best hoodie mockup templates

The Top 7 Hoodie Mockup Template Packs

The Best Hoodie Mockup Templates on the Market

The Arsenal remains committed to providing designers of all stripes with world-class tools to present their work in the best way possible. So in this installment of Arsenal insights we’re going to cut through the clutter and call out the 7 best hoodie mockup templates currently making waves in the Apparel industry. Check it out!

1. Advanced Hoodie Mockup Template Pack

Best Hoodie Mockup Templates

We had to put this one at the top of the list, not only because it has all the standard bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from the Arsenal (multiple ghosted [front, back, and side] and flat options, plus numerous preset options), but also because it has the unique distinction of allowing you to simulate various intricate textures that are otherwise hard to authentically recreate like Houndstooth, Herringbone, & Zebra Print! That’s certainly enough to earn it a place on the list. But this one also goes above and beyond with 10 unique Zip Hoodie option, 93 Tiling Patterns, 7 Print Zones (not bad), Easy-to-use clipping masks, and 8 Present Colors for each Hoodie.

Download the Photoshop Advanced Hoodie Mockup Templates Pack today and elevate your design work to a whole new level.

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2. Classic Tri-Blend Pullover Hoodie Mockup Pack

Best Hoodie Mockup Templates

Our choice for Number Two makes the list because it has a bit of stealth AND a touch of class. First, the Classic Tre-Blend Pullover Hoodie Mockup Pack allows users the ability to change hoodies to any color of the rainbow and beyond – that’s the stealth part. But it also allows users to present their work to clients so effectively in eye-catching 3-D that the extra burden of pricey printer bills is no longer an issue. Up the ante!

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3. Ladies Ghosted Hoodie Mockup Pack, V2

Booooh!! Spooky stuff. So sharp, it’ll give you the shivers…

Coming in at number 3, one for the gals – The Ladies Ghosted Hoodie Mockup Pack, V2. Includes all the features that made V1 the industry standard, but with features like 14 professional templates in total, 6 back views, 2 side views, 4 front views, & 1 model shot [each with its own single clipping mask in place], V2 raises the bar even further.

Note: All ladies pullover and zipper hoodies include front and back photos, cropped sweatshirt formats, Fleece Zipped, and Sleeveless Hoodies formats – all fitted to form. Plus the easy to use color palette allows for switching up your color scheme fast!

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4. Ladies Ghosted Hoodie Mockup Templates Pack

An obvious choice to follow number three on our list, the original Ladies Ghosted Hoodie Mockup Pack, the one that started it all. Still a shining example of the Arsenal as a source for World Class design tools. Complete with Pullover Hoodie Version (Ghosted Front & Back), Tri-blend Zipper Hoodie Views (Ghosted Front & Back), and Zipper Hoodies (Ghosted Front, back, and side). 13 Templates total (6 back views, 2 side views, 4 front views, 1 model shot). Revolutionary stuff for the ages.

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5. Lightweight Tri-Blend Pullover Hoodie Mockup Pack

Next up, coming in at Number Five on our list, the Lightweight Tri-Blend Pullover Hoodie Mockup Pack. With both Men’s & Women’s lightweight tri-blend Ghosted Pullover Versions included [Front and Back], this pack could best be described as the equal opportunity hoodie mockup pack. Get the best of both worlds: 4 templates total, front, back, ghosted, with a new easy to change hoodie color layer!

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6. Pullover Hoodie Mockup Templates Pack

Number six on our list of top Mockup Templates is the Pullover Hoodie Mockup Template Pack – the set it and forget it pack. Why? Well, it includes the Arsenal’s patented easy-to-change color layers and a drawstring layer for all of the templates, with front and back views with clipping masks in place for a start! But – in addition to that – it also allows designers access to smooth, realistic lighting, drop shadow & shading effects in a realistic 3-D format without hassle. Thanks to these easy to use innovations, you can spend less time on the technical stuff, and more time growing your client base. No muss, no fuss. Here it is.

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7. Stringless Pullover Hoodie Mockup Template

Finally, Number seven caps our list for a couple of reasons, not the least of which because it removes one of the great annoyances of the apparel industry – one that has plagued designers for ages – those darn hoodie drawstrings. Apart from that, the Stringless Pullover Hoodie Mockup Template Pack is a shining example of a product born out of pure community. Designers demanded a stringless option, and The Arsenal responded with what can only be described as a revolutionary time saver for designers everywhere who are actively working in the Apparel industry.

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