, let us help you get one step closer to that goal. Simon here, I’d like to introduce you to the latest addition to the ever growing list of Arsenal mockup templates. Readers, meet the city mockup templates. City mockup templates, meet your future users.

What’s in the box?*

The template pack features 4 urban scenes. We have a subway station entrance featuring a big poster like art zone, a bus, one of these gigantic billboards, and a bus stop ad.

The city mockup templates - Subway station

The city mockup templates - Bus stop

The city mockup templates - Billboard

The city mockup templates - Bus

This is for sure a smaller pack than usual. Consider it the 1st volume of a series maybe? This is why we decided to price it at only $9.99!

* It’s okay, this isn’t Se7en or Saturday Night Live, so it’s safe to look inside.

Smart objects inside

Now that we’ve (finally?) jumped on the smart object band wagon, all of these templates are smart object enabled. This means that with just a double click on the smart object’s thumbnail in the layer palette, and a little bit of pasting and re-sizing, your art will automatically adopt the correct perspective, lighting, shadows, etc. I wrote more about smart objects and their advantages when we launched the 2nd version of our vinyl record templates.

The city mockup templates - Smart objects inside

A soft price for the launch

We’re happy to have these finally ready for the Arsenal (our MockUpEverything pro customers probably already saw and/or used these). So to celebrate, here comes the celebratory discount! Use the code smartobjectcity when checking out for $4.99 off. This coupon is valid for the city mockup templates only, and will be active until June 25th, 2013. That means the template pack will be only $5. C’mon, you know you should grab that.

That’s all folks!

That's all folks! Until next time, cheers!