Go Media Podcast – Episode 6: Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2013 Kick Off!

In this episode, Jeff Finley and Bill Beachy sit down with Jesse Sloan and Todd Gauman to talk about Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. Plus, they share what makes a great design conference and music festival.

The State of America Print Series by Julian Montague

The State of America Print Series by Julian Montague

A few months ago, Simon Birky-Hartmann, former GoMediaZine author and manager, pointed me to the 1st in “The State of America” print series by Julian Montague and I knew we had to feature Julian and his project on the GoMediaZine.

Julian’s project has been featured all around the best graphic design blogs and it is likely that many of you have already seen some of the prints in his series. But if you have been out of the design loop for a minute, you are missing out on the beautiful minimalist design and colorful images. And who doesn’t want to see how their state will be represented.

30+ Beautifully Inspiring Logos

Your logo is a visual representation of everything your company stands for. And with a statement like that, who wouldn’t be overwhelmed. It can be an difficult undertaking to sum up you or your clients’ entire brand identity in just a image or logotype. So where do you begin? Inspiration is the 1st thing that comes to mind. Here at Go Media we often ask clients to send us some logos they like to get a sense of their aesthetic taste and of course we have an in-depth discovery meeting where we glean as much information about their company to create the most representative logo for their brand.

Quick Tips on Using Google Chrome’s Developer Tools

Here are some quick tips on using Google Chrome’s fantastic Developer Tools. Let’s get right to it. Bring up Developer Tools with Control + Shift + i (i for inspect), or just right click (almost) anything on a page and choose Inspect element.

How to Use Mockup Everything

Mockup Your Designs!

Back in September of 2012, Go Media launched the site called Mockup Everything. We have received some great feedback on the site and a slew of great template suggestions.

Everything You Need to Know About Dealing with Difficult Clients

Whether you are a freelancer or run your own company, we have all dealt with difficult customers. It can be an arduous undertaking to deal with the idiosyncrasies of different clients, but it is a must for any business owner or designer to properly handle difficult customer interactions. The consequence of handling a customer incorrectly will not only cost you money but will also create the possibility of bad word-of-mouth, which can affect future sales and money in your pocket.

If you don’t believe us, just check out our post about the book “Thank You Economy”. The in-depth review tells you about the importance of guiding your clients through the design process and ensuring that their needs are met from the beginning to the end. Brushing off a clients’ issue could lead to a nasty review on a social media site like Facebook or Twitter, which could in turn could deter future clients from contacting you for design services.

19 Inspiring Designs From Our Friends on Pinterest

Howdy Readers!
Welcome back to the 5th edition of the “Go Media Guest Pinner Gallery Showcase.” If you aren’t a fan of ours on Pinterest click this link to start following what we pin. This showcase features the best pins from our Go Media Guest Pinner Gallery, so these images are the ones that you all found and shared with us. If you would like to be added to the gallery send me an email at [email protected]. Happy Pinning!

Go Media Podcast – Episode 5: 2012 Year in Review

This edition of the podcast is our 2012 Year in Review. A look back at our successes and failures of the year, what we’ve learned, and what we have in store for 2013.

This month’s Quick Tip is setting up Monthly Reports. It’s important to remind yourself of what you’ve accomplished, as well as where you can improve as you move forward.

Vintage Typography Tutorial


To illustrate the word “Historiaster” with the meaning of the word reflected in the design. The meaning of the word Historiater is a petty or contemptible historian, and my idea is to create a petty (yet respectable) attempt to recreate the vintage type treatments.

35 Striking Vintage Designs

There has been a growing trend of vintage inspired designs. From packaging to typography, from posters to web designs, the vintage look is pervasive in the graphic design field right now. This is a showcase of the best vintage designs we could find on the web! Some are from yesteryear and others are inspired by those retro designs. You will see everything from packaging, to posters, to book covers, so checkout the showcase below for inspiration for your next design project.

Flickr Pool Showcase – January 2013

Interested in Joining If you are new to the Flickr Pool Showcase, check out the instructions below for how to sign up. Login to your Flickr Account (sign up if you don’t have one) Join the Go Media User Showcase…