Expert Advice: What Makes a Great Logo Design?

What Makes a Great Logo Design?

Having a quality Corporate Identity (Commonly referred to as a “logo”) is the critical first step in building a business!

Go Media Bumball Co Logo

What makes a great corporate Identity? (What makes a great logo?)
Your corporate Identity must have several characteristics to make it “great.”

First and foremost your logo must be relatively simple. A logo needs to be instantly recognizable at great distances or when printed at very small sizes. Often times we will have clients request extremely complex logos. These complex logos do accomplish one of our goals of a great logo; they further the brand by communicating a message. Unfortunately that message is only delivered to the customer successfully when they have the time and proximity to take in all the details of the art. A complex logo looses it’s effectiveness on a billboard when a potential customer has only a moment to glance up at your logo. Something too complex may look like nothing more than a blob of color to a passing driver. My all-time favorite example of a great “simple” logo is the Nike swoosh.

Apparel Design Tutorial: A Quick and Easy 13 Step Guide

Apparel Design Tutorial

This is reposted from my previous blog entry at (which I never update much). I figured it’d be a good way to get the ball rolling here.

This tutorial is brought to you by your friends at Go Media, Cleveland’s go to graphic design firm for a quick and easy way of doing a 2-3 color shirt design that’s all vector. Like I have said before, these tutorials are just tutorials – they aren’t the end all be all way of doing things. It’s just stuff I do. This is a quick way of doing a shirt design for a band. Doesn’t really matter what genre, but if you have the assignment of just coming up with “something” then this is a good thing to do. Again, you should spend time on your projects to make them the best they can be, but this a quick and dirty approach and will save you time and money in the long run. You’ll need Adobe Photoshop, Streamline, and Illustrator for this tutorial. And you should be familiar with most of the tools already. Because I assume you are.

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