Dave portfolio update

Dave, one of the designers at Go Media, updated his personal portfolio. It looks really really good, go check it out: http://whalebonemakesart.com

Free Go Media Wallpapers

We went through some of our old artwork from the past two years and decided to make a few free wallapers for you. They’re in a bunch of sizes and some for widescreen monitors. Just go to our freebies page…

Drawing Skulls with a Wacom Tablet

Vietnam Werewolf shirt printed huge

Pat from Shout Out Loud Prints sent me over the first print of the Vietnam Werewolf shirt I designed. It looks great. He was able to print it huge like that. I’ll post more photos and give you all a…

Painter X Inking and Brush Settings

Drawing Skulls with a Wacom Tablet

Draw a Skull with a Wacom Tablet from Go Media on Vimeo. This isn’t exactly a tutorial, but more of a quick “time lapse” demo of a simple illustration technique I use. In this video, I’m going to draw a…

How to print giant designs onto shirts

I thought this was pretty cool. For those of you who wonder how this kind of printing is done, here is a good example. Just get a machine like this! Demonstration video of the 12 color Workhorse Falcon E Duplex…

User Showcase Highlight: Round 11

As of this writing our Go Media User Showcase has 888 entries and 406 members. Here are a couple pieces that I thought put some of the items in Go Media’s Arsenal to good use. Specifically the Watercolor Textures! This…

Project Managment: Go Media Style

Funkrush Shirt printed and up for sale

Remember the Funkrush Tee that I designed a while back? Maybe a year ago? Well, they finally printed it and you can now purchase it from the Funkrush Store. The shirts ship from the UK.

Design a 6 Panel CD Package Tutorial

Free Vector Pack 10 Sampler

Free vector art! Everyone loves it. So to celebrate the release of Set 10 last month, I wanted to give you all a sampler of the set. It’s got 7 of my favorite pieces. The set includes Tattoos, Lightning, Blood…