Full Weapons of Mass Creation Festival Lineup Announcement and Merch Giveaway

For all of us here at Go Media and the Weapons of Mass Creation Festival 5 team, it is hard to believe that another year of hard work is about to pay off, yet again, in dividends. Though we have a million details to work out before the best art, design and music event in the US opens on August 15, the light at the end of the tunnel is again in sight and we know that some of the best days of our life are upon us.

We cannot wait to share another weekend of inspiration and collaboration with all of you. We look forward to seeing many familiar faces and welcoming brand new members into our WMC Fest family.

If you’re reading this and have yet to attend the Fest, we encourage you to join us.

Podcast for Designers – Episode 25: Loren Naji and The Cleveland Art Scene

In a followup to last month’s episode, this month, Cleveland Graphic Design Firm, Go Media sits down with Loren Naji, owner of the Loren Naji Gallery, which has been in the middle of a public battle between the City of Cleveland and…