From Sketch to Vector Illustration

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Go Media’s Design Blog – where our talented graphic designers share their wisdom with our fellow artists. There has been such a wonderful response on my vector art tutorial “Beautiful Vector Illustration” that I thought I better write another one. If you recall in that tutorial I discussed how to create vector illustrations using photographs as your starting point. A technique of vector illustrating that takes a little bit more skill that I did not cover is starting with a hand drawn sketches. I will focus on that technique of vector illustrating for this tutorial.

For those of you without good sketching ability – please don’t jump ship just yet! I will also discuss a number of tips and techniques to using your pen tool that applies to ALL vector artists – so keep reading. You’ll still learn a thing or two. And who knows – maybe you try to sketch something anyway.

I am going to meander a bit between different sketches, but here is one example of a vector illustration that was based off of a sketch.

Mr Gnome Poster

This is a design our firm was hired to do for the rock band Mr. Gnome. The theme was straight forward,

Go Media in Computer Arts #134

Go Media in Computer Arts #134

We are happy to announce that Go Media was featured in the latest issue of Computer Arts (#134 – April 2007). They ran a little feature on our vector packs and included a sampling of them on the CD that comes with the magazine. Click on the image to read the write up. Here is a quick rundown of what the editorial said about our vector packs:

“Tight deadlines are an unfortunate reality of commercial illustration. Clients rarely give you a comfortable amount of time to complete a project so it’s handy to be able to take a few shortcuts once in a while.

If you’re creating vector illustrations, one of the most laborious parts of the job can be finding good source images to trace or vectorise, so these ready-made vector images are a godsend. Go Media’s Vector Packs have been cleverly categorised into sets of commonly used design flourishes, such as halftone patterns, paint splats, and arrows, which means you can just grab what you need without having to trawl through masses of unsuitable images.”

There is also a special discount code offered by Computer Arts, but you’ll have to buy the issue to find out what that is :-)