The Dreaded Design Lull – 9 Ways to Get Out of a Slump

Recognizing and reacting to a slowdown in design work.

I can remember clearly when it was just me alone in my apartment running this design firm. It was easy to stay busily and happily working on a non-stop string of client projects for months on end. Then unexpectedly one day – I would notice something strange. I felt depressed. I felt tired. I couldn’t seem to stay focused. I was more inclined to surf the web than work on my projects.

The design lull

Was I losing my ambition? Was I a no-good bum? Was I burnt out? No. I was just in a design lull. The work on my plate had suddenly stopped or lightened significantly.

2 New Fonts to Help you Win at Life

We just released two new fonts. They are now available to purchase on Go Media’s Arsenal. These two new fonts are sure to help you attract any customer you want and ultimately win at life. Well, maybe only get you part of the way there!


Goatbeard font

Goatbeard is a handlettered font. It’s got an edge to it. And an odd smell like it hasn’t showered in a few weeks. Get your gruff on and destroy any project thrown your way with this amazing typeface. Buy Goatbeard for $9.99.


cubicle font

Inspired by corporate culture, this font pays homage to the cubicle. Utilized in many offices around America this quaint piece of office furniture disconnects you from other people and prohibits distractions. This font examines how typography and modular furniture could co-exist. Perhaps interacting with more aesthetically pleasing surroundings would elevate morale in the workplace. This font is available with both and outlined version as well as solid. This font comes in two different styles, regular, and outlines. Buy both Cubicle styles

Velocity Control in After Effects

Velocity Control in After Effects Tutorial from Go Media on Vimeo

This is a short, quick and easy tutorial showing how to use the graph editor to control the velocity of keyframes within after effects. I go over using the easy ease function and how to manipulate the bezier curves using the graph editor. This is a very basic tutorial but if you’ve never opened the graph editor to change the temporal interpolation of keyframes then you may want to watch to see how it’s done.

Launch of Cambria Suites Site

Go Media is pleased to present the new website for Cambria Suites. This is not your traditional hotel website with information laid out in a straightforward manner. With the unusual videos taking place in each room, you can see that Cambria Suites is looking to break out of the traditional hotel website mold. We have created a site that is interactive, informative, and tells a story. The end result is a solid, well designed layout that creates a memorable impact on the consumer. With room for your imagination, Cambria Suites is allowing guests to make their own story and add it to the videos featured on their site. Go Media is excited to be part of a project that is stepping outside the box and providing customers with a way to have fun with their purchase.

User Showcase Highlight: Round 10

As of this writing our Go Media User Showcase has 734 entries and 358 members. Here are a couple pieces that I thought put some of the items in Go Media’s Arsenal to good use.

This piece below has a nice use textures and a variety of vector packs such as those from the Ornate pack.

IMGme3 copy

This next piece happens to be done by the same person as above! This one is just weird, but I like it. I think it’s very interesting! It’s a nicely composed mixture of photos and vectors with some nice depth of field effects. Well done.


Great job you two. Everyone visit their flickr page to see more of their work! And keep posting your designs and you could potentially get showcased!

Create a stunning undersea painting using Vector Packs

So Set 10 is out. It’s sort of sentimental because I remember when Set 1 was released and wondering to myself, “Wow, if people dig this and find some real usability out of it… we could keep cranking out sets… one day we’ll release Set 10… I wonder what that’s gonna be like!”

Well here we are. As Jeff mentioned before, we took some of the popular suggestions and created the set with them in mind. And if that’s not enough, I’ve whipped up this tutorial as well.

What is a “Vector Pack?”

Ok, so it has come to my attention that some people who purchase stuff from Go Media’s Arsenal surprisingly have no idea what they’re buying. But they buy it anyway. Strange…

Vector Packs are NOT software

Some people call it software. Some people call them programs. Some even call them plugins or brushes. Well, truth is, they’re none of those! Some folks have called us asking how to install the design software or wondering why these magical things aren’t creating designs FOR them. Well, I’m here to explain this to all the n00bs. And don’t worry, we’ve all been a n00b before. I had no idea what vectors were until after 3 or 4 years of using Photoshop to do all my graphics. It was uncomfortable to learn vector software at first, but it was SO worth it once I wrapped my brain around the whole concept of vector graphics. So, if you would consider yourself a n00b, this article will whip you into shape. At least enough to feel confident that you can use some awesome Go Media Vector Packs!


So what the heck IS a Vector Pack

All products listed in the “Vector Pack” category on the Arsenal are just that, packs of vectors. It’s just a collection of various vector shapes that you can copy and paste into your artwork or design. We organize the vector packs into themes such as Heraldry, Splatters, and Hooladanders (our word for flourishes). When we release new vector packs, we like to bundle a bunch of those themed packs into a Set and offer them at a discount. So you’ll find that a “Set” of vector packs contains 7 different “themed” packs which sell individually for about $10. Or you can just buy the entire Set and get all 7 themed packs for about $35.

Now some people aren’t sure what a vector is. I suggest if you really want to understand what a vector is, read the Wikipedia entry on Vector Graphics.

Open Vector Packs with Adobe Illustrator

The Novice Graphic Designer most likely uses Photoshop to do all their designs for print and web. Which I would say the majority of non-designers probably think Photoshop is how all designs are made. Not true. Photoshop is excellent for photo based design and web design. But it is NOT the optimal software to use Vectors in. Adobe made a special program

Ink Bleeding Effect in After Effects (Like Gnarls)

Ink Bleeding Effect in After Effects (Like Gnarls)

Ink Bleeding Effect from Go Media on Vimeo.

(software required: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects with Trapcode’s Particular)

In this tutorial I’ll recreate a similar look from an older Gnarls Barkley video. The principles I’ll cover are foundational and can be used for some incredible animations other than simply imitating a great music video. Some of what I covered in the Photoshop Bling tutorial is being used here directly in AE. So for those who were wondering why you’d use the Bling effect unless you were designing a hip hop album… remember it’s the principles that that are most valuable… the end result for these tutorials is just to get you excited to go out and create your own. Specifically I will focus on the following in this tutorial:

– Using Alpha and Luma Mattes in After Effects
– Frame by Frame animation using CS3’s Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects

A basic to intermediate knowledge of After Effects and Trapcode Particular is needed to follow along.

STEP ONE: Setting up your ink file for creating a matte

Import your video footage of ink. Create a new Comp called “ink blots.” For this shot I actually placed a wet paper towel in the base of a square fish tank and filmed from below the glass fish tank as i

WordPress Skinning

Something I enjoy doing and would like to be doing more of is creating custom WordPress themes. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert, but I have managed to create a few themes so far for a few people. The theme you’re looking at now for the Go Mediazine was my very first theme I did in 2006.

We hardly ever get requests for this type of work, so we don’t have a chance to really build up our portfolio and we’re looking for clients who need a new WordPress theme designed and implemented. The most recent theme I designed was for mine and Kim’s wedding website. Yes the Kim that works here and answers all your Arsenal questions!

Wordpress Theme for Jeff and Kim's Wedding Website

If you’re interested in hiring us to design a theme, let me know. We might be willing to cut you a deal to get more of this type of work in our portfolio.