Marketing Strategy 2018

New Year, New Marketing Strategy

A New Marketing Strategy 2018 As a small business owner, you too have your share of new year’s resolutions. You begin each year with the best intentions. But, let’s face it, some resolutions are easier to keep than others. Take…

Tips for Meeting Deadlines for Aspiring Copywriters

Hello everybody! Mike Miller here, Copywriter at Go Media. Today I’m going to talk to you about meeting deadlines as a professional copywriter. But first, a little disclaimer: I used to follow the old Jack Kerouac/Hunter S. Thompson approach to…

The Art of the Marketing Makeover: Grooming Legacy Companies for Today’s More Dynamic Marketplace

best hoodie mockup templates

The Top 7 Hoodie Mockup Template Packs

The Best Hoodie Mockup Templates on the Market The Arsenal remains committed to providing designers of all stripes with world-class tools to present their work in the best way possible. So in this installment of Arsenal insights we’re going to…

Don't Quit Your Day Job - Advice for Young Creatives on Making Ends Meet

Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Advice for Young Creatives on Making Ends Meet

How to Close a Sale Graphic Design

The Eccentric’s Guide to Design Sales – Train To Be A “Closing Pitcher”: 3 Useful Tips

Yeah yeah yeah, you’ve heard the old cliche a million times – “ABC – ALWAYS BE CLOSING!” If only it were that simple. True, when selling your design services, you want to maintain a clear objective, and follow every deal…

Tips for Cold Calling

In Defense of the Dreaded Cold Call, Part 2: Get On The Horn

How to Succeed at Door to Door Sales

In Defense of the Dreaded Cold Call, Part 1: Going Door to Door

Best Web Theme 2016

Meet Go Media Designer Sites

Go Media Designer Sites – The practical, affordable web solution with the Artist’s touch. Beauty made simple. This is the epic tale of Designer Sites, the agile, accurate, utterly gorgeous, and affordable new web solution from your friends at Cleveland…