33 Inspiring Designs From Our Friends On Pinterest

Welcome back to the 8th edition of the “Go Media Guest Pinner Gallery Showcase.” If you aren’t a fan of ours on Pinterest click this link to start following what we pin. This showcase features the best pins from our Go Media Guest Pinner Gallery, so these images are the ones that you all found and shared with us. If you would like to be added to the gallery send me an email at [email protected]. Happy Pinning!

Rockhart Clothing Interview

Rockhart Clothing Interview

Who is Rockhart Clothing? Andrew of Rockhart Clothing is a longtime fan of Jeff Finley‘s book, Thread’s Not Dead. Recently he reached out to us here at Go Media, and we were so impressed by what he’s doing we decided to feature an…

Go Media Podcast – Episode 7: How to Close Design Leads

In this episode, Jeff Finley and Bill Beachy sit down to talk through a chapter from Bill’s upcoming book. In that discussion, Bill talks about putting yourself in a position to get hired by a client by putting together a great proposal.

35 Inspiring Vintage Illustrations

Who doesn’t love vintage? Not us! There has been a growing trend of vintage inspired designs. From packaging to typography, from posters to web designs, the vintage look is pervasive in the graphic design field right now. This is a showcase of the best vintage illustrations we could find on the web! Some are from yesteryear and others are inspired by those retro designs. You will see everything from packaging, to posters, to book covers, so checkout the showcase below for inspiration for your next design project.

The Top 5 Things I’ve Learned at Go Media

To borrow some wit from the great Groucho Marx: “Before I speak, I have something important to say.”

That something important is to announce I’m leaving Go Media after five remarkable years.

Although it’s a bittersweet moment, I know that the future of this company is bigger and brighter than any one person. Go Media has truly done some inspiring and meaningful things during my time here — but they’re only just getting started.

Because this is a farewell post in disguise, please forgive me while I reflect on some of my favorite moments at this amazing company.

Ampergram: Capture. Tag. Type. Share.

Designers and non-designers alike, everyone experiences typography in everyday life. Whether it’s transportation signage, your employer’s branding, the letters on the old ballpark facade, the list goes on and on. Some of these letters are new to you and some of them remind you of childhood and times passed. If you do resonate with these characters that you see, would you still connect with them if they were taken out of their surroundings? Would you still be able to pinpoint which H is from the HOLLYWOOD sign and which W is from the Welcome to Las Vegas? More than likely you would. Each of these letters has a very distinct quality about them.

Creativity Fueled by Community – Meet our Extended Family!

Have you met our Extended Family? We collaborate with a community of specialists who extend our capabilities by enabling us to fulfill a wider range of project requirements. These specialists comprise our Extended Family.

By plugging into this community, you can reap the benefits of a full service agency without losing the passion or focused expertise of a specialty firm. We’ve curated a selection of top of class businesses with a passionate focus on what they do best in order to extend comprehensive, yet expert services from full scope marketing services to intellectual property attorneys.

In our ongoing quest to become a true business ally, we journey alongside you to help you get where you want to go. We believe success isn’t just about increasing the bottom line – it’s also about designing and implementing strategies to provide top notch customer experiences and form lasting relationships. Because our creativity is fueled by community!